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Mar 18, 2018



That's what a stage 4 Hodgkin's lymphoma survivor told me a few weeks ago. My name is Kennedy and I am competing in the Lavaman triathlon in Hawaii March 25th to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society so we can KICK CANCER'S ASS! Anyone going through chemo or radiation would trade places with us in a second as we train, and we race and fight for them so no one has to hear those awful words again: "you have cancer". The fight starts HERE so we can end cancer FOREVER.


I race for my mom, Maria, a lymphoma survivor and the light of my world. I race for my dear friend Pam Hoefer who succumbed to her brave battle with leukemia, and whose grace and laughter inspire me on early morning runs and long swims. I race for my Fox News co-worker Alan Colmes who sadly passed from leukemia last year, and the hole he leaves at work I try and fill with every step of this fight.


Your donation will help fund treatments that save lives every day; like immunotherapies that use a person’s own immune system to kill cancer. You may not know it, but every single donation helps save a life with breakthrough therapies such as these.


Patients need these cures and they need your support.


Join me in this race, and let's end cancer for good. With your love and generosity we can do this together!!


With so much love I thank you!


xoxoxo Kennedy


Supporter Comments

    "Great cause and great voice for common sense!"

    Big Fan!

    Tue Mar 06 12:59:46 EST 2018

    "Hey, I was CEO of Country Music Television in another life, now building a comprehensive social media platform for the music industry at Would love to see how we can work together, as I've always had a Giving Back program. Both of my parents died of cancer awhile back, eighteen months apart. Best regards, Hal Willis, JD PS--Making American Music Great Again"

    Hal Willis

    Wed Mar 21 11:40:16 EDT 2018

    "I�m with you in spirit "

    Clay Fragulia

    Sat Mar 24 02:51:46 EDT 2018

    "God bless your work...and to those it helps."


    Sat Mar 24 04:27:38 EDT 2018

    "So how much do I win if you come in first place? Lol go get 'em. ;)"

    Pete Balousek

    Sat Mar 24 08:27:30 EDT 2018

    "Cancer affects all of us. Thanks for putting your healthy bodies through this intense trading to race for the cures. "


    Sat Mar 24 10:44:31 EDT 2018

    "Keep going Kennedy. "

    Clayton Fragulia

    Thu Mar 15 04:45:14 EDT 2018

    "Kennedy, good luck at Lave Man and God Bless"

    Tim Scrogham

    Wed Mar 14 08:55:42 EDT 2018

    "You are doing great work Kennedy! Wish I was able to contribute more. Best wishes! Gus"


    Wed Mar 14 08:55:24 EDT 2018

    "It takes a big heart (and quads!) to do this year after year. You have our endless support!"

    Kathy Magliato, MD

    Tue Mar 13 06:56:48 EDT 2018

    "If anyone can kick ass, it?s you, KENNEDY!"

    Dana Perino

    Mon Mar 12 11:56:34 EDT 2018

    "God bless you all. "

    Robert Ferri

    Mon Mar 12 07:46:39 EDT 2018

    "So proud of you! Love you girl! "

    Noelle Nikpour

    Mon Mar 12 12:21:14 EDT 2018

    "Leukemia & Lymphoma have taken so many. Let us help eradicate them."

    Glen Hilts

    Sun Mar 11 11:36:04 EDT 2018

    "A great lady and a great cause. Happy to help."

    Brad Dickson

    Sun Mar 11 09:49:40 EDT 2018

    "This donation I'm in memory of my late Stepmother who raised lost her 10yr battle with brest cancer on March 7th 1997. Lisa Kennedy Montgomery is truly a magnanimous and dynamic women. FOX BUSINESS News York and The world are lucky to have her."

    Robert Henderson

    Fri Mar 09 05:56:57 EST 2018

    "Go Kennedy and Kat"

    Herb Mitchell

    Thu Mar 08 09:14:02 EST 2018

    "For you and Dagens mom"

    Clayton Fragulia ni1

    Thu Mar 08 08:58:56 EST 2018

    "In honor of my grandpa, your mom, and all those who have provided us true profiles in courage, grace, dignity, and strength. May their examples never be forgotten and continue inspiring us to dream more, live more, and love more. "

    Steve Brannan

    Wed Mar 07 05:15:15 EST 2018

    "For your mom, Pam, Alan and everyone else touched by cancer. Go Kennedy!! xo"


    Mon Mar 05 03:00:42 EST 2018

    "2nd year for a very worthy cause!"

    Ben & Marie Rosenberg

    Mon Mar 05 01:12:38 EST 2018

    "Go Lisa go!!"

    Marc and Jax Rothchild

    Mon Mar 05 09:28:15 EST 2018

    "Thanks for reaching for a great cause!! Good luck in Hawaii! That race is on my bucket list."

    Kristi Kuhlmann

    Sun Mar 04 06:13:14 EST 2018

    "I give on behalf of ALL FOX ladies who I love, especially Super K (aka-Kennedy). Dana P, Kimmy G"


    Sun Mar 04 02:14:20 EST 2018

    "You�re the best"

    Clayton Fragulia

    Sat Mar 03 11:54:27 EST 2018

    "Hats off Kennedy. Take it on."

    J. Douglas Merritt

    Sat Mar 03 11:47:34 EST 2018

    "Go Get EM Kennedy!!!"

    Donna Levy

    Sat Mar 03 11:18:58 EST 2018

    "This is dedicated to my dear friend Estee that is now in heaven. She passed 3 years ago of leukemia. I miss her so much! Thank you Kennedy for your effort and raising funds. I am so glad your mom kicked this evil thing in the butt . thank you again"

    Nelson Arencibia

    Tue Mar 27 11:15:33 EDT 2018

    "Am a big fan; Good luck!!"

    J. Scott Ellzey

    Sat Mar 24 01:55:48 EDT 2018

    "Thanks for your great work in front of and behind the camera. You are the best!"

    Tom DePrimo

    Sat Mar 24 12:42:23 EDT 2018

    "For my Friend Mo. Who passed away from Leukemia this week at only 33 years old. "

    Philip Varckette

    Fri Mar 23 10:34:17 EDT 2018

    "Kennedy thanks for participating again.. My mom passed to this dreaded disease a decade ago, but she is not forgotten. Good luck and have a strong finish!"

    David Barker

    Fri Mar 23 06:52:46 EDT 2018

    "Good luck and great job raising so much money for LLS!"

    Ben Norbitz

    Fri Mar 23 03:52:49 EDT 2018

    "What a great cause! (and the crawl sounds great too!)"

    Matthew Osborne

    Fri Mar 23 12:34:55 EDT 2018

    "In memory of my father, (David) Lance Hart. #fcancer"

    Jarod Hart

    Wed Mar 21 09:11:35 EDT 2018


    Zena Burns

    Wed Mar 21 12:18:21 EDT 2018

    "Aloha & mahalo, Kennedy! Good luck"

    Anne Shaw

    Tue Mar 20 01:19:56 EDT 2018

    "You go Kennedy and crew! "

    Jay Flanagan

    Tue Mar 20 09:06:37 EDT 2018

    "CLL took my sisters life at 49 years young on July 8th 2017.The elderly often get this disease, so it doesn't get attention."

    Edward Kratochvila

    Tue Mar 20 08:57:02 EDT 2018

    "I am donating in memory of my Father, Melvin Hollie Jr. Although I lost my Dad to Heart disease , I am very active in the fight against cancer , and all the other dreadful debilitating diseases that take our Love ones daily. Keep up the good work Kennedy!!"

    Mike Hollie

    Mon Mar 19 12:22:32 EDT 2018

    "thankyou kennedy, this is for my mom who got cancer at 40 and who is now 96 years young still going strong hope this will give some encouragement in your quest....jeff"

    jeffery griggs

    Mon Mar 19 06:37:48 EDT 2018

    "My wonderful, beautiful wife of 14 years just died from cancer 3 days before Christmas. Diagnosed in September with neuroendocrine cancer. Passed away 3 months later. Cancer took away the one person who was everything to me and made me a single dad to our beautiful children. I wish I could give more. Run this race for my wife. Run it for my children. I�m a big fan of yours. Even bigger now. Roger Collins"

    Roger Collins

    Sun Mar 18 07:49:29 EDT 2018

    "Go Kennedy, go!"

    Guy Benson

    Sun Mar 18 03:24:40 EDT 2018

    "Go Kennedy!"

    Dawn and David Houston

    Sun Mar 18 11:43:47 EDT 2018

    "Good luck!"


    Sat Mar 17 11:15:00 EDT 2018

    "I wish it could be more. Someday, when my memoir is made into a movie, it will be."


    Sat Mar 17 09:05:56 EDT 2018

    "Go Lisa!!!!!"

    Jenn & Dr Dan Levi

    Sat Mar 17 10:25:30 EDT 2018

    "Go Kennedy go!!!"

    Robin Bertolucci

    Sat Mar 17 01:14:26 EDT 2018

    "Thanks Lisa! You rock."

    Bob Balink

    Fri Mar 16 11:32:14 EDT 2018

    "Keep going . Thanks for the shoutout yesterday "

    Clay Fra

    Fri Mar 16 02:48:17 EDT 2018

    "You're a warrior! Sending all my love xoxo"

    Stephanie Muth

    Fri Mar 16 02:37:55 EDT 2018

    "Go Kennedy! Thank you for what you do for blood cancer!!!"

    Pat Vesperman

    Wed Mar 14 09:22:15 EDT 2018

    "My second donations the same as the first. The first was dedicated to my late stepmom this donation in for two FOX Busniess friend/coleagues who both have inspired me for a second dona "

    Robert Henderson

    Fri Mar 09 06:23:52 EST 2018

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