My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Feb 17, 2017


In 2014, I did my frist triathlon with Team in Training and had a blast, making great frienships and getting into shape all while supporting a greater cause, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).

Since then, I have continued training and doing triathlons, mentoring for TNT in 2015. In August 2016, while training for Santa Cruz 70.3, I got into a bike accident which forced me to rest these past months. With this new year, I feel ready to get back in the game. I'll be training my way to make my comeback at Pasadena Triathlon this upcoming March.

Here are the top 3 reasons I'm back on the team:

  1. To get back on the bike and regain strength & confidence in the sport by making my comeback in finishing a race after the accident

  2. To train among new friends and familiar faces, including the coaches - Marin, Amanda, and Simon (who led me to a bronze medal in my frist triathlon)

  3. To support a great cause LLS and be a part of Team Sonia, supporting Coach Simon's mother who was diagnosed with an advanced form of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) called Richter's Transformation, and was luckily able to beat cancer (click to read more about her story here). As a unit, we are trying to collect at least $100K and all the money raised for Team Sonia will be earmarked for a reaserch grant by LLS that will be tied with her name.

Your support and donation would be greatly appreciated. Every cent donated is 100% tax deductible & you would be contibuting to the Leukemia Lymphoma Society that has now raised in excess of 1 billion dollars towards blood cancer research & patient services.

Life is precious and can be taken in an instant whether through cancer or through an unexpected accident. I've learned more to not take life for granted; to appreciate being alive and the life of those around you. 
With that I leave you with an inspirational quote and song (that I wrote during my recovery process).

"Sometimes we are taken into troubled waters not to drown but to be cleansed."

"See when you fall in life, don't give up just quite. Rest up, no shame and then get back in the game." Crash Boom by Jessica Brizuela, 2016


Supporter Comments

    "You are always going to live in my heart!"


    Fri Jan 06 03:50:05 EST 2017

    "Jessica, you have an amazing heart and we love you! - The Amaya II "

    Rogelio & Cindy Amaya

    Sat Jan 07 01:16:50 EST 2017

    "Jessica, you are an unbelievable human being and such an inspiration. "

    Armine Louka

    Sat Jan 07 04:20:34 EST 2017



    Mon Jan 09 02:42:16 EST 2017

    "Hurry up and kick cancer in the butt while playing some beautiful music!"

    Alejandro Martinez

    Tue Jan 10 07:46:39 EST 2017

    "Go Jessica!"


    Wed Jan 11 09:57:54 EST 2017

    "You rock, Jessica! ❤️"

    Keene Liang

    Fri Feb 03 06:57:38 EST 2017

    "You are truly an inspiration, I'm so proud of u for coming back this season and kicking ass!!! GO TEAM!!! "

    Jacqueline Marquez

    Thu Feb 16 07:03:25 EST 2017

    "I just met you but I love everything about you ! ! ! You are an amazing, talented, lovely lady. An inspiration to all !!! May the good Lord continue blessing you always. 😘❤😍 xoxo, Winnie Blake "

    Winnie Alonso Blake

    Thu Mar 09 01:37:41 EST 2017

    "I'm so excited for your new opportunity to do this triathlon!! This is your big come back moment and I am cheering you on!! Love you Jess!! "

    Christina Aguilar

    Thu Mar 09 05:49:21 EST 2017

    "Make good decisions. You are who you are today because of the people who believed and invested in you from day 1, and will be there through the end. Think of what Mama Haydee would say. And don't make me regret this donation. "

    Andrea B

    Fri Mar 10 12:05:19 EST 2017

    "You're a special person who has many God-give talents. I am blessed to have you part of this family we call Quest. I maybe your mentor in some ways but you inspire me. Keep up the amazing work that you do, stay true to who you really are, stay humble and loving. Best of luck in your triathlon this Saturday. #questie #underground #athlete #Jessicaoalltrades "

    DJ Ardster

    Fri Mar 10 03:20:39 EST 2017

    "Go Jessica! You're an inspiration."

    Chris H

    Mon Mar 13 10:39:57 EDT 2017

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