My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Jan 14, 2010 by Brett Yates

Racing to Save Lives

Dear Friends and Family,

I, Brett Yates, will complete the 100 mile bicycle ride around Lake Tahoe, known as America's Most Beautiful Ride, on June 6th to raise funds and awareness for research leading to a cure for leukemia and related cancers.

Leukemia is a malignancy of the blood-forming tissues; bone marrow, lymph nodes and spleen. It appears as uncontrolled multiplication of abnormal blood cells. When leukemia strikes, millions of abnormal and useless white blood cells accumulate in the tissues, preventing the production of normal cells. It is estimated that leukemia and its related cancers will strike over 100,000 Americans this year. Every week 1,155 Americans will lose their lives to this disease. Leukemia is the number one killing disease of children, yet affects 10 times as many adults. The cause of leukemia remains unknown. However, the effectiveness of recently developed treatment methods and steady advances in research bring us closer every day to finding the cause of leukemia and related cancers and probable cures.

As a member of Team In Training, I have a coach, a training program and 30 teammates to support me. I have committed to train every day with team trainings on the weekends, and I have made a goal for myself to raise $4,000 in donations to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I AM MOTIVATED! I AM COMMITTED!! I WILL DO IT!!!

By now I hope you agree with me about the importance of this cause. Please help support me by giving generously. Seventy-five percent of all funds go directly to research, and your contribution is tax deductible. Contributing money is a powerful way to be involved when you can't give your time. If your company matches charitable contributions, please include matching forms with your donation. Of course, your good wishes and positive vibes to sustain me in my training and your heaps of praise as I cross the finish line will also be graciously accepted.

With my sincere thanks,

Brett Yates


Supporter Comments

    "No hill too steep No headwind too brisk for a young strong lad pedaling for a good cause Best O' Luck"

    Patrick Yates

    Fri Apr 09 12:41:30 EDT 2010

    "Go get em Yates!!! "

    Nicole Butts

    Tue May 25 11:34:13 EDT 2010

    "Ride like the wind"

    Kurt and Sarah Lehrmann

    Wed Mar 10 03:17:44 EST 2010

    "Good luck Brett! Have fun--keep a light heart and the miles will fly by."

    Linda Yates

    Tue Mar 30 01:28:20 EDT 2010

    "Good luck dude!"

    Ryan Reese

    Mon Feb 01 04:27:11 EST 2010

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Raised: $3,850.00 | Goal: $4,000.00
96 %

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My Thanks To

Blanchard Auto Electric B... $250.00
kirk Patterson $250.00
Brian Bedell $250.00
Karl Lehrmann $250.00
George Austin $150.00
Ben and Malia Hass $150.00
Donna Yates $100.00
Robert Gunther $100.00
Crystal & Bob Yates $100.00
Barbara Collyer $100.00
Kurt and Sarah Lehrmann $100.00
Bree & Justin O'Brien $100.00
Paula Flores $100.00
Chad and Nicole Cheney $100.00
Derek Barnes $100.00
Loke and Ted Parker $100.00
LisaandJim Secan $100.00
Paul Gunther $100.00
Ewald and Janet Lehrmann $100.00
Sally and Tom O'Brien $100.00
Brett Yates $60.00
Nicole Butts $50.00
Bret van den Heuvel $50.00
Laurie McNealy $50.00
Chris Dannemann $50.00
David Tran $50.00
Jamie Nelson $50.00
Patrick Yates $50.00
Noah and Hilary Clark $50.00
Mary Clark $50.00
Jessica Secan $50.00
Kurt and Sarah Lehrmann $50.00
LisaandJim Secan $50.00
Marta Collings $50.00
Joseph Monzingo $40.00
Janessa Hunter $25.00
Ryan Kinsella $25.00
robert Svendsen $25.00
Linda Yates $25.00
Kirk Jones $25.00
Amanda Whitworth $25.00
Mark Siadal  
Ryan Reese