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100 Miles
Feb 20, 2019

Now that I am officially training for my first 100 mile trail race, I have decided to go back to my roots and raise money for charity. I have already been asked so many questions like Why? Or was I always a runner? Both of these questions take me back to training for my first race ever 9 years ago. 


I had set out to run a half marathon and I honestly couldn’t do it alone. I found the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training through my sister in law Jennifer. I joined the team and was surrounded by an amazing support system! My coaches Tony and Bridget taught me to be a long distance runner. I finished my half marathon and went on to run a marathon. 


3 years ago, after having my son, I decided to get back into running. I fell in love with trails and sought out training for a trail race. This was completely new territory for me and so I joined Team in Training once again. My coaches Kiley, Danny and Raul taught me to be an ultra runner. When I met them, I thought they were the craziest people in the world!! I honestly did not believe they could train me to run a 50k and by the end of my season, I finished my first 50 mile trail race.


So this next milestone is in honor of the coaches who donated their time selflessly to teach people like me to go the distance. For all the survivors I met along the way- so many incredible human beings!! Lastly, for the memory of all taken by this horrible disease and the people impacted by it. I’ve witnessed the donations save lives and simply keep people going on their journey of a lifetime. 


That is the most magical part about the road I’m heading down- It takes a team and I would love for you to “join” my team. You can do so by donating to LLS via this site. Please support me on my 100 mile journey by helping me save lives!!! 


Supporter Comments

    "Go get 'em Rachel!!!! GO TEAM!"

    Echo Mountain

    Wed Feb 20 11:50:00 EST 2019

    "Good luck on the run Rachel!!! Knock it out of the park and make Russell run with you next time!!"

    Shawn & Cash Darby

    Wed Feb 20 12:20:56 EST 2019

    "Beautiful Disaster Fully Supports You And Honors You For Being Such A Warrior! Run Your Heart Out For Those Who Can't!"

    Beautiful Disaster Clothing

    Wed Feb 20 02:44:48 EST 2019

    "You go girl! I'll be happy to pig out with you sometime when it's all over! Best of luck!"

    Ondrea Faillace

    Thu Feb 21 10:31:05 EST 2019

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