Lani's Team In Training Page

Lani's Team In Training Page
Aug 10, 2009 by Lani Lyons

Racing to Save Lives

Hi everybody!!!!


to my Team In Training home page.!

I'm training to

participate in the Disney Marathon in January 2010 as a member of The Leukemia &

Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Team In Training. All of us on Team In

Training are raising funds to help stop leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin

lymphoma and myeloma from taking more lives. I am completing this event in

honor of all individuals who are battling blood cancers. These people are

the real heroes on our team, and we need your support to cross the

ultimate finish line - a cure! Advances in treatments, made possible through research have greatly increased survival rates in the last 50 years- so lets help them increase those rates to 100%!

I know, I know, you're thinking I'm nuts for trying to train for a marathon while taking care of triplet toddlers. Don't worry, I've got it figured out- I don't plan to do any cleaning or laundry for the next 6 months, so that should free up some time:) But seriously, I know I can do the training, as it's something I've always wanted to do, and I have my best friend, Christa, training remotely from NY with me. What I need from you all, is to help me reach my fundraising goal. 2,400.00 is a lot of money, but if you all just donate a little bit, I will get there.

I know how tough it is, especially now (believe me, I know!) but every donation makes a difference, and no donation is too small.

I will be keeping track of my training progress, and doing some fundraising using my blog as well, stop by often to see how it's going.

You can easily donate right through this page. It's quick, easy and secure. Or, if you would prefer, you can write a check payable to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and send it to me. If you need my address, email me at

I hope you will visit my web site often.

Be sure to check back frequently to see my progress. Your support means the world to me- I love you all!!



Supporter Comments

    "Thank you so much for fighting for this mommy appreciates this more than you can imagine!"

    Shanny Walsh

    Tue Oct 06 12:19:50 EDT 2009

    "Hi! I saw that you would display my button after a donation? Great! Do you need me to send you the code for it, or will you grab it off my page?"

    Mary Ellen Morin

    Thu Sep 24 01:48:06 EDT 2009

    "Good work Nishta! "

    Sat Jun 01 09:40:53 EDT 2019

    "Lani, Congratulations on reaching your fund raising goal. Go Team!!!"

    Tue Dec 15 01:08:10 EST 2009

    "GOOD LUCK to you! I wish it could be so much more, but I know every little bit helps! Keep up the good fight, and good luck with the race!"


    Sun Dec 13 08:28:28 EST 2009

    "Lani, Thank you for making a stand for all who are touched by this disease. You are providing support and hope to so many through your efforts. GO TEAM!!!!!!!"

    Kelly's runner

    Tue Nov 17 10:02:08 EST 2009

    "I'm really proud of you, Lani!! :)"

    Jen & The Amazing Trips

    Sun Oct 04 02:10:13 EDT 2009

    "Keep it up! Blessings."


    Wed Sep 30 10:48:10 EDT 2009

    "Good luck Lani!! Great giveaways!!"


    Mon Sep 28 04:27:52 EDT 2009

    "My mom had a different cancer but cancer is cancer and it sucks. "


    Mon Sep 28 11:37:46 EDT 2009

    "Go Lani!!!"

    Andreina Bates

    Mon Sep 28 08:07:30 EDT 2009

    "Good Luck!"


    Mon Sep 28 07:24:14 EDT 2009

    "Thank you for doing this blog party! My father passed away from Myelodysplastic Syndrome, so this is also close to my heart."
  (Tidbits for mothers of twins)

    Mon Sep 28 12:37:19 EDT 2009

    "I will not be able to attend but my heart is with you all!"

    Fri Nov 02 03:17:12 EDT 2018

    "Good luck Lani!"

    Beachcomber Friends

    Mon Oct 12 03:02:29 EDT 2009

    "Please enter me in your drawing for the Kolcraft Stroller. My brother and his wife are expecting twins next March, and I would love to win this for them. "


    Fri Sep 11 02:45:14 EDT 2009

    "Good luck, and have fun. "

    Cathy Bednarek

    Wed Aug 26 11:04:00 EDT 2009

My Fundraising Total

Raised: $2,535.33 | Goal: $2,400.00
106 %

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We are sorry donations are no longer being accepted for this participant for this event.

My Thanks To

Western Union Fdtn. $133.33
Kelly's runner $133.33
Beachcomber Friends $121.00
Doug and Donna Wingate $100.00
Tamalynne Gomez $100.00 $100.00
StephieMc Designs $94.00
Jamie Czleskleba $54.00
Kristen Gallego $50.00
Collin Carlock $50.00
Shanny Walsh $50.00
Erinn Merritt $50.00
Jamie Czeskleba $50.00
MaryBeth Brockman $50.00
Klebon and Cabana family $40.00
Bryan Harmsen $35.00
Rebecca Baxter $30.00
Linda Kusko $26.00
Sarah Sharp $25.00
Stephanie W Chan $25.00
Jen & The Amazing Trips $25.00
Suburb Sanity $25.00
Christina Noonan $25.00
Jessica $25.00
Nicole Greene $25.00
Stephanie W Chan $25.00
Danielle Medina $25.00
Lori Greene $25.00
Natalie $25.00
Gail $25.00
Cathy Bednarek $25.00
Stephanie W Chan $25.00
Joanna Mazurek $25.00
Noelle Platt $20.00
Lisa Wilson $20.00
Susan Hyatt $20.00
Debi Bouffard $15.00
Linda Reis $15.00
Nicolasa Moreau $15.00
Amanda Nethero $15.00
Erinn Merritt $15.00
Kristi Hutton $15.00
Andreina Bates $15.00
Sara McTigue $15.00
Marie Parente $15.00
Patra Noonan $10.00
Nicole Fresquez $10.00
Kristin Swenson $10.00
Beth P. $10.00
Sarah Brown $10.00
Debi Bouffard $10.00
Helen Ransom $10.00
Rita $10.00
Kristen Nelson $10.00
YuL hm $10.00
Amy $10.00
Olga Boyle $10.00
Christina Noonan $10.00
Jamie Rannila $10.00
Helene Gaither $8.00
Jamie Rannila $6.00
Shannon Finer $5.00
Shannon Finer $5.00
Kari Newsom $5.00
Bradley Cole $5.00
TwinHappyJen $5.00
The Velasco-Lazo Family $5.00
Tamara Bennington $5.00
Dixiemom7 $5.00
Lalia Helmer $5.00
Ms. Lovely $5.00
Pamela Kocke $5.00
Jane McGrade $5.00
RaisingZ $5.00
A Woman's Life Stages $5.00
Sandra Wilkes $5.00
Kris Dudley $5.00
Lee-Ann Lawrence $5.00
jamie rannila $5.00
Pablo Santiago $5.00
Sharon Hujik $5.00
Lindsi Boynton $5.00
jessica daker $5.00
Heather Dolena $5.00
Kari Fisher $5.00
Anonymous $5.00
Kimberly Cole $5.00
Shannon Boyd $5.00
The TaterTwins $5.00
Shawna McElveen $5.00
Samantha Cleys $5.00
Amy Walter $5.00
Shelby Tutty $5.00
Pamela Kocke $5.00
Danielle Medina $5.00
Jamie Hanna $5.00
Kim@MommiesTimeOutToday $5.00
Teri Milnes $5.00
Mary Ellen Morin $5.00
Allison (jbsugar) Bucko $5.00
Amy Madeiros $5.00
Kelsey Wells $5.00
Sarah Nagy $5.00
April Woods $5.00
Deanna Adams $5.00
Jayme Tate $5.00
Kellie Long $5.00
Valerie Funk $5.00
Kathy Alconcel $5.00
Donna Taylor $5.00
christina rose $4.00
Jana Davidson $3.00
Christa Garrison $3.00
MamaOtwins+1 $3.00
Kristen Chumley $3.00
michelle johnson $2.00
Heather @RunFasterMommy.c... $2.00
Linda L $2.00
Sarah Nancarrow $2.00
Carla Genrich $2.00
Kati Corbett $1.00
Robin Bair $1.00
shalauna kelly $1.00
Brandi Best $1.00
April Croissant $1.00  
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