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Feb 14, 2014

Hi, Everyone!


Thanks for checking out my fundraising page for Team In Training.  This will be my third time with this wonderful organization, which takes couch potatoes like me and turns us into 100-mile-route-cycling bad-asses -- all for the cause of helping to treat people with blood cancer, and to provide much-needed support for their loved ones.


The event that I'll be training for this year has the modest title of "America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride."  It will take place in Tahoe on June 1 -- and, by all reports, it _is_ incredibly beautiful.  Between now and then I will be training with TNT's tough-loving coaches and my many teammates.  Our training rides are on Saturdays -- usually starting at some ungodly hour -- and after each one I'll be posting my stats for that ride (distance, speed, heartrate, etc.) and a map of the route, so everyone can follow along with my pain and gain.  You'll be able to find those posts on my blog -- -- along with occasional photos and my hamstrings' pleas to a merciful God.


I need to raise a lot of money for this ride -- $2,700 -- and if you could donate any amount towards that total, I'd be incredibly grateful!  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at


Thanks so much!!


Take care,



Supporter Comments

    "Proud of you, Josh!"


    Fri Feb 14 07:38:02 EST 2014

    "Picture please of you on road bike in lycra."

    Peter F Pfaelzer

    Sat Feb 15 03:27:41 EST 2014

    ""Sometimes I take a great notion..." Sometimes I don't. love, adam"

    Adam Duhan

    Sat Feb 15 03:49:40 EST 2014

    "Ride on, Josh! As you know, I'm a three-time lymphoma survivor. By doing this ride you can take at least partial credit for my continued good health."

    Steve Lurya

    Tue Feb 25 02:05:10 EST 2014

    "Good luck, Josh...!"

    Dick Cheney

    Tue Mar 04 04:25:02 EST 2014

    "Happy to support you in this - thanks for riding!!"

    Eileen Soffer

    Wed Mar 05 09:18:13 EST 2014

    "Gooooooo Josh!!"

    Mark Leialoha

    Tue May 13 12:11:33 EDT 2014

    "Our friend Cindy Thomas bravely battled against leukemia. I was blessed to be part of her journey. Bless you, Josh, for doing the bike ride fundraiser AND the Hospice work. Both very important efforts. Keep us posted on your training and experiences. With appreciation, Kathie & Terry Stats"

    Kathleen & Terry Stats

    Tue May 13 01:52:32 EDT 2014

    "Go, Josh!!!"

    Jihyun Kim

    Mon May 12 11:51:19 EDT 2014

    "In memory of my mentor Sally Mangold, and in honor of my consuegro (son-in-law's dad) Sebastian Martinez. Ride, Josh, ride!"

    Sue Douglass

    Mon May 12 09:27:16 EDT 2014

    "For the pleasure and wisdom you give our family. Mike"

    Michael Pertschuk

    Mon May 12 08:42:12 EDT 2014

    "anything to help you acquire a "long sleeve performance T-shirt!""

    Kimberley Kahler

    Wed Mar 05 06:11:43 EST 2014

    "Josh, thank you for doing this! The LLS does so many good things, including giving money for research, and various kinds of support and info to those who have blood cancers. They do an annual conference in SF for patients, friends and family, which reports on recent info & research. The event is totally free. This year it was attended by over 800 people; it is so helpful that many return each year. They also host a well-run leukemia/lymphoma support group for those living with blood cancers and their loved ones; it meets in Oakland and is free to all. This group is well worth supporting and has helped me personally battle non-Hodgkins lymphoma! Go Josh--enjoy the ride and the scenery!"

    Kerry Woodward

    Sun Mar 02 08:58:22 EST 2014

    "Josh, your humor and dedication to new challenges is an inspiration. Go Roubaix (a.k.a. the Bar Mitzvah boy on a bike!) "

    Sue Levy

    Sat Feb 15 12:47:37 EST 2014

    "Go Josh!"

    Mark Sidel

    Sat Feb 15 09:21:39 EST 2014

    "I'm cheering you on, Josh!"

    Kay Kleinman

    Fri Feb 14 10:51:35 EST 2014

    "A small hit of support from a locker room and around-town friend. Admirable thing, Josh. (I'm tempted to join in...wonder if my back could take it. My road bike has been in mothballs for some years!)"

    Clifford Stanley

    Fri Feb 14 06:01:37 EST 2014

    ""Most Beautiful Ride" sounds like a lot of uphills... Go for it! David & Rachel Biale"

    David & Rachel Biale

    Fri Feb 14 05:41:22 EST 2014

    "Way to go, Josh! I really admire your effort."

    Linda Wertheim

    Fri Feb 14 05:25:53 EST 2014

    "Go, Josh Go!!!"

    Debbie Brubaker

    Fri Feb 14 05:11:09 EST 2014

    "Thank you, Josh, for doing this again. I have lost two dear friends to blood cancer: Jamie, a 37-yr-old dynamo who received her leukemia diagnosis on a Wednesday and passed away the next weekend; and Alan, who bravely fought multiple myeloma for years with the help of his fantastic wife Kim, who has since become an advocate for caregivers and cancer patients in the Pacific Northwest. There is so much that isn't understood about blood cancers. Your new "steed" sounds like a worthy one, even without the granny gear. Ride On for the Cure!"

    Rebecca Page

    Fri Feb 14 05:10:29 EST 2014

    "go get em tiger! please post plenty of photos of you in lycra. love, your friends at ZHP"

    Zen Hospice Project

    Fri Feb 14 05:10:29 EST 2014

    "Ride on, Josh!"

    Christine Russell and Mark Schlesinger

    Fri Feb 14 05:07:27 EST 2014

    "Gosh Josh Go!!!!"

    Jane Angeles

    Fri Feb 14 05:00:54 EST 2014

    "By the way, you can get a bike shop to add the granny gear! Best of luck and I look forward to the blogs. You are a good man."

    karin mcclune

    Fri Feb 14 04:56:28 EST 2014

    "Love your kvetching! Keep up the good work! My mom had Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma when she was 57 and lived to be 84 so yahoo modern science. After a long bout with chemotherapy she was cancer free the rest of her life."

    Jodie MacLean

    Fri Feb 14 04:54:55 EST 2014

    "Go Josh! Great cause!"


    Fri Feb 14 04:45:20 EST 2014

    "Go Team Josh! I've done this ride for TNT, and it is beautiful! Have lots of fun, and save something for the last 30 miles or and most of the climbing. Thanks for your visit to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley last month - wonderful to hear of your ascendance into manhood."

    Paul Hudson

    Wed May 14 01:30:10 EDT 2014

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