My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Aug 29, 2016


I am training for another Half Marathon, this time under the lights of Las Vegas!!  I am training with the wonderful organization that is Team In Training (TNT). TNT is an endurance training program that benefits the  Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). Rather than stopping at 13.1 miles, we have set our sights higher. We plan to raise at least $5,000 to help find a cure for blood cancers such as leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma.  

As many may know, my sister, Karolyn Dallosto Pelka was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2015 and beat it! My mother, Ann Carr Dallosto, beat Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 1997, only to lose her life to pneumonia in early 1998. I will be running in her memory.

The money we raise will pay for support groups, educational programs, and financial planning for afflicted families. It will also fund grants for doctors at UCSF, UC Berkeley and Stanford who are working toward better treatments and a cure. If you would like us to run in honor or memory of someone special to you, please let us know.  We will be writing the names on our hats for race day.  

This is where you come in. We can do the training, but we need your help with the fundraising. Donations made are tax-deductible and at least 78 percent of LLS expenses go directly to research and patient services. Think of your donation as a “Get Well Soon” card to the people in your life who have been impacted by cancer. Please donate to help us find a cure for blood cancer!

Your donation will help fund treatments that save lives every day; like immunotherapies that use a person’s own immune system to kill cancer. You may not know it, but every single donation helps save a life with breakthrough therapies such as these.  Patients like Karolyn, needed these cures and others need your support.

Please make a donation in support of my efforts with Team In Training and help get us all closer to a world without blood cancers.

Thank you and Go Team!



Supporter Comments

    "God bless all those suffering with cancer. Linda was a friend since childhood who was diagnosed with cancer and died too young. My son Nate who was only 39 died on July 12, 2016 and one of the components of his very rare disease was a blood disease (monoclonal gammopathy). Though they did not call it cancer some of his symptoms mirrored cancer. I spent 54 of his final days with him 24/7 while this disease rapidly consumed his body and stole away his independence, ability to communicate and finally his precious life. I pray for recovery for all those afflicted with a dreaded disease. Victoria is the 12 year old buried near my son who died of cancer in January. Her family visits her grave every day still. My love and support to all those fighting...keep on fighting!! "

    Lori Ellis

    Sat Aug 06 10:09:00 EDT 2016

    "Katie, thank you for stepping up and providing this opportunity to make a donation in memory of your mother and to honor your sister Karolyn. J/A"

    James/Arlene Lucchesi

    Sat Aug 27 01:57:17 EDT 2016

    "Go Katey - keep leaning into it!!"

    Michael Regan

    Sat Aug 27 06:52:21 EDT 2016

    "Ann was my Sister and best friend. We shared life and humor. Karolyn is my niece and my favorite little baby and little girl back when she was small. Good luck Katery! Love Susie"

    Susan Carr Taylor

    Fri Sep 02 02:00:04 EDT 2016

    "Good luck Katey!"

    Jim Boswell

    Fri Sep 09 09:47:51 EDT 2016

    "Go Katey!! Have a great run!! David & Susan"

    David & Susan Murphy

    Sat Sep 17 05:46:06 EDT 2016

    "Go Katey!!"

    Rob Thompson

    Sat Sep 17 08:30:55 EDT 2016

    "Love you GF! "

    Cathy Lee Cibelli

    Sun Sep 18 01:54:18 EDT 2016

    "You are an inspiration I am grateful is in my life. Keep at it!"

    Folger Emerson

    Sun Sep 25 01:36:48 EDT 2016

    "I had a sister who passed at the very tender young age of 4. It broke my mom's heart and she donated to the leukemia society the rest of her life...I believe in your cause Katey. Let's pray for, and bring, an end to the menace. "

    Scott & Dena Amarant

    Wed Oct 05 12:04:15 EDT 2016

    "Run Katey Run"

    Chuck Miller

    Thu Oct 06 07:55:04 EDT 2016

    "Thanks for making my son happy!!!"

    Jean Miller-Reid-Odonnell

    Thu Oct 06 08:00:19 EDT 2016

    "Karolyn, keep up your good work to beat this disease. You are amazing and a wonderful person."

    John and Kathy Kluesener

    Tue Oct 11 07:35:25 EDT 2016

    "Go Katey Go!!!"

    James Boito

    Fri Oct 14 12:34:41 EDT 2016

    "Our thoughts are with you in memory of my sister, Ann"

    Dino and Peggy Boito

    Sat Oct 15 10:11:23 EDT 2016

    "Please run for Dell Caskey, Elaine Erben, Darleen Upmeier"

    Gerry and Cheri Joyce

    Sat Oct 15 10:15:28 EDT 2016

    "Wonderful tribute. Rockford family is cheering you on!"

    Angela Meder

    Sun Oct 16 04:29:07 EDT 2016

    "Keep working hard, Katey!"


    Mon Oct 17 12:30:58 EDT 2016

    "One step at a time. XOXO "

    Tammy Pryor Barstow

    Mon Oct 17 10:44:07 EDT 2016


    Francisco Hernandez

    Mon Oct 17 06:35:54 EDT 2016

    "Congrats in advance. "

    Pat Milani

    Mon Oct 17 08:25:03 EDT 2016

    "God bless,run with the wind at your back always. "

    John Milani

    Tue Oct 18 10:38:15 EDT 2016

    "Katey- Your continued dedication to raise money for this cause is inspiring! "

    Teri Hughes

    Wed Oct 19 02:53:42 EDT 2016

    "I admire your determination and wish you the best as you train for this wonderful day. This still remains on my bucket list!! Love ya, Aunt Mary and Bill"

    Aunt Mary Chapman

    Mon Oct 24 04:51:05 EDT 2016

    "Proud of you Katey for doing this!! You go girl!"

    The Carr Family

    Mon Oct 24 06:33:54 EDT 2016

    "Go Team! "

    Katey Dallosto

    Mon Oct 31 08:11:33 EDT 2016

    "Go Katey!"

    LaRae Verhoek

    Wed Nov 02 02:19:40 EDT 2016

    "Go Katey! "


    Fri Nov 04 04:47:22 EDT 2016

    "Katey, We are a little behind the Vegas run date. Hope it went well!! Lots of Love. Jim/Arlene"

    James/Arlene Lucchesi

    Mon Nov 14 06:40:26 EST 2016

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