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CANCER SUCKS. I hate it. Help me beat it.
Feb 04, 2012

In 2007 my dad started feeling sluggish and tired. He had this lingering swelling in his jaw where a tooth had been extracted - we thought it was an infection from remnants of the tooth - but antibiotics weren't making it go away. A trip to an Ear Nose and Throat specialist turned into an emergency biopsy - one of the scariest nights of my life. S$%t gets real when your dad starts telling you what to do in case he doesn't wake up from the surgery.

We discovered he had Lymphoma - and although CANCER was something none of us wanted to hear - we found out it was also something that he could beat by following a set regimen. I'm not going to say what he went through was easy - but thankfully a year or so later he was in full remission.

Fast forward a couple years. After being challenged to a half marathon by my friend Mike Konen - I had become a runner. My friend Kristen introduced me to Team In Training - the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's main fundraiser. I signed up and completed the Disneyland Half Marathon. The next season I returned as a mentor and ran the LA Marathon. The season after that I became the team's web captain and ran the Honolulu Marathon. I'm back again as the web captain for the Summer 2012 season. This season I'm going to run the San Diego half marathon.

I am also thrilled to be training and fundraising as a corporate teammember of my real estate company, Partners Trust. Many of my colleagues have taken the challenge to do an event this season also, and they are all raising funds to help us wipe out blood cancers!

Please take a brief moment RIGHT NOW to share what you can to help us in our mission to cure blood cancers. I'm dedicated to running the miles. I would love your help in the form of any money that you can spare to go toward patient research and client services for patients currently undergoing treatment for blood cancers.

Do me a favor and click on the DONATE NOW button to the right. It takes maybe a minute at medium speed.

Thank you!



Supporter Comments

    "Dom, you are our hero! Go out there and kick this half's butt! Run fast, Run hard! Love you lots wish we could be there! "

    Justin, Hannah, Micah, and Ruger

    Tue Feb 28 07:43:58 EST 2012

    "Good luck fundraising. This is my iPad entry :)"

    Pam Cooley

    Mon Mar 05 06:59:10 EST 2012

    "Woo hoo! Go, Dom, Go!"

    Kristen Larson

    Mon Mar 05 06:49:09 EST 2012

    "Good luck Dom! GO TEAM!!!"

    Becky Hernandez

    Mon Mar 05 05:08:49 EST 2012

    "You rock! GO TEAM! "

    Kelly McDonagh

    Mon Mar 05 04:09:54 EST 2012

    "Have fun Dominic!"

    Petty Goodman

    Mon Mar 05 01:26:46 EST 2012

    "Keep rockin' it Cool Dom!! "


    Tue Feb 28 03:02:50 EST 2012

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Jeff Pearce $300.00
alison higgins $200.00
Dan Hartman $100.00
Wendy Moen $100.00
Michael Konen $100.00
Nick Gardner $100.00
Linda Sugamele $60.00
10K Tuesdays $50.00
Charito Arrieta $50.00
Petty Goodman $50.00
Megan McDonald $50.00
Janet Savage $40.00
Sharyn Yoshimi $40.00
E. Vasilon $40.00
Marian Lockwood $40.00
Gwen Dobbs $40.00
Dalia Melamed $40.00
Kristen Larson $40.00
Becky Hernandez $40.00
Tony Svoboda $40.00
Mike King $40.00
Justin, Hannah, Micah, an... $40.00
Abby Goldberg $40.00
Molly Hebrew $40.00
Linda S Bell $40.00
Judi Harris $20.00
Kaydee McKinney $20.00
Amber Heinze $20.00
Maria Villagran $20.00
Lonnie Stevenson $20.00
Nola Johnson $20.00
Dan Belanger $20.00
Katie Mattingly $20.00
Pam Cooley $20.00
Abbey Diokno $20.00
Ryan Purtill $20.00
Kelly McDonagh $20.00
donna Witzeman $20.00
Meghan $20.00
Debbie Ostrander $20.00
Kelly Martineau $20.00
Jennifer Smith $20.00