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Thanks!!! -- And Now, the Push to $5,900!!!
Apr 28, 2015 by Josh Kornbluth

Thank you so much, everyone, for your shockingly generous donations so far, which have already taken me past my minimum fundraising goal!!


Now I'm shooting even higher -- trying to reach $5,900, which might (besides being an amazingly wonderful amount of money to fight blood cancers) entitle me to a discount on my air travel to and from this epic ride!!


As ever, please don't hesitate to contact me at  And check on my weekly training progress on my blog:


Your Sore-Legged Pal,


Mar 10, 2015



Thanks so much for checking out my Team In Training (TNT) fundraising page!


This will be the fourth year in a row that I've trained with TNT for an endurance bike ride.  In each of the past three years, the training culminated in a century (100-mile) ride.  And despite occasional complaints from my butt and other assorted body parts, each ride was a wonderful experience: a day spent on my bike in beautiful surroundings, surrounded by thousands of my fellow cyclist-fundraisers, and supported (and inspired) by kind, generous people like you.  In those three years, I was able to raise a total of $14,328.22 towards fighting blood cancers and supporting cancer patients and their loved ones.


This year -- because of peer pressure from my teammates, because I want to, and because I'm crazy -- I will be biking not 100 miles but 188!  This summer's event, nicknamed RSVP 2, will have us riding from Seattle, Wash., to Vancouver, B.C.  (The acronym stands for "Ride from Seattle to Vancouver & Party 2," I think.)  The good news is that we'll have two days to do it, instead of the usual one.  The more challenging news is that I'm going to have to raise more money than usual: a total of $3,900.  Plus, I've just learned that if I raise another $2,000 on top of that -- for a total of $5,900 -- TNT will give me up to a $500 flight reimbursement.


Any donation you could make would be ecstatically appreciated!!  I can't tell you how thrilling it is each time I receive a notification of a new contribution!


The event itself is on Aug. 15 & 16, so I need to raise at least the $3,900 before then.  In the meantime, I will be reporting on my weekly training rides via my blog: -- and I'd love to hear from you in the Comments section!


If you have any questions for me, please don't hesitate to send me an email at


Thank you so very much for considering making a contribution towards my 2015 TNT ride!!


Take care,



Supporter Comments

    "Way to go, Josh! Thanks for sharing it all. I really appreciate what you're doing."

    Sara Usher

    Wed Mar 11 11:12:16 EDT 2015

    "I did a marathon and a couple of triathlons with Team in Training. A great experience! I am so glad you're doing this. I lost 2 dear friends to blood cancers, and my aunt survived hers. You had me at Love and Taxes. I live in Seattle so can never go to your events. "

    Margie Bone

    Thu Mar 12 12:36:40 EDT 2015

    "Received your note Josh on the 26th yahrtzeit/anniversary of my mom Sara Lee Rosenfeld's a"h death from Acute Myelogenous a message from the Universe telling me which cause to send something to in her memory. Thank you for your efforts and hard work in support of finding a cure for this horrible disease (and the other blood cancers). May the researchers be successful in their efforts and may you have fun doing your part. YOU CAN DO IT!!!! (And I sure hope I/we get to see the "lighter side" of this effort on stage at some point! ;-) best regards, your neighbor and fan, Karen Roekard"

    Karen Roekard

    Thu Mar 12 03:39:18 EDT 2015

    "Good luck with your new distance challenge, Josh!"

    Mike Maier

    Thu Mar 12 12:44:08 EDT 2015

    "Good cause, good exercise, good fun. It's all good!"

    Amy & Rich

    Sat Mar 28 11:35:55 EDT 2015

    "Let's use your biking strength to give support to my sister, Kathy, as she is in treatment this summer."

    Elizabeth Ozer

    Tue Jun 02 09:19:05 EDT 2015

    "Go Josh Go!!!"

    Emily Roberson

    Sun Jul 12 06:06:10 EDT 2015

    "Get on your bike, settle down, focus, and catch up! Go Josh!"

    Rod Kenny

    Wed Jul 08 05:17:12 EDT 2015

    "Go, Josh. I am most impressed!"

    Kathleen Bell

    Wed Apr 15 01:16:25 EDT 2015

    "Thank you, Josh, for another year of helping me and others living with lymphoma or leukemia. The LLS has helped me deal with it all with hope, humor, and a sense of empowerment. Ride on! Kerry Woodward"

    Kerry Woodward

    Tue Apr 07 10:27:52 EDT 2015

    "Today is the 5th anniversary of our world losing Johnny to cancer. We miss him terribly--Neal especially as they were roommates and music soulmates. Josh--thank you for volunteering your time and efforts to help support the medical advances that will one day relieve the suffering of so many. "

    Heide Miller

    Tue Apr 07 08:35:33 EDT 2015

    "You are amazing! Enjoy the ride. "

    Baron & Linda Ashfield

    Wed Apr 01 11:08:24 EDT 2015

    "Go for it, Josh!"

    Jason Marks

    Thu Mar 26 10:17:27 EDT 2015

    "Forge on, Josh!"

    Scott Smith

    Wed Mar 18 05:23:09 EDT 2015

    "Go, Josh!!"

    Amy K

    Tue Mar 17 10:13:21 EDT 2015

    "hey josh -- wow! you may not be the legendary belgian cyclist but i know you will do great. thank you for including me in your mailings. i hope to make it to a comedy show soon. hearts!"

    lisa mark

    Fri Mar 13 05:08:22 EDT 2015

    "Ho Josh "


    Thu Mar 12 11:58:05 EDT 2015

    "Go Josh Go! xo "

    Velina Brown

    Thu Mar 12 01:39:50 EDT 2015

    "Can't wait to read your posts - they tickle my funny bone. Happy riding - for such a good cause!"

    Jeanne Berry

    Thu Mar 12 01:25:11 EDT 2015

    "Go Josh!"

    James Hershberg

    Thu Mar 12 10:09:55 EDT 2015

    "Smile every mile!"

    Karin Mcclune

    Wed Mar 11 07:42:44 EDT 2015

    "Read your email with a great sense of camaraderie. I'm doing the AIDS ride (SF->LA) this year and I'm quite new to the biking thing. And don't worry, I'll come back and hit you up!"

    David Peattie

    Wed Mar 11 06:51:10 EDT 2015

    "You go josh!"

    Jane Yen

    Wed Mar 11 05:36:46 EDT 2015

    "Go, Josh! David and Rachel Biale"

    David & Rachel Biale

    Wed Mar 11 05:29:20 EDT 2015

    "Dear Person, I cheer you on as you ride like the wind in your stretchy pants for these good causes."

    Elizabeth Greene

    Wed Mar 11 05:08:16 EDT 2015

    "I will always be happy to support this cause and my favorite monologist. Go Josh!"

    Linda Wertheim

    Wed Mar 11 04:57:13 EDT 2015

    "Go Joshy!"

    Amy Potozkin

    Wed Mar 11 04:51:07 EDT 2015

    "Looking forward to seeing the posts!"

    Carl Rosen

    Sat Apr 25 03:29:08 EDT 2015

    "Love you bro'! Good luck this weekend! Love, Sam"

    Sam Kornbluth

    Fri Aug 14 01:16:07 EDT 2015

    "Joshy - hope this arrives in time to count against your goal! I think your 188 miles, compares favorably with my sitting on my ass for no good reason. Go get 'em, love you, Joshy - E"

    Ed Wells

    Sat Jul 25 01:31:14 EDT 2015

    "You are an amazing and inspiring man. Best wishes Andy and Judy. "

    Andy Wyrobek

    Wed Jul 15 05:10:17 EDT 2015

    "Good Luck to Josh, and thanks for this good deed to help fight the cancer battle."

    Andrea Harris

    Sat Jul 11 10:03:58 EDT 2015

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