My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Feb 06, 2018

Part XX - I'm currently training for my 20th consecutive Boston Marathon (4/16/18) with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s “Team in Training/TNT” program.

What's harder than running the Newton Hills?... adding names to my race singlet. This year I'll be running in honor of Lilly T. Lilly is the 12-year-old daughter of a dear friend and fellow endurance athlete. Lilly was recently diagnosed with non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. She is an amazing young lady, handling spinal taps and what will be over two years of chemotherapy, with courage and grace. Please keep Lilly in prayers as she warriors through her treatments.

I continue to be committed to the Society’s efforts because of the inspirational & courageous stories of the survivors, those living with cancer and for those who lived inspirational and courageous lives… they did not “lose their battle”, that phrase has to go! (please visit the Facebook page I created on this topic, in their honor, there is more work to be done. Never far from thoughts are Dr. Cynthia Lucero, a TNT teammate (2002), whose life was dedicated to helping others and Fulvio Abela, a TNT teammate (2005 - 2012) and dear friend.

A more personal side to this year's race will be honoring my Mom. Not cancer-related but my dear Mom passed unexpectedly in December. When it came to the marathons, triathlons, volunteering and fundraising, my Mom was my biggest supporter. After many a night-time run, I would often see her in her "computer room" and we'd share a wave. She was always nervous for me on race day (she was hoping I was going to stop after 15 Bostons... sorry, Mom!) but she let me do my thing. I have a sweet voice mail saved where she says "It's always nice to hear from you after a race so I know you're OK." I miss her very much but know she's now my angel watching over me.   

In honor of those mentioned above, I humbly ask for your support. Please remember support comes in two different forms, donations and encouragement. There are many worthy causes to support so I understand if a donation is not possible. Words of encouragement are equally powerful. 

To send encouragement or ask any questions about the Society, please click the "Comment" link below.

Thank you very much for your consideration and take care!



"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Meade

"But I have promises to keep,/ and miles to go before I sleep,/ and miles to go before I sleep." - "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" - Robert Frost


Supporter Comments

    "In memory of your mom Christine; in honor of all you do. "

    Mark & Laurie Staveski

    Sun Dec 24 09:37:18 EST 2017

    "In gratitude to God for Christine McCarron."

    John Lohan

    Sun Dec 24 02:18:36 EST 2017

    "In memory of your Mom - I'm sure she'll be looking down and supporting you!"

    Jason Hellendrung

    Sun Dec 31 08:02:29 EST 2017

    "Best Wishes for another successful run we know your mom will be on your shoulder Luv Mr. & Mrs. Salami"

    Mr & Mrs Joseph Salami

    Thu Jan 11 02:52:01 EST 2018

    "You�re amazing Paul! Thank you for all you continue to do for the mission! Go Team!!"

    Kimberly Charron

    Tue Feb 06 08:26:39 EST 2018

    "You are an inspiration!"

    Lynne Castronuovo

    Tue Feb 06 07:45:06 EST 2018

    "Way to go, Paul! Thinking of you and your mom. Best wishes for training and the big day! "

    Lindsay Worthington

    Tue Feb 06 08:00:53 EST 2018

    "Good Luck Paul - you're so rad for doing it again this year! Can't believe this makes 20 years. So inspiring! "

    Annie Terry

    Tue Feb 06 08:43:54 EST 2018

    "Proud to help each and every year! Good luck!"


    Mon Feb 12 11:44:16 EST 2018

    "Best wishes from Ecuador. We admire you."

    Martha Cordova de Lucero

    Thu Feb 15 08:00:12 EST 2018

    "Go Paul!"

    Bill ODonnell

    Thu Feb 22 11:36:33 EST 2018

    "Happy to be among your supporters for this milestone year!"

    Heather & Oppie

    Thu Feb 22 11:37:05 EST 2018

    "In memory of a dear friend and once neighbor - a thoroughly good woman. And, in honor of her son, who is a chip off the old block. Thank you for your dedication. Susan Abbot xo"

    Susan Abbott

    Thu Feb 22 11:53:52 EST 2018

    "Go Paul Go! You rock!"

    Sharon Hibbard

    Thu Feb 22 02:14:34 EST 2018

    "In memory of Paul McCarron's mom and Paul's 20th marathon!"

    Lucy Duffy

    Thu Feb 22 05:56:25 EST 2018

    "In memory of Jared He would be running with you."

    Ellen and Steven Branfman

    Thu Feb 22 09:15:37 EST 2018

    "Hi Paul, I'm very sorry to hear about your mother's passing. She sounds like a special lady. I'm sure she's very proud and keeping a watch over your family. We lost our father last August. World War II veteran, Boston longshoreman and just a great guy. Although you and I don't see each other very much these days especially since Sue and I moved to Vista,Ca, (ha) I just wanted to let you know that I'm proud to call you a friend. I know how humble you are, and I'm always amazed at how you keep pushing yourself to help those in need. You truly are an inspiration to so many who know you and love you. I'm glad you were able to stop by and see Sue and I in Hull, before we left for Cali. It was great to see you again. If you're ever out in the San Diego area, you are more than welcome to stay with us. We have plenty of room. (open invitation) Take care my friend and God Bless! Best regards, Ed (and Sue) PS. Go B's!!! "

    Edward Biggins

    Thu Feb 22 10:06:02 EST 2018

    "Thank you Paul!"

    Beth Smisloff

    Fri Feb 23 08:31:09 EST 2018

    "You�re amazing man. "

    Dan Rivers

    Fri Feb 23 09:47:09 EST 2018

    "Keep on keeping on!"

    Michael Wissner

    Sun Feb 25 05:39:44 EST 2018

    "good luck paul!!!"

    Frank Medico

    Mon Feb 26 08:01:09 EST 2018

    "You are an inspiration! Have a great run, Paul! ❤️"

    Jenna Hussey

    Fri Mar 02 09:11:51 EST 2018

    "Paul. In memory of your Mother for bringing such as great person into this world. You are a fabulous human being. I'm very proud to call you a friend. "

    Tom Convery

    Sat Mar 03 09:58:41 EST 2018

    "Thank you Paul, as always, for all you do and for your wonderful giving spirit. "

    Terri Sameski

    Sat Mar 03 11:49:36 EST 2018

    "For your commitment, your drive and your unwavering support - for all that you do for others, we just say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. PS - Leah is a friend of ours who became an angel February 18 from a pediatric brain tumor. "

    Michele Page Sinotte

    Tue Mar 13 02:21:34 EDT 2018

    "Seeing your name Paul always makes me smile, it's people like you that remind me what a wonderful world full of caring and loving people looks like. I am very sorry to hear about your Mom. Please a young friend of ours named Debbie that survived the pain and enjoyed the love of her young children and loving husband until last November. See on the course on the 16th. Grandpa "


    Tue Mar 13 04:58:53 EDT 2018

    "Run Paul Run! Good Luck! -The Sullivans"

    Timothy Sullivan

    Thu Mar 15 08:50:30 EDT 2018

    "Good luck, Paul!! Hopefully this is the year I get a high five in Natick!!"

    Jenny Sack

    Fri Mar 16 07:54:40 EDT 2018

    "Moved by your dedication and grace. "

    Caroline, Craig, Hunter, Jack & Christine

    Mon Mar 19 09:59:31 EDT 2018

    "Paul, Happy 20th. Have a great run."

    Erik and Virginija Berman

    Mon Mar 19 08:39:58 EDT 2018


    Caitlin Deschenes-Desmond

    Sat Mar 24 01:48:45 EDT 2018

    "In memory of my dear sister, Christine, and to honor the dedication you demonstrate every day, Paul. May your 20th consecutive Boston Marathon be smooth and satisfying! Our love to you. Auntie Sue and Uncle Treff"

    Auntie Sue and Uncle Treff

    Sat Mar 24 04:48:36 EDT 2018

    "#20ForPaul - from many friends who LOVE you!"


    Sat Mar 24 04:50:16 EDT 2018

    "Good luck Paul, rooting for you always!"

    In-N-Out Burger

    Sun Mar 25 06:09:24 EDT 2018

    "Paul, Sorry about the recent loss of your mother. You are an inspiration! Best of luck with your fundraising and on race day. I'll be rooting for you on the 16th."


    Fri Mar 30 08:26:34 EDT 2018

    "Congratulations on your many years for running for such a great cause. KNow that our thoughts and prayers are with you as you run!! Hugs! Uncle Ed , Auntie Ann"

    Uncle Ed, Auntie Ann

    Sat Mar 31 10:38:53 EDT 2018

    "Have a great run Paul for this great Charity! See you at mile 16 crossing 128!"

    John Bennett

    Sun Apr 08 01:56:54 EDT 2018

    "Go get 'em Paul!! 20 straight Boston Marathons for such a worthy cause. God bless you. "

    The Hennessey Family

    Tue Apr 10 10:47:46 EDT 2018

    "Enjoy the day and have an awesome run!"

    Petty Goodman

    Thu Apr 12 09:56:58 EDT 2018

    "Best of luck Paul!! Happy to support this great cause!!"

    Judy Levine

    Thu Apr 12 09:58:23 EDT 2018

    "Good luck Paul!"

    Jim Wells

    Fri Apr 13 12:09:16 EDT 2018

    "#20forPaul - cheers to 20 years of inspiring others on this course and off, and here's to many more! Thank you for everything <3"

    Erica Appleman

    Sun Apr 15 12:30:44 EDT 2018

    "Way to go Coach McCarron!"

    Tom Gaffey

    Mon Apr 16 03:55:14 EDT 2018

    "#20ForPaul So proud of all that you have accomplished in your 20 are a rockstar! Great seeing you on the course today."

    Kim Austin

    Mon Apr 16 04:03:36 EDT 2018

    "Go, Paul! I?ve been cheering you on from the west coast! "


    Mon Apr 16 05:54:53 EDT 2018

    "Congrats Paul. You inspire us to be better and better"

    Georgette Verdin

    Wed Apr 18 09:11:48 EDT 2018

    "Hi Paul, How are you? I�m so sorry for the late response. Congratulations on completing yet another marathon-what an awful day weather wise. Also, I was so sorry to learn of your mom�s passing. Stay strong and take care of yourself. Joanne "

    Joanne McMahan

    Wed Apr 18 10:05:31 EDT 2018

    "Thanks for all you do!"

    Dave Lafreniere

    Mon Jun 04 03:16:28 EDT 2018

    "Good Luck Stud! You are so Inspiring!"

    Glen Magpiong

    Sat Mar 31 03:25:23 EDT 2018

    "Best of luck Paul! hope to see you on race day xo"

    Angela DeLucco

    Sat Mar 31 09:49:01 EDT 2018

    "In memory of your dear mom - best of luck on Marathon day."

    Kathy Walsh Heraghty

    Fri Mar 30 12:54:11 EDT 2018

    "#20forPaul (x2! :) )"

    Jennifer Fields

    Sat Mar 24 11:18:20 EDT 2018

    "Love you lots!!! Corinne and Ken xoxo :)"

    Corinne and Ken Eisnor

    Sun Mar 18 06:26:51 EDT 2018

    "Amazing accomplishment! Go Paul Go!"

    Brian Albert

    Sat Mar 03 11:35:05 EST 2018

    "Good Luck, Paul! See you on Hereford :)"

    Dave Tierney

    Tue Feb 27 09:35:28 EST 2018

    "Hi Paul, Wishing you the best of luck! See you on Saturday! Best wishes, Janice"

    Janice Chin

    Thu Feb 08 10:32:03 EST 2018

    "So proud of you Paul!!!"

    Anna M. Simmons

    Tue Feb 06 12:46:09 EST 2018

    "Go get 'em, Paul xoxo"

    Annie Rehage

    Tue Feb 06 12:37:34 EST 2018

    "Always happy to donate Paul and wishing you the best. Your mom will be looking down and watching out for you! I hate that there are 3 from my family, plus Malai and now Lilly on your shirt, but love your honoring all those listed."

    Kathly, Chris, and Rachel Stone

    Tue Feb 06 11:12:13 EST 2018

    "You�re amazing, Paul. "

    Shelley Bernstein

    Tue Feb 06 09:04:34 EST 2018

    "Way to go Paul!! You rock! Good luck!&#127808; "

    Nicole Castronuovo

    Tue Feb 06 08:52:57 EST 2018

    "Run like the Wind Paul Lilly and family &#10084;&#65039;&#128591;"

    Lilly Toxavidis

    Tue Feb 06 08:45:45 EST 2018

    "In memory of your mother, I'm so sorry for your loss Paul. I can only imagine how proud she was of you and your family. Love you Paul, thank you for everything you do."

    Eric Zawada

    Thu Jan 11 09:58:59 EST 2018

    "In loving memory of your Mom"

    Alicia Norton

    Sun Dec 31 05:42:09 EST 2017

    "We admire your dedication and commitment to this important cause and "wish" you all the best as you train for Boston '18!"

    Tom and Amy

    Sun Dec 31 04:34:41 EST 2017

    "In memory of a special woman who raised an amazing son! xo"

    Tom and Amy

    Sun Dec 31 04:32:10 EST 2017

    "It will always be cool to know your Mom, and the endless smiles! Even the heavenly frowners are about to change face : ) "


    Fri Dec 22 04:37:32 EST 2017

    "So sorry for your loss Paul. We cannot make it to the services because we are on our way to honor and work at the Mike Stone Invitational. So sorry for your loss. "

    Malia Jusczyk

    Fri Dec 22 11:12:14 EST 2017

    "Paul-- you make us track coaches so proud! You are amazing and we are privileged to work with you! Well done!"

    Callie Schneider

    Thu Apr 19 11:06:29 EDT 2018

    "Hi Paul, Congratulations on an even 20! Truly an incredible accomplishment from someone with a HUGE heart. Hope you are resting and pampering yourself today!. Love, Kathleen"

    Kathleen Haley

    Tue Apr 17 10:50:32 EDT 2018

    "#20forPaul. In your honor I will be donating to you plus 20 of your teammates. Your kindness is a gift to all of us. I am so lucky to call you a friend. "

    Sarah Constantine

    Tue Apr 17 10:00:21 EDT 2018

    "Rock on Paul! You are an inspiration! "

    Shannon Adkins

    Mon Apr 16 09:01:56 EDT 2018

    "We hope you did well today Paul, despite the weather."

    Tim and Anita Deschenes-Desmond

    Mon Apr 16 04:06:07 EDT 2018

    "Thanks for all you do!"

    Kathryn Friedman

    Mon Apr 16 12:34:57 EDT 2018

    "You da MAN today! Gski. "


    Mon Apr 16 07:31:01 EDT 2018

    "Paul, Enjoy your run today! #20! Woo! In memory of your mom. Peace, Love, Light and Steady Feet...."


    Mon Apr 16 05:10:17 EDT 2018

    "Thank you, Paul! You continue to be an inspiration to all of us. Wishing you luck, strength and a good, strong run... "

    Jenn Wong

    Mon Apr 16 12:13:43 EDT 2018

    "Best of Luck&#127808;"

    Joanne Russo

    Sun Apr 15 11:40:48 EDT 2018



    Sun Apr 15 09:10:23 EDT 2018

    "Way to go Paul!! Congrats on #20! I'll be cheering for you!"

    Calli Merkel

    Sun Apr 15 08:14:15 EDT 2018

    "Good Luck Paul!"

    Keith Levitsky

    Sun Apr 15 07:37:40 EDT 2018

    "We love you Paul! Good luck tomorrow! We'll be thinking about you! xo"

    Fred and Diane Page

    Sun Apr 15 05:54:30 EDT 2018

    "Good luck and go Team!!"

    Jessica, Dan, and Sam Burgess

    Sun Apr 15 05:20:09 EDT 2018

    "Wishing you a fantastic day tomorrow!!!! You will "weather" through it!"


    Sun Apr 15 02:24:14 EDT 2018

    "You are a very special, amazing and kind person; I wish you all the best to complete your 20th Marathon. Rita"

    Rita Abela

    Sun Apr 15 01:47:01 EDT 2018

    "Good luck buddy"

    Thomas Convery

    Sun Apr 15 11:41:08 EDT 2018

    "You inspire so many! Have a great race. "


    Sat Apr 14 02:48:48 EDT 2018

    "Good Luck Paul!!!"

    Cassie Froio

    Fri Apr 13 09:29:18 EDT 2018

    "Best of luck on XX!!! You are an inspiration!"


    Wed Apr 11 02:36:02 EDT 2018

    "Good Luck this year! See you soon!"


    Tue Apr 10 04:30:25 EDT 2018

    "Go get 'em!"

    Lauren Carey

    Tue Apr 10 08:21:42 EDT 2018

    "Paul your such an inspiration to so many! Wishing you all the best on your 20th marathon! So proud of you! Have a great run!"

    Alam & Marcia Khan

    Tue Apr 10 08:02:11 EDT 2018

    "Best of Luck Paul, you have many angels looking after you and we know your Mom will always be with you. Best of luck Paul and thank you for all that you do! Love Mike and Melanie "

    Mike and Melanie Landino

    Tue Apr 10 12:31:58 EDT 2018

    "Have a great race, Paul! "

    Joseph Pelletier

    Mon Apr 09 02:48:48 EDT 2018

    "Congrats on #20 Paul, go get em!"

    Dave Renzella

    Fri Apr 06 04:17:29 EDT 2018

    "Go Paul - you are incredible! - Al & Jen"

    Allen and Jen Gallotta

    Wed Apr 04 09:30:59 EDT 2018

    "Good Luck Uncle Paul We will be there in spirit! Be Safe! Love ~ Griff & Wynn"

    Griffen & Wynn

    Sun Apr 01 02:44:47 EDT 2018

    "Simply put - you're amazing!!"

    Katie Crow

    Sun Apr 01 02:12:37 EDT 2018

    "You rock dude!!!"

    Christopher Aucella

    Thu Feb 22 08:08:07 EST 2018

    "In loving memory of Christine McCarron <3 An additional angel will be with you on race day, one that is no doubt proud of her amazingly talented, kind and do-good son!"

    C. Ashton

    Wed Jan 17 10:33:29 EST 2018

    "GO PAUL! "

    Beautiful Anita

    Tue Apr 10 07:22:44 EDT 2018

    "Happy trails!"

    Bob Sklar

    Tue Apr 10 05:33:00 EDT 2018

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