My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Jun 08, 2009 by Adam Detsky

Running for Russ! Help save lives!

Breaking News: We did it! We did it!!!!

I ran the 26.2 miles in 4hrs, 20 mins, and 48 seconds. I averaged 9 min, 57 seconds per mile!

My goal to fundraise was $2,000. We raised $2,500.

My team's fundraising goal was $70,000. We raised over $75,000.

SUCCESS! Thank you for all of your help!!!!


The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society ("LLS") is leading the fight against cancer and they need help. I have joined Team-In-Training ("TNT"), a group of runners who have united to provide support for cancer victims and survivors by running races across the country and raising both money and awareness.

All of us have been touched by cancer. It is an ugly, awful all of its forms... and it needs to be eliminated. No more families should be torn apart, forced to work extra jobs, or find themselves having to give up their education, careers, hopes or dreams in order to become fulltime caregivers.

My team needs your support to cross the ultimate finish line - a cure! Our goal is to raise $70,000 by September, 2009. We can't hit our goal without help! PLEASE HELP! ANY AMOUNT HELPS!

This is the second year of "Running for Russ." Russ is Russell Riseman, my cousin who passed away on August 29, 2008 after bravely fighting esophogeal cancer for over a year. I wanted to honor his memory....and with TNT's mission of finding a cure for those who are suffering and enduring true hardship...I felt that was the best way to honor him. Russ meant the world to my family, to his loving wife and to his two amazing daughters, and now I hope to create a better world in his memory.

Two miles of my run is being dedicated to the memory of Aleyamma Abraham, Aley, the aunt of a good friend, who passed away in June 2009 of Leukemia. She brought a lot of joy to a lot of people.

I hope you find yourself in a situation where you are able to support TNT and LLS. If you wish to donate by check, please make the check payable to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and send it to Adam Detsky, 122 Sterling Road, Harrison, NY 10528.

I hope you will visit my web site often. Be sure to check back frequently to see my progress. Thanks for your support!

Thanks again!


"Please think of Russey whenever a beautiful butterfly or bird goes by, a child is heard giggling with glee, or a warm tender song is heard. Watch out in heaven, a very exciting soul is headed your way."


Training Log:

SEPTEMBER 2009: 85 miles jogged; 31 miles on the elliptical

AUGUST 2009: 116.5 miles jogged; 61.50 miles on elliptical

JULY 2009: 97.25 miles jogged; 71.5 miles on elliptical

JUNE 2009: 63.5 miles jogged; 80.2 miles on the elliptical.


Supporter Comments

    "I'm so proud of you Adam =)"


    Sun Jun 21 03:20:35 EDT 2009

    "So proud of you Adam. Your amazing!!"

    Alyssa King and David Drishpon

    Sun Jun 21 04:09:08 EDT 2009

    "As a fellow TNT Alum, I want to say way to go Adam! I run in memory of my Aunt Laura who passed away from non-hodgkins lymphoma and every dollar raised brings us closer to a cure! As I ran my first 1/2 marathon I know my Aunt Laura was looking down on me and was very proud as I am sure your cousin in looking down on you and is equally proud of you! Keep up the good work! "

    Bernice E. Margolis

    Wed Jun 24 03:51:17 EDT 2009

    "Good Luck fundraising! Let me know if you need more to reach your goal."

    Kimberly Wirtz

    Fri Aug 25 10:34:15 EDT 2017

    "Have fun Nikki!"

    Tue Aug 29 05:41:40 EDT 2017

    "We are with you, Tom!"

    Kimberly Wirtz

    Sat Sep 02 01:36:43 EDT 2017

    "Go team Markey Pharmily! "

    Tue Sep 12 08:58:47 EDT 2017

    "Go Adam! It's almost race day - you can do it!! "


    Mon Sep 14 07:14:30 EDT 2009

    "Adam, thank you so much for doing this for Russ. He was a large part of my life and a great father figure to Cherie and I. He is her best friend and I know this means the world to her and all of us whom love Russ. Love, Lynda"

    Lynda Sullivan (Cherie's sis)

    Fri Jun 19 03:09:30 EDT 2009

    "Adam, Your efforts in the fight against cancer are truly honorable and we are blessed by your friendship. Best of luck! See you at the finish line! "

    Brian and Joyce Miller

    Mon Jun 15 09:25:03 EDT 2009

    "Thanks for doing your part to honor Russ by continuing his battle against cancer."

    Carol & Steve Hunter

    Wed Jun 10 01:31:12 EDT 2009

    "Thank you Adam for helping to fight the devastation of cancer for families in the future. Uncle David and Aunt Arlene"

    David & Arlene Riseman

    Tue Jun 09 04:02:07 EDT 2009

    "Good luck Adam! You are doing such a great thing :)"

    Brian Glick

    Tue Jun 09 11:01:45 EDT 2009

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