Running Against Cancer!

Down With Cancer!
Oct 26, 2017


This is my FOURTH year running in the Chicago Marathon with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Team in Training! Why would someone run four marathons?

Because there is still work to do in the fight against cancer!

Below is a picture of my husband with his mother, Judy.


Multiple myeloma took Judy while he was still in high school.  

I am running in her memory, to help other families keep their moms with them longer. 

However, I can't do this alone! Please join me in the fight - you can keep your sleep and toenails, I'll sacrifice my own in exchange for your support :). Every single dollar helps to buy families a little more time together. As the LLS slogan says, Someday is Today!

Thank you!


Supporter Comments

    ""FACS Bundle" Good luck with your fundraising for this great cause!"

    Debra Knudsen

    Wed Dec 06 08:43:35 EST 2017



    Sat Dec 09 02:24:38 EST 2017

    "Four years running!! Woo hoo! Thank you for running for a cure! "

    Marie Jarrell

    Sun Dec 31 04:28:19 EST 2017

    "FACS! Keep on Running!"

    Chris Genthe

    Wed Jan 10 08:33:57 EST 2018

    "I stumbled across your site and am very glad. I am a cancer survivor (6 years now. Yahoo!). I am also a teacher and am teaching Home Economics for the first time. I hope this helps in your fight and thank you for the FACS resources."

    Lynn S.

    Mon Jan 15 07:09:33 EST 2018


    Carlie I.

    Wed Mar 14 06:48:02 EDT 2018

    "Best of luck in your fundraising goals!! thanks for the great FACS deal!"

    Rachel Breed

    Mon Mar 19 10:23:06 EDT 2018


    MaryAnne Keck

    Wed Apr 11 04:17:18 EDT 2018

    "FACS I am finishing up my second year as a FACS teacher so I am always looking for help and ideas. Thank you for sharing and good luck!"

    Abbie Wasson

    Fri May 11 07:51:23 EDT 2018

    "Keep up the fight! Thank you for sharing your work with this veteran teacher that is new to FACS. I will be focusing on fashion design and culinary arts at the middle school level."

    Diedra Vinson

    Wed Jul 11 07:31:06 EDT 2018

    "God bless you on this fundraising journey. "FACS bundle""

    Diane P

    Thu Aug 02 08:32:45 EDT 2018

    "My 3 amazing children lost their loving dad 4 years ago. Thanks for your efforts to end blood cancers! FCS teacher thankful for the resources! "

    Michele Field

    Thu Aug 02 12:21:48 EDT 2018

    "Way to go! You're amazing!!"

    Jeniel Coates

    Fri Aug 17 12:32:44 EDT 2018

    "What a great way to raise money for a wonderful cause and spread FCS love! "

    Sarah Abbott

    Sun Aug 19 08:15:53 EDT 2018

    "Love your blog on Pinterest! I have taught for ten years, but this year I have a FACS position! THANK YOU for all of your ideas and your inspiration!"

    Sarah Foster

    Mon Sep 03 07:38:43 EDT 2018

    "Denise, I'm so proud of you and I'm sure Mike's Mom is too. Love, Auntie M"

    Aunt Margie

    Mon Sep 10 11:21:27 EDT 2018

    "My little brother lost his life to multiple myeloma four years ago he fought the good fight but it wasn't enough!! We miss him everyday! "

    Mary O'Donnell

    Sat Sep 15 12:14:30 EDT 2018

    "Facs! 1st year teacher"


    Sun Sep 16 06:31:47 EDT 2018

    "FACS! Great way to raise money and help your facs colleagues out-best of luck!"

    Virginia Gertling

    Sun Sep 16 11:27:08 EDT 2018

    "Excited to get the FACS resources! Good luck in your fundraising and in life in general. ThAnk you so much. In memory of Nick Nixon, beloved Uncle, Father and Grandfather!"

    Jody Krowlek

    Tue Sep 25 10:20:54 EDT 2018

    "Thank you for being on the TEAM! glad you made the right decision for you this year. You are awesome! "

    Marie Jarrell

    Mon Oct 01 08:21:38 EDT 2018

    "You got this!! "

    Laura Mikulski

    Tue Oct 02 08:15:21 EDT 2018

    "I am excited to receive the FACS bundle and to help you with your fundraising goals!"

    Jennifer Rich

    Wed Nov 29 01:01:23 EST 2017


    Brandy Bordwine

    Mon May 21 11:40:38 EDT 2018

    "Glad to support you on this journey and to receive FACS bundle! "


    Thu Dec 28 12:07:06 EST 2017

    "FACS. Keep up the great work!! "

    Cassie Hobbs

    Wed Apr 04 10:56:23 EDT 2018

    "The work you do is amazing - with both FACS and LLS. Keep being a wonderful human being."

    Natalie Schoen

    Fri Jun 22 02:59:44 EDT 2018


    Greshen Clegg

    Mon Nov 06 09:17:25 EST 2017


    Jennifer D'Annunzio

    Mon Oct 08 02:06:55 EDT 2018

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Judy Caparula

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Amanda Montgomery $100.00
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Laura Mikulski $25.00
Marie Jarrell $25.00
Jody Krowlek $25.00
Virginia Gertling $25.00
KCrowder $25.00
Mary O'Donnell $25.00
Sarah Foster $25.00
Sarah Abbott $25.00
Jeniel Coates $25.00
Michele Field $25.00
Diane P $25.00
Natalie Schoen $25.00
Brandy Bordwine $25.00
Abbie Wasson $25.00
MaryAnne Keck $25.00
Cassie Hobbs $25.00
Rachel Breed $25.00
Carlie I. $25.00
Chris Genthe $25.00
Nancy Pederson $25.00
Marie Jarrell $25.00
Anne $25.00
Stacie Helms $25.00
Cindy $25.00
Debra Knudsen $25.00
Jennifer Rich $25.00
Greshen Clegg $25.00
K Chavez  
Diedra Vinson  
Lynn S.