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Lara Calzada: super warrior mom
Jun 23, 2018

Lara is the sister of a friend and former co-worker and she is battling angiosarcoma of the scalp. Angiosarcoma is a cancer of the cells that line the wall of blood and lymphatic vessels and therefore a cancer that metastasizes easily to distant sites. Lara has been participating in a trial that got rid of three tumors and shrunk all the others and her condition is considered stable presently. Think about that for a minute...three tumors plus others. How many of us would lose it at the thought of one tumor much less three? How about even more than that? Add to it that Lara drives roughly 150 miles round trip for weekly treatments while raising three children (aged 13, 11, & 5) and it is hard to fathom where she finds the energy to fight as hard as she does for her health.

Lara’s sister, Denise, also trains to fundraise for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society while doing whatever she can to help Lara and her family out. We don’t give up, we kick back!

Denise, Lara & Gabby

Enga McLendon: mother to five, teacher extraordinaire, cancer warrior
Jun 20, 2018



"This weekend I spent a lot of time on the porch enjoying the salt air and sunshine. I also spent a lot of time embarrassing my children. Both of these activities are good for the healing and the soul." 

Words of wisdom from Enga McLendon a woman living life at full speed and giving a lift along the way to all around her.

Imagine finding out Thursday, a week before Thanksgiving, that you have acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and that the treatment plan is for you to check into the hospital the following week for 30 days to take your first round of chemo. Followed by 4-6 more rounds of the same? Fortunately, Enga has had only three rounds since her diagnosis in November 2017 but all three rounds brought her to neutropenia, a condition where white blood cells count is so low she was incredibly susceptible to infection which could be deadly for a compromised system. Just yesterday, Enga got the word from her doctor that her bone marrow results are such that she doesn't need to see him for three months so there is much celebration in the McLendon household today.

AML is a rapdily progressive cancer of the blood and bone marrow that is one of the most commonly diagnosed forms of leukemia in adults. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) is leading the Beat AML Master Trial, a groundbreaking collaborative clinical trial testing several novel targeted therapies for patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML). You can help advance this and other studies directly funded by LLS by clicking on the link below to donate. 100% of your donation goes to LLS for research funding and patient support services.

Michael Sugra: beloved husband, father and grandfather
Jun 19, 2018


Meet Michael Sugra and his beautiful bride (44 years this November!), Silvia. Michael and Silvia are the parents of my friend, Nathalie. 

Michael was diagnosed with multiple myeloma a year and a half ago and has battled tumors on his lungs and liver as well as kidney failure. While those are resolved, he has also undergone chemotherapy and an autologous stem cell transplant. Taking on any one of these issues is a big deal but Michael has had the support of the great team at City of Hope (where so many of my teammates and friends have undergone treatment) and a super strong family to help him battle all that cancer has thrown at him. As of November 2017, Michael has been declared in "remission" and is able to manage the disease with regular blood monitoring and maintenance medication. 

It is through fundraising that LLS is able to direct specific cancer research that develops cures and treatments for blood cancers like multiple myeloma. In many instances, medications are what enable people to live a live with cancer while we continue to search for a cure. Giving people more life, more time with family, more time period is what your donations enable. Please join the fight with us.



F*** Cancer!
Jun 18, 2018

Here we are again. Another year and more people that I know diagnosed with some form of cancer. This year, blood cancers have been the majority diagnosis for my friends and once again I am fundraising for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to battle this evil. Someday, this disease will be eradicated but until then, we will keep fighting it back by raising funds to help with patient support and research supporting treatment and cures for cancer. The super cool thing about blood cancer research is that the discoveries are finding multiple applications in various forms of cancer treatment. 

This year is a bit different than in the past, in that I have had mulitple injuries and illnesses that have affected my ability and quite frankly, my motivation, to train for my event. Not wanting to bore with tales that have already been told about training, long mileage workouts and the ugly setbacks that go with this crazy sport, I have not been publishing much about my season. Honestly, you have all heard it before as this is my 19th year fundraising/volunteering/working for LLS. What is new this year is the faces that have recently been affected by cancer.

Since it is race week, I am focused on getting through the race much like the folks I will highlight this week are focused on getting done with their cancer treatments and being declared cancer-free! Their race is much more difficult and the stakes are much higher so if you are moved by their challenge, please feel free to donate at the link to the right and help us make a difference in the lives of patients, their families and so many others that have not yet been diagnosed.

My Fundraising Page
Nov 03, 2017



It takes more than one person to make up a team and that’s why I’m asking you to donate to my TNT fundraising page for TNT!


By participating as a member of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) TNT, I am raising funds to help find cures and ensure access to treatments for blood cancer patients.


Your donation will help fund treatments that save lives every day; like immunotherapies that use a person’s own immune system to kill cancer. You may not know it, but every single donation helps save a life with breakthrough therapies such as these.


Patients need these cures and they need your support.


Please make a donation in support of my efforts with Team In Training and help get us all closer to a world without blood cancers.


Thank you!


Supporter Comments

    "Heather, thank you for being relentless for a cure!"

    Michael Cautillo

    Thu May 03 03:35:41 EDT 2018

    "Congrats on core challenge! #GoTeam"


    Tue May 15 10:19:13 EDT 2018

    "Thanks for all you do through TNT for LLS. Hugs and love"

    Gina Clapper

    Mon Jun 18 02:25:06 EDT 2018

    "cancer shortened the lives of 3 of Heather's grandparents, but all who knew them, know just how proud they would be of her today !! You GO girl !!"

    James Bunkley

    Mon Jun 18 03:14:32 EDT 2018

    "In honor of Heather Bunkley Allen. Courageous, fearless and kind. "

    Kelly Chronister

    Tue Jun 19 07:45:24 EDT 2018

    "Go, Heather, Go! I love your tireless energy and focus to cure this terrible disease."


    Tue Jun 19 02:42:04 EDT 2018

    "Heather - Thank you for your continued efforts in raising awareness and money to help eradicate this terrible disease. Cancer Sucks! is an understatement. Sasha�s life was cut way too short, but I know she is cheering you on as you race in memory of her (and others) and in honor of many. Good luck! Much love! - The Reesman Family"

    Reesman Family

    Wed Jun 20 12:49:57 EDT 2018

    "Live Strong, Baby Sister!"

    Charline Kirk

    Wed Jun 20 01:44:37 EDT 2018

    "Go Heather!!!"

    Petty Goodman

    Wed Jun 20 02:13:33 EDT 2018

    "Go Heather! Kick cancer?s butt!"

    Julie Castetter

    Sat Jun 23 11:08:21 EDT 2018

    "Every little bit helps.....Go get ?em Heather! "

    Christine Warner

    Sat Jun 23 11:35:32 EDT 2018

    "I?m a fighter, survivor, Believer. "

    Enga McLendon

    Sun Jun 24 08:40:38 EDT 2018

    "Go HBA!!! Go Team!! 💜"

    Richelle Gutierrez

    Sun Jun 24 09:20:46 EDT 2018

    "Thank you for all that you do Heather!"

    Denise Bird

    Sun Jun 24 10:40:38 EDT 2018

    " make us so proud!"

    Iris & Nick Garza

    Sun Jun 24 11:23:45 EDT 2018

    "Go Heather Go!! Thank you for your dedication to bringing awareness and finding cures! "

    Doris Pham

    Sun Jun 24 07:58:15 EDT 2018

    "You are an amazing, beautiful woman Heather. ❤️ I wish I could donate more. Have a wonderful race! Good luck! Love, Shana"

    Shana Hernandez

    Mon Jun 25 10:28:29 EDT 2018

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