My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page!
Mar 09, 2017 by Scott Rubenstein

Dear Friends & Family,


Welcome to my fundraising page for America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride. I want to start by thanking those of you that supported me in years past when I ran two marathons for cancer research. Since my last race on foot, I began cycling. I am excited to commit to my first “century ride,” a journey totaling one hundred miles! I will be cycling with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team In Training. As the largest endurance training program in the U.S., Team In Training provides its participants with coaching and training in exchange for raising money towards finding a cure for Leukemia and Lymphoma. Specifically, I am raising funds to help find cures and better treatments for Leukemia, Lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and Myeloma.


I have known too many people, some family and others very close friends that have battled Leukemia and other types of blood cancers. I will be racing in honor of my father-in-law, Richard Zisson and my Aunt Susan Rubenstein. They were admirable, strong willed and courageous people who have significantly influenced me in my life journey.. I hope that I can continue their legacy by completing this race, while contributing funds to help find a needed cure for others.


My wife’s father, Richarfd Zisson died due to a long battle with Leukemia. During his treatment, he had courageously fought this disease, having gone through multiple rounds of chemo, radiation, and stem-cell treatments. I never had the chance to meet him, but I have heard many wonderful, inspiring stories about his life. He was the President of his Temple and was one of the top Law Professors at Suffox University.


Also, my Aunt Susan Rubenstein died due to a form of Lukemia and Lymphoma. My aunt Susan is one of the bravest and strongest people I have ever known, and I am so blessed to have had her in my life. Her positivity, determination, and tenacity are admirable and she is also one of my inspirations for cycling America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride.


Furthermore, with your support, I hope to help improve the quality of life for those who are battling these terminal illnesses. Thank you so much for visiting my fundraising page for America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride which will occur on June 4th, 2017 in South Lake Tahoe, NV. I ask for your support by donation to help me in advancing the research for cancer cures. Let’s make a difference together!





Supporter Comments

    "How beautiful youvstecamaxing Scott"

    Susie Pearson

    Fri Jan 20 06:07:27 EST 2017

    "What a ride! We'll be rooting you on! A tribute to Susie....and so many others. Jean and Stanley Meadows"

    jean and stanley meadows

    Fri Jan 27 12:08:49 EST 2017

    "You go,Scott!"

    Suellen Greenberg

    Sun Jan 08 12:48:29 EST 2017

    "So proud of you Scott! xo Amy and Milan"

    Amy and Milan Rubenstein

    Wed Jan 04 08:26:50 EST 2017

    "Good Luck Scott!"

    Rosanne & Miles Reiter

    Tue Jan 03 08:21:06 EST 2017

    "Scotty, You make us proud! I know my mom would be very proud of you too!"

    Emily Rubenstein

    Tue Jan 03 10:13:07 EST 2017

    "My dad was a victim of this awful disease. He was a strong man whom I thought could beat it and he did for 10 yrs and it finally got him. Good luck with your worthy cause. Kem Kantor "

    Kem Kantor

    Tue Jan 03 11:23:50 EST 2017

    "God help us find a cure. Seing our love ones Go one at a time hurts all of us. God Bless All of us!!!"

    Emilio Zamora

    Sat Jan 07 12:54:42 EST 2017

    "Have a good ride, Scott!"

    Cynthia Eng

    Mon Jan 09 12:25:40 EST 2017

    "Good Luck Scott!"

    Nancy Rothman

    Mon Jan 09 12:41:06 EST 2017

    "Good luck on this ride! Thanks for doing this ride."

    Jeff & Karen Banks

    Wed Feb 15 09:57:42 EST 2017

    "Good luck scott. I know you are going to do great!! I am so proud and impressed with what you are doing!!"

    Jason Lewis

    Thu Mar 23 01:42:20 EDT 2017

    "So you are going to raise money AND get buff in the process!! Well Played!! You and my #! grandson Mason Moore, who raises money for prostate cancer, are the shining light in our lives!! Good Luck on your ride!! Hugs! Cousin Ginger"

    Ginger Wineburgh

    Mon Apr 17 07:05:03 EDT 2017

    "Good Luck Scott!"

    Helen & Marc Rubenstein

    Fri May 05 07:08:05 EDT 2017

    "Great job Scott."


    Mon May 15 05:59:32 EDT 2017

    "Ride on Scott! "

    Mindy Moore

    Thu Feb 16 01:15:24 EST 2017

    "Have a nice ride. Thanks for participating in a cause dear to my heart. Oncology nurse and peloton family. "


    Sat Feb 11 12:57:28 EST 2017

    "Go Team! Thanks for the dedication and work for such a great cause"

    Mary Martin

    Fri Feb 10 01:00:54 EST 2017

    "Go for it Scott!"

    Charles & Patricia Sprincin

    Thu Feb 09 11:24:25 EST 2017

    "Good Luck Scott!"

    Lynn Engle

    Thu Feb 02 09:50:29 EST 2017

    "Good luck Scott and great work!! "

    Krista Ramonas and Gordon Rubenstein

    Wed Jan 25 01:49:46 EST 2017

    "Go Scott!"

    Marsha & Larry Rabkin

    Wed Jan 18 08:10:19 EST 2017

    "Way to go Scott!"

    Laura & Dan Rubenstein

    Sun Dec 11 10:00:13 EST 2016

    "Keep up the good work for a good cause. Good Luck!"

    Leonard & Phylis Brown

    Sat Dec 10 07:57:05 EST 2016

    "Proud of what you are doing!"

    Susan Neuwelt

    Sat Dec 10 05:14:26 EST 2016

    "Way to go Scott!!"

    Jamie & Brooke Zimmerman

    Tue Dec 06 11:11:26 EST 2016

    "Good Luck Scott!"

    Joe & Midge Callahan

    Tue Dec 06 11:05:36 EST 2016

    "Go Scott!!"

    Cathy & Mark Glazier

    Tue Dec 06 11:01:11 EST 2016

    "Go Scott! You are super for doing this and supporting LLS!"

    Lisa & Mark Rosenthal

    Tue Dec 06 10:56:20 EST 2016

    "Good luck!"

    Deana & Harvey Freedman

    Sun Dec 04 01:51:01 EST 2016

    " That is a beautiful letter, Dear Scott. Grandma Millie is glad to help. Much Love"

    Mildred Schneidman

    Mon Feb 20 08:06:46 EST 2017

    "Thanks for helping!"

    David Conner

    Tue May 23 08:53:20 EDT 2017

    " Thank you for doing this,Scott. It is a very worthy cause. Much Love,]Grandma Millie"

    Mildred Schneidman

    Thu May 25 06:47:17 EDT 2017

    "Go Scott! Love, Stacy, Joey, Eytan, Eden, and Gabi"

    stacy and joey raviv

    Wed Dec 07 08:20:48 EST 2016

    "Scott, you are amazing. Aunt Susie would be so proud of you. Love, Cindy"

    Cynthia Glazer

    Thu Dec 15 05:41:36 EST 2016

    "Good luck Scott! You Rock!"

    Gail & Ron Rubenstein

    Thu Dec 15 09:47:00 EST 2016


    Risa Kagen & Richard Stern

    Tue Dec 20 02:22:42 EST 2016

    "Go Scott! We are so impressed by you!"

    Melissa Neuwelt & Cesar Luo

    Tue Dec 27 09:08:58 EST 2016

    "Great Cause! Good Luck Scott!"

    Joe & Sherry Felson

    Tue Dec 27 09:13:03 EST 2016

    "Scott, I lost both my parents to leukemia and am grateful to you for riding and raising money to find a cure for this devastating disease. Thank you for your dedication to this important cause. Rani Batra"

    Rani Batra

    Sun Mar 05 02:07:23 EST 2017

    "Way to go Scott! "

    Bob Olsen

    Tue Feb 07 11:16:12 EST 2017

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