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Jul 07, 2014

So 2014 has already been pretty exciting for me:

  • January: I turned 30!
  • February: I ran my first Ultra- 31 mile trail run with 6000 ft of elevation gain!
  • May: I completed my first Half Ironman in St George, UT - 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and 13.1 mile run!
  • June: I quit my job in Los Angeles, moved to San Jose, started working in a trauma center's ICU and joined TEAM IN TRAINING!


2014 is only half way over people!  I am just getting started!  As most of you know, I almost always have some big goal ahead of me that I am actively working towards.  I joined Team in Training because it is a goal that is bigger than myself and it combines some of my favorite things:



So how does it work? 

I am doing the Olympic-distance (0.9 mile swim, 25 mile bike and 6.2 mile run) Triathlon at Pacific Grove (near Monterey, CA) in September with my team.  Every team member is raising at least $2700 for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) and I would love for you to help us!


Why should you donate?

  • More than a million people in the United States are living with or are in remission from leukemia, lymphoma or myeloma. Approximately every 4 minutes someone new is diagnosed and approximately every 10 minutes, someone dies.
  • Leukemia causes more deaths than any other cancer among children, adolescents and young adults under the age of 20.  The survival rate for myeloma is only 41.1 percent.
  • The Luekemia & Lymphoma Soceity (LLS) is the world's largest voluntary health organization dedicated to funding blood cancer research (this leads to finding cures!) and providing education and patient services.
  • LLS has invested more than $875 million in research and this money directly contributes to advances such as chemotherapy, bone marrow/stem cell transplantation and new, targeted oral therapies

***THIS IS EXCITING STUFF*** I met a guy at track practice that is alive because of one of the drugs LLS invested in research for!!

  • The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) offers the most comprehensive array of services to blood cancer patients and their families including:
    • Support groups and back to school programs for children after treatment
    • Co-pay assistance and financial aid
  • Team In Training has reached a remarkable milestone of raising over $1 billon to support blood cancer research and patient services
  • Team In Training has had a tremendous impact on the growth in endurance sports, and in particular, the explosion of women’s participation.


Thank you for taking the time to visit my fundraising page! I hope you take the time to donate. Any amount helps!! 

Much Love,



Supporter Comments

    "Keep up the good works!!"

    Diane Treptow

    Mon Jul 14 04:21:47 EDT 2014

    "Good luck your journey of continuing to do amazing things, and for a great cause! You'll do great!"

    Lindsay VanLeeuwen

    Thu Jul 24 04:32:51 EDT 2014

    "Miss you Brenna. You are fantastic and an inspiration. Keep up the good deeds. "

    Hyun Joo Kim

    Wed Aug 13 04:38:44 EDT 2014

    "Way to go girl! I'm so glad you joined. This group has brought so much to my life :-)"

    Andie Nordstrom

    Thu Aug 21 08:02:05 EDT 2014

    "carlo loves you"

    carlo loves you

    Mon Aug 18 07:49:09 EDT 2014

    "Keep up the good work!"

    Elaine Oshiro

    Wed Aug 13 07:44:52 EDT 2014

    "This is a great cause, and I am proud to see you being a part of such an important endeavor. Go Brenna!"

    Nisa Silva

    Wed Aug 13 04:20:00 EDT 2014

    "Good luck ! From Jess, James, and Kaya"

    James Plaxton

    Wed Aug 13 03:17:38 EDT 2014

    "You're Beast Brenna!!!"

    Chad Parks

    Wed Aug 13 03:17:33 EDT 2014

    "Great cause and I get a Christmas card? Count me in! So proud of you Brenna."

    Jessica Harrison

    Wed Aug 13 03:17:09 EDT 2014

    "You go girl!"

    Maria McCarthy

    Sat Aug 09 01:31:56 EDT 2014

    "Sooner or later cancer effects you in one way or another "

    Bibiana Campbell

    Fri Aug 08 09:50:47 EDT 2014

    "You go girl!!"

    Sheri Patterson

    Fri Aug 08 12:58:16 EDT 2014

    "Good Luck Brenna!"

    Natalie Randolph

    Fri Aug 08 12:07:34 EDT 2014

    "I think Frank should be Santa Lol"


    Thu Aug 07 05:40:19 EDT 2014

    "Good Luck Brenna!"

    Nicole Chui

    Thu Aug 07 03:57:35 EDT 2014

    "You totally can do this🌟🌟 We miss you Brenna you are an awesome woman and I am honored to have run with you 👟👟 "

    Lucy Leyda

    Sat Aug 02 09:36:19 EDT 2014

    "Good luck Brenna! You're going to do great!"

    Megan Cordes

    Thu Jul 31 12:12:11 EDT 2014

    "Thank you Gail Rieg at Oz a Salon in San Jose for not charging me for my haircut today and telling me to donate the money to my fundraiser instead! <3"

    Gail Rieg

    Fri Jul 25 09:45:27 EDT 2014

    "You have such a good heart and are so willing to use your gifts of health and running to serve others. Love you. "

    Jonita Mortensen

    Fri Jul 25 11:14:52 EDT 2014

    "Good luck Brenna !!!!!!!!!!!"

    Jo Ann Goldsmith

    Wed Jul 16 04:52:32 EDT 2014

    "Way to go Brenna!"

    Jeanie Mortensen

    Tue Jul 08 11:52:10 EDT 2014

    "Go get 'em!"

    Carrie Lundell

    Mon Jul 07 04:36:46 EDT 2014

    "As a cancer survisor, I am more than happy to make this donation!"

    Kim Smith

    Mon Jul 07 04:28:35 EDT 2014

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