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Done!!! Thank you!!!
Jun 29, 2014 by Polly Wright

Today was the day that I built up to.  After 4 months of training with a great group of teammates, I made my triathlon comeback.  I wasn't sure how this was going to go, especially in the early weeks of C25K.  There were times I thought, "I am never going to be able to run 3 miles without walking."  Many of my runs were slow and painful, but I kept at it.  I also thought about the people I was doing this for.  Surely I could slog my way through 3 miles.  It's nothing compared the chemo treatments my honored teammates Erin, and Steve endured or coach Matt went through. 

While I get up tomorrow and resume my training for my next event, Steve will be going to the hospital for another round of chemo.  The cancer has come back, but he's determined to beat it back again.  However today he was out there with his family cheering us all on.  I'll be thinking and praying about him especially as I continue my triathlon comeback by jumping back into Olympic distance where my slogging on the run course doubles in length.

By the way, I had a wonderful race today.  I exceeded my expectations, especially on the run where I did mange to run under 10 minutes a mile.  I didn't think I'd see that again.  My finishing time was 1:25:40.  I thought I'd be closer to 1:30 to 1:40.  I surprised myself.  However I was drawn in by the energy of all the TNT'ers out there yelling "Go Team".  I had great teammates and coaches.  As a mentor I was proud to see how well each of my mentees did. 

This comeback kid didn't do so badly either.  1st place in my age group.  I wasn't sure I'd see age groups wins again.  It felt good to be part of the triathlon community again.

Thanks to all of you that donated to this awesome cause.  This was TNT event #14 for me.  #15 comes in September at the Jardin Westchester Triathlon. Over the course of those 14 events I've raised somewhere around $40,000 to $50,000.  I'm proud of that, but owe that to my friends and family who have supported me over the years.

If you didn't get around to donating it's not too late.  You can still donate towards this event, or you can jump over to my Jardin Westchester Triathlon page ( and help me get off off to good start there.  Being that I just turned 60 this year I am aiming for raising $6,000 this year.  I'm half way there with this race.

Thanks again everyone!!!!

1 week to go!
Jun 22, 2014 by Polly Wright

It's official.  I'm back to being a tri-geek.  Last night I had one of those crazy dreams I used to have when I was doing triathlons a lot.  I haven't had one of these dreams since I stopped racing over 6 years ago.  These crazy dreams always involve missing the start, going off course, or some other bizarre thing occuring.  Last night's dream had me messing up the swim portion of some race.  I was happy to wake up this morning and realize it was only a dream.  Besides there is no way I could mess up the way it went in the dream.  The Sleepy Hollow Race involves swimming from point A to point B.  I just have to make sure I keep looking where I'm going so I don't end out in Rockland County and having to hitchhike back across the Tappen Zee Bridge.  That would be a long T1. :-)

Fortunately being a member of Team in Training has the benefit of being well prepared for the race.  The coaches have been really helping us be ready for next Sunday.  I've done 3 swims in the Hudson in various conditions, and I've ridden the bike course a few times.  Yesterday I had to be somewhere after the workout so I had to pretty much hammer the ride.  It was good because I got an opportunity to get a feel for the places I can really air it out, and the places where I need to I'll need to dial it back a little to conserve energy.

10 days to go!
Jun 19, 2014 by Polly Wright

Where has the time gone?  It's hard believe the race is less then 2 weeks away.  I'm starting to feel like a triathlete again.  If nothing else I'm certainly looking the part as my trusty tri-bike "Blue Bayou" (say it out loud) has had the cobwebs dusted off and a nice tune up.  She and I are ready to roll.  We've ridden the course a few times.  This Saturday will be our last team ride on the course.  Next week will be show time.


It hasn't been the easiest process as I made my way from cyclist to triathlete.  Starting over as a runner has been a slow process, but I can run 5K without walking.  I will not be the speediest runner out there, but I'll be running.  When it starts to hurt I'll think about Coach Matt and what he went through during his chemo.  He has really been a great help and inspiration during the process. 

Each one of my teammates have had their challenges during the training.  For some it's been learning to swim and master the challenges of the open water.  For others it's been remembering what it's like to ride a bike, and getting out on the road and letting go.  No matter what strengths and weaknesses we've brought to the table, we've all achieved a very important goal.  Not only our personal ones in terms of getting race for the race itself, but the most important one. That being raising money to help find cures for blood cancers.  Orginally our team goal was to raise $40,000 for this event.  We've passed that, and now are looking to make it to $5,000. 

It's not too late to help me be a part of reaching that $50,000 mark.


Recommitment Time!! - I'm All In!
Apr 23, 2014 by Polly Wright


This Friday is the deadline for recommitting for The Sleepy Hollow Sprint Triathlon.  It's the time where all participants must decide whether or not they will continue with the training and the fund raising.  For me this was a no-brainer.  The training has been going really well and I've raised almost doubled the minimum amount required.  I'm not quite to the personal goal I've set for the year.  $3,000 for this event and another $3,000 for Jardin Westchester Triathlon on September 21st. Making a total of $6,000. $100 for each of my 60 years.

I want to thank everyone who has donated so far.  Yesterday I received an anonymous donation of $500.  I have no idea who it is, but I'm very thankful for someone's generousity. 

I celebrated my 60th birthday on Easter, April 20th.  Last year I rode my bike 59 miles on my birthday.  I didn't have my bike with me as I was in Victoria, BC.  I swam 60 laps in a 25 meter pool giving me 1.5 K.  That's the distance I'll be swimming in the fall at Jardin Westchester.  You might say that part of my training has been coming along just swimmingly.

Running has been a slow process, but one I'm very happy with. I've been faithfully following the C25K program.  (Couch to 5K)  On Monday I reached 20 minutes of running.  I kept up with the program on vacation. Pictured below I'm running on the Ogden Point breakwater in Victoria, BC. 

Today is the last day of week 6.  I'll be running for 22 straight minutes.  I'll be doing that on the track at our group run workout tonight.  Then I'll have 2 more weeks on the program to reach 30 minutes straight running.  I'm not sure 30 minutes will equal 5K, but that's okay because I still will have 8 weeks before the actual race.


Let's Tri This Again!
Feb 26, 2014

I’m back again! In 2013 I returned to Team in Training to do America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride in Lake Tahoe.  It had been a few years since I had done an event with the team.  In coming back I realized just how much I missed being part of the team.  Also I realized on a more personal level, just how important the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s work is in the fight against blood cancers.  In the past few years I’ve had friends who have lost a sibling or a parent to one of the blood cancers.  I also have a long time friend and work colleague who is entering his second year in remission.

Last year I had the privilege of training with Andy Fredman who was celebrating his 10th year in remission, and his 10th consecutive Lake Tahoe century.  That’s quite an impressive streak in itself.  It’s down right inspiring to think how much he has overcome to be where he is now.

That’s me with him before last year’s ride.

In 2014 I will reach the milestone of the big 6-0.  I’m thankful for 60 years of good health and being able maintain a very active lifestyle of cycling and other sports.  To celebrate my turning 60 and moving up to a new age group, I am making my triathlon comeback at the Sleepy Hollow Sprint Triathlon on June 29th, 2014.  It's been over 5 years since I last did a triathlon so I'm looking forward to the challenge of putting the three sports of swimming, biking and running back together again.

Last year I raised over $4,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  This year I would like top that number.  I'm aiming for $6,000.  My age x 100.

Please help me meet my goal as I continue helping in the search for a cure.

Please make a donation in support of my efforts with Team In Training and help advance the research for cures.


Supporter Comments

    "My brush with cancer was nothing compared to the ongoing fight that people with leukemia or lymphoma face. You are an ongoing inspiration to so many people, to not give up. Set the goal, and go. Go, Polly!"


    Thu Apr 24 08:29:13 EDT 2014

    "Thanks Polly!"

    Donna Reis

    Mon Jun 02 10:15:41 EDT 2014

    "Polly - In honor of your 60th birthday and all your hard work, this represents $60 each from me, your three nieces and one nephew (in lieu of Easter baskets this year!). Happy Birthday! Love, Anne"

    Anne Conolly

    Wed Apr 23 04:23:22 EDT 2014

    "Your cookies were delicious, as always Polly!!"

    Elizabeth Belanger

    Thu Apr 03 11:58:57 EDT 2014

    "Jacob & I wish you all the best!"

    David Berman

    Tue Mar 11 12:32:29 EDT 2014

    "I admire your stamina. I actually am thinking about downloading the app you mentioned c25k. Best of luck. "

    Susan Bongiorno

    Mon Mar 10 04:40:15 EDT 2014

    "Keep going Polly!"

    Rob Wheeler

    Mon Mar 10 02:21:34 EDT 2014

    "Go Polly, go!"

    Russell Mollot

    Fri Jun 13 09:49:29 EDT 2014

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