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Jan 31, 2018

I’m tired. Like really tired. Falling asleep ½ hour early every night and almost falling asleep at work tired. (Good thing I’m not an air traffic controller or a surgeon). Afraid at moments it’s an oncoming flu, but so far so good. I’ve never been more germophobic. I ran my one and only 20 miler for this training cycle on Saturday. It went well enough – I finished at a fair pace for me, but the IT band grumbled slightly again in the last 2 miles. This happened when I ran 15 a couple weeks ago. My 18 miler in between was fine. I’m working the MRTYL routine and core work and foam rolling hoping the IT band doesn’t so much as whisper in the race. I’ve been there and dealt with that, and I don’t want to do it again.

My training has been abbreviated, but gone well. The 1 mile PR two weeks ago was a real surprise. It’s very unlikely I have the endurance to hold the pace I’d need to PR in the marathon at this point but I think I have a good shot of at least being under 5 hours. Since I haven’t completed a marathon in over a year and a half that’s something. (And the last marathon I did run was 5:17, but it was at elevation and a “trail” race.) So we’ll see. Just finishing without being miserable is a good goal. But the faster the better.

I’m more nervous than I’ve been in a while. Usually getting to the taper makes me feel a little better (for the first week of the taper anyway) because I’ve made it through training without injury. I don’t feel a lot better yet. My freak foot injury happened after a perfect 20 miler when I missed doing St. Jude. I think I’ll feel confident about making it to the start when I’m standing at the start. All the things that could stop me are floating through my head…Flu bug (so much flu around!), tripping and falling, another freaky injury, travel problems (we haven’t had a major snowstorm here in forever, what if it comes the day I fly out?), oh I’m sure I could think of other things but I’m trying not to think about it. My last two marathons were fails close to the last minute (Well I’m past the point Memphis actually went bad for me). Random pains here and there, but since they haven’t lingered in anyway, I can chalk those up to high miles, and my head messing with me. My chiropractor did make a very good point last week when I saw him – he said “Don’t anticipate pain, because then your body will give it to you.” Good thing to remember. Hard for a worrier, worst case scenario anticipating person like me to actually do.

Back on track (mostly)
Dec 21, 2017 by Angela Brinker

I am back to a normal schedule with my chiropractor, basically healed from my foot injury. I'm still a little behind on where I'd like to be with my miles, BUT I am running the long miles I planned to run post Memphis (the marathon I didn't get to run) plus longer runs on the weekdays. I don't expect to be as fast as I hoped to be, but as long as all continues to go well I will be able to run the marathon in Austin. At this point that's all I really want. It's been too long since I've completed a marathon. 

Thanks to everyone's help so far, I've now surpassed $2000 in fundraising. But that's not where we stop. Cancer certainly hasn't stopped. There are so many people alive today due to research funded by LLS, but still so many people who didn't survive. Too many people are still dying. Beyond that, those that do suffer life long debilitating side effects from the treatments that saved their lives. Developing better treatments would save lives and improve the quality of life of survivors.  Every dollar makes a difference, helping in the daily lives of cancer patients and bringing us closer to cures that not only allow survival, but have minimal side effects.


A little farther all the time
Dec 10, 2017 by Angela Brinker

   Each run I can go a little farther. This is true of marathon training everytime, but especially after an injury. I'm feeling good and I completed a full lap of Forest Park on Saturday. In some ways I'm behind where I should be, but as long as I stay injury free, I think I have the time to train and make it to the marathon start line in Austin. I have to keep up with all the important things (Stretching! Strength training! Improving my balance! Chiropractor visits! Etc!) that support my running and keep me healthy. 

   Each donation takes a little farther toward a cure - for blood cancers, and hopefully by extension other cancers as well. Each donation supports cancer patients and families a little farther down a road none of us would choose to walk. I say it a lot - but it's true. Your donations really, really matter. They make a difference. If my team (Team Booyah) hits $100,000 we can as a team choose to direct that money toward a specific research area or project. Team Booyah is running in honor of Russ Been a survivor of both Luekemia and Lymphoma. We're getting close to the $100,000. As of Dec. 10 we are at $83,528. But to hit that $100,000 we need you. Help us move a little bit farther toward that goal!

Getting better
Dec 03, 2017 by Angela Brinker

I'm running again! I'm up to just 2 miles real running at a time so far, but I'm going to go for 3 tomorrow. I feel good, though my body is still figuring out that the foot actual feels better. On Saturday I ran outside for the first time since the injury, and it went well. I ran 2 miles at Creve Couer Lake and then walked/ran the rest of the way around the lake for about 3.6 total miles. I'm back to moving in the right direction. Please help me keep my fundraising moving forward too!

Close encouter with a deer (several actually, but only got one at a time in my pictures)

Such a pretty place!

It could be worse
Nov 25, 2017 by Angela Brinker

Life gives you setbacks sometimes. Dec 2 I was planning on running a marathon (St. Jude in Memphis TN). I won't be running that race. 3 weeks ago I hurt my foot, a strain of the extensor tendons on the top of the foot. I don't know for sure what happened, but it is probably related to stummble the day before where I slightly twisted my opposite ankle, the ankle hasn't bothered me at all, but because of the foot I haven't been able to run since. I've seen my chiropractor, and been checked for more serious injury, but mostly I need to just wait this out. There are little things I can do (stretch, massage, hot/cold soaks) but it will still take time. I can do anything but run at this point. I've been keeping up with my miles on the elliptical. Low impact and my foot flexes less on the foot pedals than it does when I run. But boring as all get out. Especially when the sun is glaring off the tv screen and you can't even watch HGTV or Food channel to pass the time. Is watching the Food Channel while exercising ironic? I'm getting really close to running again. My foot feels almost all the way back to normal, but not quite. Good enough to attempt running on the treadmill this morning at the gym, but when I tried it still hurt so I stopped. I'll keep stretching and massaging and such and maybe try again on Monday. But since I'm staying in shape, and psudo running on the elliptcial, I should still be able to do Austin in Feburary. Missing running at Memphis is a really bummer, but I think you can guess where I'm going with this, it's no where near as bad as fighting cancer. I can't run at the moment, but I'll keep doing what I need physically to get myself back to running, and I will keep working with Team in Training and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to put an end to blood cancers and other cancers for good. Will you help me? Every dollar counts. From now until Christmas every donation will get a handmade Christmas ornament, and watch out for other goodies I'll be giving away. 

I hope to be back out there running again soon. Til then I churn away on the elliptical.

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    "Keep up the great work Angela!"

    Doug Kaufman

    Tue Oct 31 09:57:05 EDT 2017

    "Good luck, AMarie! Fivestarks"

    Gwen Stark

    Tue Feb 13 08:30:16 EST 2018

    "Good luck!"

    Stephen Salois

    Thu Feb 01 08:52:56 EST 2018

    "Supporting you on your run Angela! God's Blessing to you and your team."

    Deborah Hellwig

    Wed Jan 31 07:32:05 EST 2018

    "Blessings on meeting this worthwhile goal!"

    Jan and Susan Goris

    Wed Jan 24 01:39:02 EST 2018

    "Go Angela! Good luck in Austin! One day we'll find a cure. Glad I found this website, I lost your letter! "

    Debbie Wilson

    Sat Jan 20 12:20:55 EST 2018

    "Go Angela! "

    April Marburger

    Tue Dec 19 11:50:43 EST 2017

    "You go girl!"

    Roy Gereau & Charlotte Taylor

    Sun Dec 10 11:27:08 EST 2017


    Bill Stegmann

    Fri Dec 08 06:59:35 EST 2017

    "Thanks for ALL you do Angela! I hope you can ease back into your dual passions of TNT and running."

    John O'Reilly

    Sat Dec 02 06:39:24 EST 2017

    "It's a win-win!"

    Christine Krekow

    Sat Nov 18 04:11:22 EST 2017

    "Thank you Aunt Marsha for your crafts for Farmer's Market!"

    Marsha LeDuc (farmer's market)

    Sun Oct 01 04:47:44 EDT 2017

    "Best of luck Angela -- Go Team!"

    Doug Kaufman

    Sat Sep 02 01:02:16 EDT 2017

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