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My Fundraising Page
Nov 12, 2009 by Christopher Wilno

Cancer Strikes Again

You might think that my family has endured enough hardship with the loss of my father, loss of my daughter and wife's cancer diagosis that spanned the time from 2002-2004. It is this same way of thinking that makes Vegas a lot of money when someone bets his life savings on Red after seeing Black come up 9 times in a row on the Roulette Wheel. Cancer knows no prejudice and has once again touched my family.

On November 3, 2009, my wife and I were informed that 5 years after her first battle with cancer, it has returned. As of this writing, this is all I know. The next few weeks are filled with doctor and surgeon appointments that will shed light on what is to come. I can do nothing but be there for my wife. If I could take away the cancer.......without blinking an eye, I would. If I could step in front of a train to guarantee my wife is okay, I would. I can not do any of these things but what I can do is try to raise funds in honor of the battle only she can fight. I will be keeping a blog about our family's journey and my personal journey with Team in Training as I prepare for the Lavaman Triatlon in March 2010. You can read and follow my blog at:

If you would like a copy of the fundraising letter I have prepared, please email me at and I will provide it to you. Thanks so much for your visit and thanks so much to everyone that has helped me over the years to raise over $50,000 to help rid the world of such a horrible disease. My wish is that our kids in the future will have to find out about cancer by reading their history books. Please join me yet again and help honor the battle of my beautiful wife so that someday we can celebrate when the cure for cancer is announced. That will be an amazing day and you can be a part of it right now. God Bless.


Supporter Comments

    "Crea, I am very glad that your procedure went so well and that you are already ready to party. I will miss seeing you then as we will be on a short vacation over Easter weekend. All the best, Mark"

    Mark Kristof

    Wed Mar 17 01:55:14 EDT 2010

    "Never give in, never give up"

    Heather Messing

    Thu Dec 17 07:49:43 EST 2009

    "For Crea & Chris, my thoughts are with you."

    Abby Goldberg

    Sun Nov 15 08:56:48 EST 2009

    "Coach Chris, you and your family are in my prayers. "

    Aubrey Walton

    Sun Nov 15 08:46:02 EST 2009

    "Thinking of you and your family. I hope to see you at TNT practise some time. Jem"

    Jemma Martin

    Sun Nov 15 07:41:48 EST 2009

    "For Crea, for Chris, for TNT. With gratitude for all you do. GO TEAM!"

    The Wolpe Family

    Sun Nov 15 07:08:04 EST 2009

    "Hi Chris - My prayers and thoughts are with you, Crea and Jaden. God Bless you, Diana"

    Diana Fisk

    Sat Mar 06 05:15:11 EST 2010

    "God Bless you and your family. We love Crea over here at bailey jane salon ...fight on girlfriend!"

    Robin Broswell

    Fri Mar 05 11:32:48 EST 2010

    "All of us Wickeds are sending positive thoughts and prayers your way."

    Wicked PR

    Tue Feb 23 04:03:34 EST 2010

    "I too hope one day children will learn about cancer from the history books! You inspire me."

    Gretchen Sweet

    Mon Feb 22 07:30:26 EST 2010

    "Chris, I haven't seen you since our college days when you, me and Lori would hang out. I am moved by your story. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Stay strong. You have many people who care and are there for all of you. And your wife is an amazing woman. "

    Kristin Brenner

    Tue Nov 24 02:42:31 EST 2009

    "Thank you Chris for everything you are and everything you do. You are an ironman in so many things you do. Thanks for inspiring me at the SD Marathon too. "

    Paiwei Wei

    Thu Nov 19 07:50:28 EST 2009

    "Stay strong Wilno family! We're all pulling for you! "

    M. Shannon Payne

    Thu Nov 19 07:03:29 EST 2009

    "Our prayers are with Crea and all your family. Hang in there guys and we will beat this thing! "

    Ron Kaloper

    Wed Nov 18 12:26:39 EST 2009

    "Chris, all my love and thoughts are with you and Crea. You are an amazing family with the strength and grace to survive this once again. "

    Emily Chung

    Tue Nov 17 10:56:14 EST 2009

    "Sending all my positive energy to your family!"

    Lori Jomsky

    Tue Nov 17 01:58:41 EST 2009

    "Coach Chris - Thank you for making me a better person. You and your entire family are in my thoughts and prayers. Love you!! "

    Nadine Youssef

    Tue Nov 17 12:39:29 EST 2009

    "Dear Coach Chris, You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. This too shall pass! Bhavani"

    Bhavani Venkatachalam

    Mon Nov 16 01:08:50 EST 2009

    "Our thoughts and prayers are with Crea, you, and Jaden - hoping for the best!! Thank you for being our friend, coach, and inspiration - let us know if we can be of help."

    Nick and Jon

    Mon Nov 16 01:16:44 EST 2009

    "I know that some of the milk of human kindness you so fully possess and share with others will spill all over you as you huff and puff your way to the finish line. Crea is in my prayers."

    david j.wilzig

    Mon Nov 16 04:54:19 EST 2009

    "Coach, I guess it's my turn to root for you and your wife to cross that "finish line" now. I know you guys will get through this!"

    Peter Vu

    Wed Nov 18 07:52:50 EST 2009

    "You inspire so many and you are so strong. My thoughts are with you and your family. My offer is still on the table to babysit if you ever need me"

    Kristen McManus

    Wed Nov 18 08:43:04 EST 2009

    "Best wishes to you and Crea in your fight. Go get em and don't let up! We've got your back!"

    Wed Nov 25 02:15:15 EST 2009

    "Chris and Crea, sending positive and healing energy your way..gooo ya"

    Laura and Charlie Maloney

    Tue Dec 01 12:14:52 EST 2009

    "Chris -- I trained with you as a walker once upon a time. I broke my hand and could not participate that year, but you left an impression on me. Since that time, unfortunately, I, too, have been exposed firsthand to how devastating Cancer can be, and I hope and pray a cure is found soon so that you can run for fun, right next to your wife, with not a care in the world. Your family is beautiful, and you all are in our prayers. XO, B"

    B. Eckstein

    Fri Dec 18 12:46:02 EST 2009

    "Coach Chris, you have taught me that all things are possible. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. "

    Dawn McMahan

    Fri Dec 18 02:13:29 EST 2009

    "Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. The strength you both show truly inspires me."

    Rommel Calderon

    Fri Dec 18 03:16:47 EST 2009

    "Chris I made good on my promised donation from Friday night. Congratulations on your tireless fundraising"

    Victor Perkel

    Mon Dec 21 12:42:30 EST 2009

    "Good luck on your journey"

    Malvin Paniagua

    Mon Jan 11 10:06:44 EST 2010

    "GO COACH! you are an inspiration to ALL that cross your path! "

    maria del pilar toro-ortiz

    Mon Jan 25 01:41:08 EST 2010

    "Thank you for all you do for TNT! @jenn_if_er"

    Jennifer Whitter Adams

    Mon Feb 15 10:56:50 EST 2010

    "Keep fighting, Crea! You are in my thoughts and prayers every day. Love, Linda"

    Linda Kumagai

    Thu Feb 18 10:44:39 EST 2010

    "I know every little bit - of donation, of encouragement, of support - helps. Rest assured we are with you and Crea and your family, here for you, from across the miles."

    Donna D @donna_de

    Wed Feb 24 09:24:40 EST 2010

    "Even though the vikings lost . . . Kick ass today! (2/24)"

    Dash Nash

    Wed Feb 24 02:01:46 EST 2010

    "11/15/09 Tonight, I attended a program about Hope out of Suffering. Visit to see the podcast of Pastor Greg Laurie and Christian musician Steven Curtis Chapman talk about losing their children to car accidents in 2008 and how they are coping today. There are no words to offer comfort, but maybe this program might provide some perspective and emotional resources from which to draw upon. "Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, trust also in me (Jesus)." John 14:1. You are in my prayers."

    JoAnne Lokey

    Mon Nov 16 01:00:37 EST 2009

    "Thinking of you and your family. You are such an inspiration! "

    Alisha Mahon

    Tue Dec 22 12:51:51 EST 2009

    "Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We love you tons and thank you for being such an inspiration. GO TEAM!"

    Javier Rivera & Rachael Burnson

    Fri Dec 18 08:43:44 EST 2009

    "You are the most inspiring person I know...and sometimes the dumbest (see CIM description). But you and Crea are an amazing couple - I'm sending my good thoughts to you both."

    Rachel Hershberg

    Fri Dec 18 06:39:37 EST 2009

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