My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Jan 16, 2009 by Matt Allen

Racing to Save Lives

Welcome to my Team In Training home page.

I'm training to participate in the June Half Marathon in Lake Placid, NY as a member of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Team In Training.

Most of us have been touched by cancer, either directly or through a family member or a friend; it seems that everyone has been impacted by cancer in some way. One way to fight against cancer is by supporting organizations like the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society who fund research, education and support groups for cancer patients and their families.

Please make a donation to support my participation in Team In Training and help advance LLS's mission.

Thanks for your support!


Race day recap - 6/15/09

It's all over now, and I have finished my first half marathon. All told the Lake Placid event raised over $822k for the LLS. Pretty impressive - that was across eastern PA, NY, MA, VT, NH and ME. I had a great time up at the event in spite of a rocky run. I ended up completing the race in 2:27 after having some calf cramping at mile 9 that meant I had to walk/run the last 4 miles or so.

I have my sights set on the Maine half marathon in October to see about completing the whole race running and I want to improve my time to get under the 2 hour mark. Training for that race will start in about a month.

Thanks to everyone that helped me surpass my fundraising goals - we met a 5 year old girl during the pre-race dinner that made me realize how important raising this money is. She had been out of treatment a year and a lot of that is thanks to the research that this fundraising supports. 30 years ago she would have had a very small chance of getting through her treatment, but today her cancer has a 90% cure rate.

My long term goal is to run the Disney full marathon in January, so get your wallets warmed up - I'll be starting a new round of fundraising this fall!


Training Update #14 - 6/03/09

Did 10 miles for our long run on Sunday, then on our rest day I was busting around Thompson Island so I took yesterday off. I'll be running about 12 miles total this week before our 5 miler race on Saturday. Then next week is pretty light leading up to Lake Placid. It's less than two weeks away now. Oh, and thanks to a lot of generous donations I crossed the $4k mark - special thanks to Adrian Shin for putting me over the top!


Training Update #13 - 5/25/09

Back up to 9 this past week and it felt great. Ran it with Seth and we set a good pace. We're bringing the mileage back up to 10 for this Sunday's run and it will be the last long run of our training. Hard to believe it's been about three and a half months since we started this. We've run in freezing cold and blazing hot and pretty much everything in between. I feel ready. So far during training I have run a total of over 240 miles. At the end of training we will have run over 300 total miles. That's crazy!


Training Update #12 - 5/20/09

This week we dropped back in the mileage to only 7 miles. I was planning to run with the group up in Portsmouth, but some unexpected happenings kept me in Georgetown for the day looking after the chillerins. Since we don't have a triple jogging stroller (and I really don't want one) I ended up skipping the run on Sunday and made up for it by doing a solo 7.5 mile run on Monday. I took the route Seth and I had done the previous week and chopped off one of the extension loops to get to 7.5. It was a great run, but I felt my hamstrings tightening up a tad on the last half mile and start to cramp up. Since then I've been doing nightly stretching and stretching longer after my runs. So far everything feels good. I had my first dream about the race last night - must mean it's on my mind more than I thought.


Training Update #11 - 5/11/09

After planning two different routes for Seth and I to take this past Saturday for our 10 mile run we ended up abandoning both due to me leading us down the wrong path for the first two miles. We pieced together a route that took us across the highway and back and through three towns before ending at the house a little short of the full 10 miles, which was OK by me since I had only run about 12 total in the past two weeks. No more taking time off, and definitely no more skipping the long runs. This sunday will be only be 7 miles for our long run but I think I might extend it to do 10 again so I can get the legs ready. I don't want to be caught unprepared in June.


Training Update #10 - 4/20/09

Yesterday's 8 miles felt fantastic, in spite of a sick looking blister that developed on the arch of both feet. I could feel the blister on my left foot from the first time my foot hit the ground to the last step of the run, but the little hit with ever stride took my mind off the hill repeat we had at the beginning of the run and the 6 miles that followed. The weather could not have been better. 40 degrees with bright blue skies and warm sun and just enough wind to keep you cool. Walking into work today I passed by at least 20 people with Boston Marathon bags on their shoulders heading to Hopkinton for the start of the race. While I have no ambition to run Boston it was inspiring to see the mix of athletes making their way to the busses for the ride to the start. Should be a good day for running today, too.


Training Update #9 - 4/13/09

After taking last week off due to a cold I came back this Saturday and ran 8 miles with Ken, Seth and Scott. It was a great day to run - just around 36 degrees but no snow or rain. I was definitely tired after the 8 miles and developed a couple small blisters on my feet, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. We're looking at 8 more this weekend, and I need to get my mid-week runs in so I'm ready. Even though I didn't pass out during the 8 miles I could tell that taking a week off from running made a huge difference in how good I felt at the end of the run.


Training Update #8 - 3/23/09

Cold. Rainy. Windy. That was yesterday. The temp was around 36 degrees and it was either raining or drizzling the whole time. Oh, and we did a hill repeat at the end. OH!! and we ran 7 miles. Great feeling of accomplishment at the end, and again the furthest I have ever run in my life, but I could've done without the weather. At least the shoulder didn't hurt too bad. I put on a layer of bio-freeze before we went out and that lasted to about mile 5. Helped with the soreness. All in all a good run in spite of everything.


Training Update #7 - 3/23/09

6 more miles yesterday for our training run, and guess when the sun decided to poke out - right as we crossed the finish line. It was good run, not as good as last week's run, but good nonetheless. I woke up that morning with a stiff neck and it bugged me all through the 6 miles, and my legs felt pretty tired, but I muscled through it and felt better at the end than in the beginning. Next week is 7 miles - it'll be the same loop with an extra half mile out and back extension to get us to 7 miles. Researching fuel belts now, gonna need one over the next few weeks and on race day.


Training Update #6 - 3/16/09

Do you know how far six miles is? Do me a favor and the next time you leave your house reset your trip odometer and pay attention when it rolls over to 6 miles. I ran that far yesterday!! Never in my life did I think I could run for an hour straight, but I did it. And the kicker is that I felt GREAT afterward! A little soreness in the legs, but nothing a bag of frozen corn and some rest couldn't fix. Bring on 13.1 miles!!


Training Update #5 - 3/9/09

The group run this week was 5 miles and it felt great. I ended up running in the new shoes I got last week and I developed a small blister on my left foot, but the pain in my shins I felt earlier in the week running on the treadmill didn't return. I'll try running in these for the rest of the week and see if the break-in takes that blister away. I officially crossed over my fundraising goal on Saturday when the raffle check posted. It feels good, but I am not done yet - I have 3 months left before the race and I don't think I'll give up on the fundraising until race day, so if you are reading this and you haven't donated yet please donate whatever you can! Counting the 5 miles we did yesterday I should end up at around 16 miles for the week if I do 3,4,4 for the rest of the week. Until next time...


Training Update #4 - 3/3/09

Snow was expected on Sunday so I took my weekly long run on Saturday with Scott. We ended up running 4.4 miles. It was a little windy, so we took a route through downtown Portsmouth instead of the out and back run that we usually do taking us toward the water.

Also hit a fundraising milestone on Friday. A raffle I was running at work wrapped up and I took in over $400. The check is on the way to be processed, but with that amount I am over my minimum for the fundraising. Because of that I am upping my personal goal by $1000. Let's see if I can hit $3500!


Training Update #3 - 2/23/09

We had our second group training yesterday. Luckily the weather was a bit warmer than last week, but unluckily I wasn't feeling so hot. We still powered through our 3 mile run and I felt great after finishing. Now all I need to do is run 10 miles on top of the 3 and I'll be at half-marathon distance!


Training Update #2 - 2/18/09

Heading out in about 20 min to do my 2 miles for today. The training schedule has us running 4 days a week with the long run on Sunday with the group, and cross training 2 days. I'm taking my off day on Mondays. This week's long run is 3 miles. So far so good!


Training Update #1

The KickOff meeting was held last night up in Portsmouth. We met our coach, mentors and other team members who will be running with us as well as members of the Tri and Bike teams.

The first group run is Sunday - a 2 miler to get things moving. From now on I am in training mode.

Today's agenda is cross-training. Hoping I can get on a bike at some point, although I may have to opt for the jump rope and some strength stuff at home.


Supporter Comments

    "Go Matt! You da man!"

    Nathan Bennett

    Tue Jan 20 08:50:19 EST 2009

    "Rock on! Good luck!"

    Doreen Ho

    Wed Jan 21 01:29:28 EST 2009

    "We think it's awesome that you're doing this. Congrats!"

    The Quiroga Family

    Wed Jan 21 02:17:57 EST 2009

    "Crush those miles Uncle Matt!!! I got you at 10/mile if you beat the race. I want 20/mile returned if the race beats you."

    Jack Sokol and Family

    Thu Jan 22 03:14:16 EST 2009

    "Way to go Matt! Let me know how the training goes and of course the big event!"

    Kathleen Crook-O'Donnell

    Fri Jan 23 01:37:24 EST 2009

    "So proud of you, Mattie!"

    Abby Garland

    Sat Jan 24 07:28:14 EST 2009

    "Good luck!"

    Hermine Vinick

    Sun Jan 25 07:23:50 EST 2009

    "Good luck Matt!"

    Jana & Adam Sbardellati

    Wed Jan 28 10:13:58 EST 2009

    "you better run your A$$ A$$ off!!!"

    Sang Lee

    Wed Feb 18 02:27:42 EST 2009

    "Good Luck!!!"

    Izza Salonga-Valino

    Wed Feb 18 08:04:45 EST 2009

    "Good luck Matthew! Love, Uncle Gene Parmesan"

    Gene Parmesan

    Mon Feb 23 02:36:25 EST 2009

    "Go Matt! there are no shortcuts to success"

    Chris Linskey

    Tue Feb 24 05:06:11 EST 2009

    "I'm impressed! Go for it! I did the Honolulu Marathon years back for Team in Training. Fun!"

    michele shumaker

    Wed Feb 25 11:30:17 EST 2009

    "Run, Matt, run!!!"

    Vinick-Grossman Family

    Mon Mar 02 07:35:42 EST 2009

    "From one of your chat friends on Etsy. Accesorizmecrafty Good Luck"


    Wed Apr 01 08:09:22 EDT 2009

    "Way to go Matt...we're proud of you! Hopefully you won't get so skinny that we won't recognize you the next time we see you! :) As Barrett would say, "You got skillz!""

    The Wellington Family

    Wed Apr 01 09:09:06 EDT 2009

    "Good luck Mattie, we know you can do it!!!!!!! "

    Jeff & Melissa Lomas

    Mon Apr 13 06:42:33 EDT 2009

    "Thanks for all of your help! See ya at the finish line!"

    Seth Gooby

    Tue May 12 11:25:14 EDT 2009

    "For the "light" in my life - just "beat it"! Here's to all the amazing people working to come up with new and creative ways to give all those afflicted better lives during treatment and after...Here's to all those working alongside their loved ones to offer physical, emotional or spiritual support...Here's to our loved ones who are fighting SO hard! Besitos! Besitos! "

    Chrystalia Metrakas

    Fri Sep 27 11:32:53 EDT 2013

    "Go Bethany! Proud of my MPS classmate!"

    Thu Jul 28 11:30:53 EDT 2016

    "Thanks for keeping on keeping on, Bethany! My mom is currently finishing up a clinical trial to treat recurrent CLL, and she has benefitted from LLS research all along her treatment journey. Many heartfelt thanks from our family to you! "

    Thu Jul 28 07:20:06 EDT 2016

    "Go Bethany!"

    Thu Jul 28 06:24:18 EDT 2016

    "Love you girl & happy to support! XO, Raquel Majeski "

    Thu Jul 28 11:51:39 EDT 2016

    "Way to go!"

    Thu Jul 28 11:18:57 EDT 2016

    "You go girl!!! Keep it the 100 friends idea! "

    Tue Jul 26 09:12:30 EDT 2016

    "Keeping fighting cancer! So thankful for all that you do. "

    Tue Jul 26 06:06:22 EDT 2016

    "Go Bethany go! Crush it!"

    Mon Jul 25 10:57:22 EDT 2016

    "Go Team! You are amazing my friend!!"

    Mon Jul 25 10:31:36 EDT 2016

    "Keep up the fight and one day running will just be that thing we do for fun! Go Team!!!"

    Mon Jul 25 09:22:26 EDT 2016

    "Proud of you BP!! Miss and love ya."

    Mon Jul 25 08:19:34 EDT 2016

    "Go get'em BP! "

    Mon Jul 25 07:34:27 EDT 2016

    "You astound me with your generosity of spirit and the energy you have! Happy to support a great cause."

    Sun Jul 24 06:12:28 EDT 2016

    "Go Team!!! Love you"

    Sun Jul 24 04:49:59 EDT 2016

    "Hi Bethany! You're amazing and I LOVE your Texas Longhorns hat that you wore to practice yesterday!! Good luck in Las Vegas and Hook'em Horns!"

    Sun Jul 24 04:06:01 EDT 2016

    "Go Bethany!! You are on fire- Thanks for all you do to continue our fight, in the name of Team Norm, towards defeating the devastation caused by blood cancers. You ROCK!!!!!"

    Sun Jul 24 03:31:32 EDT 2016

    "Go Fundraising PIC! Go Team!"

    Sun Jul 24 02:39:15 EDT 2016

    "Cancer sucks! Let's find a cure!"

    Sat Jul 23 09:24:17 EDT 2016

    "Go Bethany!"

    Sat Jul 23 09:03:05 EDT 2016

    "See BP run. Run, BP, run!"

    Sat Jul 23 07:31:01 EDT 2016

    "Go Bethany!!"

    Sat Jul 23 06:17:53 EDT 2016

    "Get it, gurl."

    Sat Jul 23 05:08:56 EDT 2016

    "You rock! Thanks for everything you do BP!"

    Sat Jul 23 11:25:31 EDT 2016

    "Go TEAM Norm!"

    Sat Jul 23 01:35:12 EDT 2016

    "You're an inspiration, Bethany! "

    Fri Jul 22 11:51:50 EDT 2016

    "Way to go Bethany. Thank you for doing this and helping to end devastating blood cancer. "

    Fri Jul 22 09:47:04 EDT 2016

    "Way to go Bethany! Wish I were there training with you!"

    Fri Jul 22 10:22:10 EDT 2016

    "So happy to see you continuing your amazing efforts in finding the cure!"

    Fri Jul 22 12:50:47 EDT 2016

    "Good luck!!"

    Thu Jul 21 11:49:25 EDT 2016

    "You are so Magical!! xoxo"

    Thu Jul 21 10:41:31 EDT 2016

    "You go girl! And thank you for finding some schedule typos :)"

    Thu Jun 30 10:11:02 EDT 2016

    "Keep fighting Samantha!! You rock girl. And for my amazing friend Stacey Cook, for always fighting for the cause!! Love you girl!"

    Ted McKinnon

    Fri Oct 25 10:50:19 EDT 2013

    "Give it your best, Muni! Victor"

    Tim Baker

    Fri Oct 25 10:18:46 EDT 2013

    "You are awe-inspiring. Love, Dad."

    Tim Baker

    Fri Oct 25 09:43:18 EDT 2013

    "I am with you Stacey! A true LLS supporter from beginning to end. Kicking cancer's butt one step at a time. "

    Ted McKinnon

    Thu Oct 24 10:49:34 EDT 2013

    "Keep up the good job! Love mom"

    Tim Baker

    Thu Oct 24 02:36:21 EDT 2013

    "We are proud of you! Love, Mary Anne, John, Owen and Victoria "

    Tim Baker

    Thu Oct 24 01:51:04 EDT 2013

    "When Kyle told me what he had heard about Samantha, my heart sank. No words or money or anything can help what Samantha and her family are going through, but want you to know that my prayers are with her and you. Debbie Drewick"

    Ted McKinnon

    Thu Oct 17 04:48:59 EDT 2013

    "Fighting cancer together"

    Ted McKinnon

    Wed Oct 16 03:54:52 EDT 2013

    "Walking in memory of my beautiful sister Lisa Marie! We love you Lisa!! <3"

    Seth Gooby

    Sat Oct 22 08:04:42 EDT 2016

    "Sue, thank you for walking for such a great cause!"

    Seth Gooby

    Sat Oct 22 07:47:29 EDT 2016

    "Candle Fundraiser"

    Thu Oct 20 10:23:43 EDT 2016

    "You go girl! "

    Mon Oct 10 01:25:04 EDT 2016

    "Go Tina!"


    Wed Oct 05 09:41:04 EDT 2016

    "Good luck! And thanks for being such a good colleague and friend to me the last few weeks with all my medical stuff-- I appreciate it so much!"

    Sun Sep 18 02:54:37 EDT 2016

    "Nice work you are doing..........."

    Tim Baker

    Thu Oct 31 11:49:38 EDT 2013

    "To My beloved PaPa! Our wonderful experiences/memories will be with me forever!"

    Jessica Hoskins

    Sat Sep 28 11:31:34 EDT 2013

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