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A Toast Worth the Wait!
Jun 10, 2014


I recently had the absolute joy of sharing a toast of a very fine and well-aged scotch in celebration of a dear friend's good health and now cancer-free body. The event was a long time in the waiting, as Vern has been fighting a very brave and prolonged battle against acute myeloid leukemia since 2007. It was a wonderful moment to see him looking and feeling so well.



Welcome to my Team In Training home page.


I have a mission-to help find cures and more effective treatments for blood cancers. To accomplish that mission, I'll be racing in the 2014 Race Across America (RAAM) as a member of The Georgia Chain Gang.


A proud crew member and one of the "Five Daves" of the Georgia Chain Gang's 2010 RAAM team, I am very excited and truly honored to be doing the pedaling this time for the 2014 entry. Riding shotgun in the chase van for 3000 miles was an eye-opening and awe inspiring event in my life, and provided plenty of time to reflect upon the greater cause and purpose at hand. I owe the privilege of my association with the Chain Gang to none other than the enduring spirit of our cause and our honored hero, Warren Bruno.


Over the next eight months I'll train with the warmest memories of Warren, my grandfather Rio, and my mother Dolly pulling me along. I'll race next June with the continued strength, faith and hope of Vern and others fighting the good fight, inspiring me over the traverse of our great country.  I ask that you honor their and countless others' struggles against cancer and contribute what you can to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  We've set a lofty fundraising goal and with your generous help we'll be one step closer to the cure and expand the comfort and support provided by LLS.  


Thank you kindly, and if all goes as planned we'll be rolling into Annapolis just in time to celebrate my birthday, so I hope to see you at the party!




Dave Gluck


To learn more about The Georgia Chain Gang and our challenge please visit:


Supporter Comments

    "Train Hard for Vern! I've never ridden more than 100 miles. I can't imagine how hard this will be. I am sure you are up for it."

    Dan T

    Fri Nov 15 05:40:26 EST 2013

    "Good luck--looks like a blast. Mark"

    Mark Riley

    Mon Nov 18 10:24:57 EST 2013

    "Good luck Dave! And God bless Vern's recovery! Ken Walters"

    Ken Walters

    Thu Nov 21 12:18:31 EST 2013

    "Go Dave!!! From the Florida Beckermans"

    The Florida Beckermans

    Tue Dec 03 09:01:16 EST 2013

    "Keep up the good work. When you're back in MA, let me know, would love to see you. I'm forwarding this to my PanMass Challenge friends. "

    Rob Downing

    Fri Dec 13 01:36:31 EST 2013

    "Dave great you will be on the bike not holding the shotgun. My hat goes off to you and your Team. After a number of Pan Mass's I thought about RAAM so I have an idea of what you will accomplish in addition to the fund raising."

    Bob Downing

    Fri Dec 13 03:55:10 EST 2013

    "Good Luck Dave"

    Rick Calcagno

    Mon Dec 30 01:54:25 EST 2013

    "I am donating in honor and memory of my father Jerome Gluck who passed away this past November. I am donating, also, in honor and memory of Camila de la Llata, my ex-husband's daughter who died last June. Both these beloved people suffered from blood diseases and both fought valiantly. Thank you, cousin Dave, for being involved in such an important effort. I will be riding with you in spirit."

    Jill Gluck

    Mon Jan 06 05:39:14 EST 2014

    "GO Skinny GO"

    Tim Doyle

    Thu Jan 23 06:58:02 EST 2014

    "It's great to see that you're still crazy enough to ride a bike across the country! "

    Brian Kelleher

    Sun Jan 26 01:14:39 EST 2014

    "Ride it like you stole it, brother! But don't bother carrying the bolt cutters with you, or wearing that ski mask; that would be carrying it a bit far."

    the O'Neals

    Fri Feb 07 10:21:03 EST 2014

    "Good luck! Have fun. Great cause. "

    Michael Hinson

    Fri Feb 07 10:56:28 EST 2014

    "Go, Dave and Team, Go. I won't be able to stay up with you after this."

    Chuck Wilkinson

    Sat Feb 08 12:16:10 EST 2014

    "Dave: Your courage and strength amaze me every day. I'm proud to be your sister. Ride hard."

    Michi & Mike

    Mon Mar 10 07:47:40 EDT 2014

    "Go David go!!"

    Linda Gustine

    Wed Mar 12 12:54:25 EDT 2014

    "Really appreciate what your doing to fight leukemia Dave ! May the wind be at your back on your ride across the USA ! "

    Karl Petersen

    Mon Mar 17 11:15:53 EDT 2014

    "Sir Dunkenstein - Good luck and I look forward to hearing some tales of the road afterwards. Joel"

    Joel Lindsay

    Tue Apr 01 05:05:16 EDT 2014

    "RIP - 1975 - Age 53"

    Mark Myette

    Sat Apr 05 10:23:30 EDT 2014

    "Good stuff, Dave! Thanks for everything!"

    Quantum Mechanics

    Mon Apr 07 02:50:29 EDT 2014

    "May the wind always be at your back"


    Mon Apr 14 09:32:58 EDT 2014

    "silent auction"


    Thu Apr 24 01:52:01 EDT 2014

    "Good Luck!"

    The Shea Family

    Wed Apr 30 01:37:25 EDT 2014

    "Dave-Thanks for the hard work. We'll be thinking of you. Tony, Alison and kids."

    Anthony Gaeta

    Thu May 15 09:23:13 EDT 2014

    "Derek and Madison thank you so much for the memory of their father, Warren. "

    Vicki Hooten

    Fri Jun 06 09:25:43 EDT 2014

    "Get 'em, D. :)"

    Rick Kreuser

    Tue Jun 10 03:06:40 EDT 2014

    "Best of luck to the Georgia Chain Gang. Have a wonderful journey. Happy Birthday Dave G!"

    Susan Shafer-Landau

    Tue Jun 10 03:54:08 EDT 2014

    "Great work, Dave! I really look forward to seeing ride updates! "

    Frank Ziccarelli

    Tue Jun 10 07:25:41 EDT 2014

    "Donating with all who are/have been impacted in mind, but especially for Vern Hakes and Bob Buhay. Hope you have a good and safe ride, Dave. You and all the participants are doing great work!"

    Vanguard Associates, Inc.

    Wed Jun 11 07:42:54 EDT 2014

    "In memory of my sister Dolly Gluck and father Rio Wagner"

    Russ & Peggy Williams

    Sat Jun 14 12:15:22 EDT 2014

    "Great job! So proud to know you!!"

    Renata Frank

    Sat Jun 14 09:38:30 EDT 2014

    "Linda told me about what you were were doing.... Go cuz, go!"

    Lisa Williams

    Mon Jun 16 04:56:37 EDT 2014

    "Good luck on RAAM Dave!"

    Jim Magee

    Tue Jun 17 03:18:36 EDT 2014

    "Cheers, Dave!"

    Badri Lokanathan

    Thu Jun 19 07:36:02 EDT 2014

    "Congrats to Dave, Max and the entire team!!!"


    Fri Jun 20 11:06:40 EDT 2014

    "Dave- so impressed with you, your team and your support crew. Congratulations! All the best, Krista"

    Krista Sturbois

    Sat Jun 21 06:48:33 EDT 2014

    "Go Gluck Go! "

    Carter Rude

    Sat Jun 28 11:04:23 EDT 2014

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