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Good day & Good Morning
Apr 02, 2013 by Liana Shanes

I’d like to say that I was able to view this sunrise myself Saturday morning. That I caught it’s beauty and held my breath as I thought of my reason for being there. I was warm in bed though watching the sunrise peek through the trees and into my bedroom. The thoughts I would have had would not have been any different though. I would be there in a few hours and I’d be running thinking of Cheryl Chow. Cheryl was wife to our teammate Sarah and dear to the hearts of our whole team. I’d like to think that when Coach Kathleen captured this picture she was having similar thoughts.

Cheryl had passed away from a long arduous battle with Leukemia the day before. She was one of many reasons we, as a team, woke at 5-6am on a Saturday morning to pull on running clothes and battle with the cyclists for room on the path. I lay in my bed that morning of the emotion I always felt from Sarah when she talked of Cheryl. Of how she would talk of the various events that they had done together for yet another Honored teammate who is still winning his battle. Strange how that comes full circle sometimes huh?

Yet another moment in this never ending battle that reminds me that there’s a reason I’m out there week after week running. Because Cheryl couldn’t. Because little Avey can’t. Because Greg couldn’t. Because Darline couldn’t. But most importantly, because I can. For those who have helped me with this battle, you have my eternal gratitude. One day I’ll stop asking because there won’t be a need to ask any more. Because the battle with cancer will be over and I’ll need to find a new cause to champion. Because no more children will have to live without their mom or dad or little brother. I’m one week away from my longest “practice” run and just under 1 month away from race day. I’ll be digging a little bit deeper to finish stronger and faster than I have in the past 6 months. Do you have it in you to dig a bit deeper and get me closer to my goal?

Dec 12, 2012 by Liana Shanes

“That’s the thing about running: your greatest runs are rarely measured by racing success. They are moments in time when running allows you to see how wonderful your life is.”

~ Kara Goucher

Thanksgiving Weekend, I did something different with my running. Instead of being the athlete digging deep trying to reach a goal, or beat a PR time, or even just a race distance I was the athletic supporter helping others dig deep. Helping others reach a goal. Helping others finish a race they weren’t entirely sure they could complete. My friends and family and the internet in general has heard me go on and on about Team in Training and how grateful I am to have them in my life. They’ve helped me reach goals that I wasn’t entirely sure I wanted when I started. Goals I truthfully said offhand with very little thought as to how I would accomplish them. They’ve helped me realize the world is bigger than me and the problems that I feel could end the world. They’ve helped me realize that there’s so much more I could do for others that I haven’t yet begun to help with. They’ve helped me realize I’m just a bit more stubborn than I let myself believe I am.

Because of that, I wanted to help give back and show others how awesome this opportunity is. I can talk and email and Facebook on and on about it, but it truly doesn’t show as well as I would like. So I volunteer my time. I mentored other runners with goal, I helped support practices by being there for Waterstop support on multiple occasions and I’ve donated time and money where I could. Thanksgiving weekend, I went out and supported the TEAM yet again. This time I purposefully walked most of the race to find our slowest Half Marathon participant and ensure they finish. We found her and let her set the pace all while reminding her that we were there for her. And I was inspired. Inspired by Dianne, the participant we found who we saw visibly dig deep within herself to find what she needed to keep going. Inspired by an elderly man waiting for his wife. (They were in the event together and he would run a bit then wait for her to catch up. He was a cancer survivor who didn't understand why God did bad things to good people.) Inspired by the group of ladies who were walking because one of their group had injured herself and could only walk. They brought cheers and chatter that I’m sure inspired the crowds around them if not at least a smile. These are all things that inspired me to keep going with this new season of fundraising. Inspired by how supportive our coaches were of all our people. Inspired by how well those coaches knew the participants they helped train all season. Inspired by the people around me. Inspired by the people who believe in me enough to make a donation to my fundraising efforts.

Getting started
Oct 22, 2012

Teams are made up of individuals. Without them, there is no team.

I'm now registered and committed to running my next half in the Inaugural Nike Women's Half in DC. Who's going to be the first to make a donation in my efforts to support blood cancer research?

Make a donation in the name of a friend or loved one. One that's beat cancer or one whose name I'll be fighting those miles for. These miles, the sweat, frozen fingers from winter runs, and unrivaled determination is for them.

For sweet Abby, For Liz, For Sweetie, for Darline, for Greg, for My Tam, for Alex, For Tanya, for Tara, for my grandmother, for Cheri, For Jimmie, for little Jacob whose battle has made me cry for the last few months. for all of them and so many many more.



Supporter Comments

    "go get 'em liana!"

    Jo Balme

    Tue Oct 30 06:52:22 EDT 2012

    "Thanks for fundraising! Have a great journey. Also, Ferris Rules."

    Eugene Hsu

    Tue Nov 20 06:12:21 EST 2012

    "Go Liana!!!"

    Jess Estrada

    Fri Nov 23 02:29:57 EST 2012

    "Liana, I am continually amazed and envious through your efforts to fund a blood cancer cure. I thank you for creating the auction which enables me to get some holiday presents all the while knowing 100% of the gift purchase price is going to fund a cancer cure and provide patient services. THANK YOU for being YOU. You are awesome!"

    On-line Auction

    Mon Dec 17 02:53:07 EST 2012

    "Go Liana, go!!! Great job!!!"

    Dorothy Gorman

    Tue Mar 05 09:16:47 EST 2013

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