My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Jul 28, 2009 by Barbara Burgess



Hi everyone,

Welcome to my new Team In Training home page.

Here I go again. Another year, another Marathon!

Again, I am going to run at the Disney Marathon Weekend on January 10, 2010 with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Tranining.

This year, I am going back to basics. I am not coaching or mentoring. I have decided to concentrate my efforts on fundraising and running. I am still training to raise money to help stop leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma and myeloma from taking more lives. This year however, it is PERSONAL! My dear friend Maxine, who I have know from South Florida for many years, was just diagnosed this past December with CML (Chronic Myologenous Leukemia). So, I am running in her honor, while she is fighting for her life. Maxine and many others who are suffering from these terrible cancers are the true heros. They are the ones who have to suffer through their horrible treatments. All I have to do is run (which is not nearly as difficult)! So, I need your support to cross the ultimate finish line - a cure!

Please make a donation to support my participation in Team In Training and help advance the mission.

I hope you will visit my web site often.

Be sure to check back frequently to see my progress. Thanks for your


8/28/2009 Update: Two days ago, I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease in my lumbar spine (lower back). I am sorry to say that it seems like I will no longer be able to run. However, I will not give up on finding a cure. Therefore, I am going to walk the half marathon instead of run the marathon. I am going to learn how to walk in order to keep up the required pace that they have at Disney. I am having an MRI on Tuesday, so I will know a little bit better, what exactly is going on. I will keep you all informed.

9/3/09 - Last Sat. I did my first Walk training. I walked 6 miles. I am going to work on my speed. I did 3.5 today and will do 6-7 again on Sat. I have been strectching like crazy, per the Dr. and I am taking Yoga 3 times a week. Basically, my back just feels tired. Not really painful, just difficult sometimes.

9/13/09 - I started my race walking on Sat. I did 7 miles at a pretty good pace. I have no doubt that I will be able to do the half marathon, under the allowed time. Actually lost a couple of pounds since I stopped running. I guess it is because I don't need to eat as much as I did before. That's my silver lining! LOL

9/22/09 - I walked my first 5K race on Sat. I wasn't going to do it, but one of the members on my team (who has Leukemia) wanted me to walk with her to help her speed. She stayed with me the whole time and we did 14 min. miles. That is pretty fast for a newbie walker and a walker with Leukemia! Yea, Donna and go team!

9/26/09 - I am up to 8 miles now. Still keeping it in the 14 min. mile range. I would like to work on my speed a bit. I know I am already fast enough to do disney, but I just want to see what I can do. Feeling pretty good today.

10/16/09 - I have been feeling pretty good this past week. Although I only did 6 miles on Sat. (because I had to pick up my step son in Orlando), I think my time is getting even better. I plan on doing 8 miles again this Sat. I am very excited that my fundraising is going so well. I am over half way to my personal goal, thanks to some very kind and generous people! Keep in mind that everything I raise, after my minimum is going 100% to the cause!

11/07/09 - Today I did a 10 mile training. I was Only going to do 6, but I was walking with my friend Donna and she was going to try to do 8. She has full blown Leukemia right now and she is awesome! Anyway, we missed the mile marker and decided to continue further, and that brought us to 10 miles! I am so proud of her for being able to do what she did. It was a beautiful, cool morning and we both felt great afterwards! I am going to taper down next week because I am going on my cruise right after that.

12/3/09 - It has been a while since I logged on. I have been very busy with work and I was on a cruise for 12 days. Unfortunately, I caught a cold while on the ship, from a friend who was visiting and went on the cruise with us. I never got the sinffles or sneezing, but I have not been able to shake my cough yet. I have not been training for 3 weeks. Hopefully, I will feel up to it on Sat. I thnk we are suppose to do 10 miles. I am pretty sure I can do it, just not too fast...Only 5 weeks till the marathon weekend. I can't believe it is almost here. We have our Bon Voyage party on Monday. That is when we get our Team in Training shirts to wear for the race. I will try to be better at keeping you informed about my progress in the next several weeks.

12/13/09 - I did my 12 mile training on Sat. It was not the fastest time, but it was more than enough to stay under the Disney radar and not get swept! I was a little stiff the next day, but I had to do so many other things afterward that I am sure it didn't help. Anyway, I am ready to go to Disney in 1 1/2 weeks!

1/24/10 - Disney 09-10 is now over! As some of you know, we had horrible conditions for the race. After waking up a 3:00 AM and catching the bus that took us to the staging area, we had to wait around in the parking lot of Epcot until the 6:00 start. The temperature was around 30 degrees. While we were waiting, we noticed that it was snowing! Yes, in Orlando, FL!! After a while, it started to hail, then sleet. I realized it was sleet when it hit my lip and hurt. Eventually, during the race, it started raining and it rained for the rest of the time. I had 3 layers of pants and 5 layers of tops (plus a mylar blanket). It was so cold and wet that I was having trouble breathing so I folded a purple microfiber hand towel and tucked it under my hat so that it covered my face (from the nose down). I looked like the purple bandit! I had it on during the entire race and after I finished and they were taking my picture, they asked me if I wanted to take off my "beard". I said I had this on the entire time, I want my picture with it on! Oh my, what a funny picture. Anyway, the Villages raised around $35,000. It was definately a record for us. My team mate, Donna, who has Leukemia, was able to finish the race! I am amazed and so proud of her! This was truly the worst race I have ever done. If I had been able to run it, I would have been able to pick up the pace and finish sooner and get out of the cold. However, I did it, with your help and now I have some time to recoupe and get ready to start again, next August!


Supporter Comments

    "This young man is 5 yrs old and has non Hodgkins Lymphoma. He's a fighter and is handling his Chemo as best he can. It's a bummer to see someone so young so ill."

    Martin & Rosemary Gershowitz

    Wed Aug 12 10:53:34 EDT 2009


    David Vanderlaan

    Wed Oct 14 09:52:01 EDT 2009

    "Knock it out, Barb!"

    Joseph Passarella

    Wed Nov 04 06:23:38 EST 2009

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