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Nov 26, 2013

Friends, Welcome to my Team In Training home page.

Yep! I've signed up once more with the Georgia Chain Gang for the Race Across America, and we are again raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphona Society. We raised a total of $390,000 in our last 3 races. Our goal this time is $200,000 and we've the team and crew to do it.

In 2010 and 2012 I participated as a rider. In 2014 I'm signed up as the co-crew chief, along with Jane Eastham. Our job is get these riders across the country safely and in record time.

Most importantly we have a mission - to help find cures and more effective treatments for blood cancers. Like all the members of our team, I am raising funds to help find cures and better treatments for leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma.

We all participate so that we don't lose more friends like Warren Bruno, our Remembered Hero and 2010 crew chief, who died shortly before our race in 2012. We want to make sure there are more success stories like young Brennan Simkins, our Team Hero in 2009 and 2010, who successfully fought his leukemia into remission with the help of the latest treatment advances.

Thanks for your support!



Supporter Comments

    "Good Luck Frank--keep your collarbones intact and I will follow along"

    Mark and Allison Gould

    Thu May 29 04:54:46 EDT 2014

    "Go GA Chain Gang!"

    J.P. Matzigkeit

    Sun Nov 24 10:36:32 EST 2013

    "Best of luck as always & stay healthy thru the ride!"

    Amy Rubin

    Tue Feb 04 03:36:53 EST 2014

    "Wishing the Georgia Chain Gang sustained tail winds, long downhills and a safe journey. "

    Richard & Debbie

    Sat Jun 14 01:51:57 EDT 2014

    "Go get 'em!"

    Steve R

    Tue Jun 10 12:42:06 EDT 2014

    "Good Luck Frank!"

    Kirk Gianotas

    Sat May 17 04:35:50 EDT 2014

    "Enjoy your adventure, Frank. You are doing it for a good cause."

    Warren J. Weaver

    Sun May 04 12:18:54 EDT 2014

    "Appreciate your dedication and efforts to not only raise funds for a good cause but also to tackle this big ride. "

    Brian Reed

    Wed Mar 26 08:58:27 EDT 2014

    "Go Georgia Chain Gang!! Race Across America to help find the cure."

    Your friends at ICM Insurance

    Mon Mar 24 05:06:08 EDT 2014

    "Safe travels, Frank. I remember the good times riding with you Karen, and friends on Backroads bike tours. Happy New Year ! "

    Jeff Stewart

    Tue Jan 14 07:32:38 EST 2014

    "Kicking this off in honor and remembrance of my friend Warren - still watching over us. "

    Frank & Karen Fuerst

    Fri Oct 25 09:36:46 EDT 2013

    "Go TEAM!!"


    Wed Nov 20 10:50:48 EST 2013

    "ACE Micrtoechnology, Inc."

    Susan Looby

    Tue Nov 26 09:25:30 EST 2013

    "Have a great race! I'm already looking forward to following the tweets, blogging and FB postings of your trip."

    Chuck Murphy

    Sun Dec 01 08:06:49 EST 2013

    "Great cause!"

    John Gravely

    Thu Dec 05 01:26:35 EST 2013

    "Good Luck to you Frank! I know that you will be an awesome Crew Chief. Safe Travels!"

    Hamp's Speedometer Repair

    Thu Dec 05 05:09:48 EST 2013

    "congrats and good luck with everything"

    Kevin Abel

    Thu Dec 19 02:56:25 EST 2013

    "From Craig Heyl - Hack and Wheeze"

    Craig Heyl

    Fri Jan 24 01:42:59 EST 2014

    "I salute you and the broken bones you have suffered in pursuit of your dream to help cure Leukemia and Lymphoma. "

    Frank A Fuerst

    Fri Jan 24 03:31:57 EST 2014

    "Frank, Thanks for your efforts and commitment to the cause! Darnell"

    Darnell Frymire

    Mon Feb 10 05:14:46 EST 2014

    "Good Luck, Frank and the Chain Gang. "

    Eileen & Dave Power

    Mon Mar 17 09:55:59 EDT 2014

    "Warren no doubt looking down thrilled to have Frank in his saddle! "

    Griff Sims

    Mon May 12 12:10:46 EDT 2014

    "Good luck to everyone on the team. Ride safe and strong!"

    steve mcquade

    Mon Jun 09 05:15:59 EDT 2014

    "My donation is to honor a sweet, young woman in our community who just lost her fight with cancer when she should have been celebrating her High School graduation. "

    Kathy Fuerst Holster

    Wed Jun 11 08:11:45 EDT 2014

    "Great work Frank and Team!"

    Bob Christensen

    Wed Jun 18 12:56:00 EDT 2014

    "Good luck on your race across America and I totally support your fund raising efforts on the fight to eliminate Leukemia & Lymphoma! Saludos, Jeff"

    Jeff Kleinschmidt

    Mon Mar 24 08:08:05 EDT 2014

    "Good Luck on the Ride -- no falls!"

    Doug & Mickey Benn

    Thu Feb 20 08:39:41 EST 2014

    "Best wishes, Frank, and good luck on the ride! Sherman"

    Sherman Cohen

    Wed Nov 27 01:38:39 EST 2013

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Richard & Debbie $250.00
Jeff Kleinschmidt $250.00
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Timothy Lloyd $250.00
Woody Ramsey $250.00
Parkshaifer, LLC $250.00
Mike Rensink $250.00
Hamp's Speedometer Repair $250.00
bill clineburg $250.00
Steve Drouilhet $200.00
Kevin Abel $200.00
Griff Sims $150.00
Thomas Adams $150.00
New Dominion Real Estate $150.00
New Dominion Real Estate $150.00
Richard Weinman $100.00
Suzanna Morris $100.00
Bob Christensen $100.00
Warner Couch $100.00
Michael Wilson $100.00
Kathy Fuerst Holster $100.00
Mark and Allison Gould $100.00
Carol Porter $100.00
Tom & Louise Greene $100.00
Don Wolf $100.00
Matt Tinkler $100.00
David Peterson $100.00
Eva Cederholm $100.00
Jeff Stewart $100.00
Paul Landt $100.00
Steve and Britney Karasic... $100.00
John Gravely $100.00
Susan Looby $100.00
J.P. Matzigkeit $100.00
Tim Smith $100.00
Jim Wright $100.00
Tom Butsch $65.00
Anonymous $50.00
Patrick Hankey $50.00
Sarah Nock $50.00
Linda Mullenfeld $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Kirk Gianotas $50.00
Warren J. Weaver $50.00
Peggy and John Shepard $50.00
bill parker $50.00
Eileen & Dave Power $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Lewis & LuEllen Feldman $25.00
Craig Heyl $25.00
Reiko Feaver $20.00
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