My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Jan 17, 2014

Teams are made up of individuals. Without them, there is no team.

Hello Everyone - Welcome to my  page!

I am on one crazy mission-to help find cures and more effective treatments for blood cancers. To accomplish that mission, I’m participating in America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride – on June 1st in Tahoe as a member of The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Team In Training. Like the other members of TNT, I will be raising funds to help find cures and better treatments for leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma. I’m improving the quality of my life by participating and with your support, I can help improve the quality of life for patients and their families as well --- I’ll have some great tan lines to prove it =)

Please make a donation & help spread the word in support of my efforts with Team In Training and help advance the research for cures.

Thank you all,

Jenny Lindstaedt 


Supporter Comments

    "feel like ur legs might get sleepy and ull fall into the lake..."

    Zack Jarvis

    Sun Jan 19 02:29:02 EST 2014

    "This is in honor your beautiful dog, Koda!"

    Peggy Kegley

    Sun May 04 01:48:15 EDT 2014

    "A little more... and you're there!!! "

    Marvin Davis Construction, Inc.

    Mon May 12 04:22:45 EDT 2014

    "Yay!!! Get it! "

    Jessica Nowak

    Mon May 12 03:15:27 EDT 2014

    "So proud of my sweet friend! Jenny you have a heart of gold! Ride Jenny, ride!"

    Heather Rosendin

    Mon May 12 02:00:57 EDT 2014

    "I'm friends with K. Sue and Steve and they think you are amazing, Jennifer! I've trained with them for a couple of years and you are in great hands. Congratulations!"

    Amy Bode

    Sat May 10 11:47:30 EDT 2014

    "Go Jen!!"

    gina rios

    Sat May 03 07:03:08 EDT 2014

    "Ride your little heart out sis!! Love you!! "

    Shalene Lindstaedt

    Sat May 03 10:40:59 EDT 2014

    "This is so awesome Jenny, good luck!!! "

    Mallori Kester

    Wed Apr 23 01:40:24 EDT 2014

    "This disease is way too close to my family as my sister in law was diagonsed with APL the day after her wedding 5 years ago..but she is a survivor and what you are doing is a testament to the person you are!! We'll be thinking of you!! The Bieter Family"

    Bieter Family

    Fri Mar 07 12:18:13 EST 2014

    "Go get em Jennie Girl! "

    Marvin Davis Construction, Inc.

    Fri Feb 28 01:46:15 EST 2014

    "Good luck! :)"

    Kathy Tan

    Tue Feb 25 01:47:01 EST 2014

    "Fantastic, Jen -- thanks so much for doing this! I ran the Boston Marathon some time ago for TNT in memory of my father, who died of leukemia. Really appreciate you doing your part!!"

    Jim Gold

    Mon Feb 24 04:39:32 EST 2014

    "You are an amazing inspiration with so much love! Love you sista!"


    Fri Feb 21 04:22:46 EST 2014

    "So proud of you Jenny! <3 you!"

    Sarah Morrison

    Wed Feb 19 12:26:49 EST 2014

    "Go team! "

    Lois Perry

    Tue Feb 18 06:36:21 EST 2014

    "You are truly a gem. We love you! "

    Marc, Andrea & Ava

    Tue Feb 18 05:46:34 EST 2014

    "So proud of you Jenny !!!!!!!! You have the biggest heart! Love coco"

    Courtney Basanty

    Thu Feb 13 03:49:45 EST 2014

    "Great cause. Go get em!"

    Kevin Diestel

    Thu Jan 30 11:47:51 EST 2014

    "Proud of you doll."

    Adam Rios

    Wed Jan 22 10:15:32 EST 2014

    "Good for you, Jenny!"

    Diana Morabito

    Sun Jan 19 02:35:22 EST 2014

    "Enjoy the adventure!"

    Kristin Hinkel

    Thu Jan 16 09:16:32 EST 2014

    "Go Jennifer! Let's defeat cancer!"

    Diane McSweeney

    Thu Jan 16 04:02:55 EST 2014

    "Good luck!"

    Caitlin Millar

    Thu Jan 16 03:19:54 EST 2014

    "You go girl!"

    Kim Gudmundson

    Thu Jan 16 12:42:35 EST 2014

    "SO proud of you! Good luck!"

    Erika Gudmundson

    Thu Jan 16 12:37:47 EST 2014

    "good for you jenny!"

    emily murphy

    Thu Jan 16 12:37:40 EST 2014

    "Go Jenny! Nothing makes you want bacon more than riding a bike! Our new slogan is "Come back to bacon""

    National Pork Board

    Thu Jan 16 12:35:46 EST 2014

    "Awesome that you are doing this! Good luck next weekend and have FUN!!!"

    Erin Gravelyn

    Sat May 24 10:11:39 EDT 2014

    "...great cause and thank you for your efforts to eradicate blood cancers, Linda. This donation comes at the suggestion of Steve Asche and his shameless plea using your dog Koda! Thanks again to you, Koda and the shameless Steve Asche."


    Thu May 22 07:21:26 EDT 2014

    "Go for it Jen - ride with purpose. :) Alyse"

    Alyse Wyler

    Wed May 14 12:54:03 EDT 2014

    "Go Sissy, Go! You can do it! Nani and Grandpa will right by your side. Love you! XOXO "

    Samantha Lindstaedt

    Mon Jan 27 12:06:30 EST 2014

    "You're amazing Jenny! Cheers! "

    Soon Leong

    Sun Jan 26 05:22:11 EST 2014

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Marvin Davis Construction... $250.00
Marvin Davis Construction... $250.00
Diana Morabito $250.00
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SAP $100.00
SAP $100.00
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Apryl Lucas $100.00
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Bieter Family $100.00
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Jim Gold $50.00
Kevin Diestel $50.00
Kim Gudmundson $50.00
Samantha Lindstaedt $40.00
Alyse Wyler $25.00
Michael & Loydene Kiley $25.00
Yusuf Bashir $25.00
Soon Leong $25.00
Zack Jarvis $25.00
Kristin Hinkel $25.00
Caitlin Millar $25.00
Erika Gudmundson $25.00
emily murphy $25.00
Tracey Stanga $20.00
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