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Fundraiser Success!
Feb 06, 2012 by Stephanie Perea

Ten weeks in and feeling good!

This past Saturday I held my Team in Training Fundraiser and it was a huge success! The numbers are in and...I've BEAT my goal! I'll be depositing the funds raised this week and it will officially put my over my goal!

Thank you SO SO much to ALL of you who have donated, took the time to attend my fundraiser and been my cheerleaders so far! I have 13 weeks left of training and plan to kick it up from here.

Check back for updates on my training-just 90 more days!!!!!!

Week Three Update
Dec 18, 2011 by Stephanie Perea

I hope everyone had a great weekend!! I just wrapped up week three of marathon training and it's going well! I did my 6 mile long run Saturday and you can read about it here.

I've set a date for my TNT Fundraiser - Saturday February 4th. So mark your calendars and stayed tuned for more info!

I hope everyone has an amazing holiday. Ill be hitting the pavement all week and joining my teammates for a Christmas Eve run in Valley Forge - 'tis the season!

Brian's Run and TNT Running Buddies
Dec 05, 2011 by Stephanie Perea

Yesterday I ran a 5 mile race in West Chester - Brian's Run. You can check out my recap here!

Yesterday was also our first weekend training run. I had to miss it because of the race but I did meet with my TNT Teammate and Mentor Melissa today for a 3 mile run. This is my second week running with her and I'm loving it. She is super positive and is great at keeping a conversation going. I struggle with being comfortable talking while I run - especially up hills. I'm working on it and running with Melissa is excellent practice-lots of good conversation and some decent hills!

I am REALLY looking forward to our training run this weekend. Five miles through VF Park. Can't wait!

Time to Run!
Nov 30, 2011 by Stephanie Perea

Marathon Training starts this week! I can't believe I am actually going to do this. I've been consistently running for the past couple months, but nothing more than 4-5 miles. It boggles my mind to think I will be running 5 times that in 6 months!!

Here goes nothing!

Team in Training Kick Off
Nov 14, 2011 by Stephanie Perea

It's Monday!!! Just got some fun new running sneaks!

Check out my latest blog post over on The Bright Side where I talk a little bit about the kick off meeting last Thursday, new shoes and a new 'do!

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Supporter Comments

    "Good Luck Lady!"

    Lindsey Hall

    Mon Nov 07 01:22:49 EST 2011

    "So proud of you!!!!"


    Tue Nov 29 06:13:44 EST 2011

    "Good luck Steph!! Have so much fun with this!!"

    Logan Sobonya

    Mon Dec 12 03:41:47 EST 2011

    "Thanks for everyone who came out to support me and TNT!"

    TNT Fundraiser

    Tue Mar 20 10:03:06 EDT 2012

    "Good luck! Looks like you're making good progress with your donations!"

    Carrie & Ed

    Fri Dec 02 11:02:34 EST 2011

    "Good Luck Steph! I did Team in Training in 2010 and had an awesome experience."

    Lindsay McCarthy

    Mon Jan 30 03:14:50 EST 2012

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