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100 Miles!
Oct 06, 2013 by Katie Haimann

I completed the Seagull Century and it was awesome! Thanks so much for all the support, espcially my family who waited at the Asstetegue Island rest stop, 63 miles into the route! It was a great event, I had so much fun being surrounded with tons of other cyclists. Everyone was there to have fun on their bikes and enjoy the ride. At the last rest stop, at 85 miles, the volunteers had pie and ice cream for us, yum! That was a great treat to help push me through the last few miles! Go Team!

Ready, Set, Seagull!
Oct 03, 2013 by Katie Haimann

Event weekend is finally here and I am so excited! When I was traveling a couple of weeks ago I came across an article all about the Seagull Century. It's a very popular event amoung cyclists and this year it's celebrating it's 25th anniversary. What started as a ride amoung friends from the Salibury University campus has grown into an event that will see 8,000 participants this weekend, wow! I am very excited to ride with Team in Training and thanks to everyone who has supported me this season!

Look what arrived in the mail the other day! I'm ready to ride!


Let's get Crafty!
Aug 07, 2013 by Katie Haimann

I've been putting some of craft skills to work to make some items to sell as part of my fundraising. My first attempt was selling items at the local County Fair but, along with some other local artisans, didn't sell much. So I've decided to continue selling on Etsy to reach a wider audience. I'm making pencil cases, tote bags, and other items that would be great for back to school. Check out my shop here!

My set up at the County Fair and learning, with fellow vendors, that we weren't hitting our target audience to sell our homemade crafts. But now you can support me by shopping online!

Thank you for your support!

And the winner is...
Jul 29, 2013 by Katie Haimann

Hello again! The three winners for my Early Bird Drawing are:

1st Prize: Sarah Johnson

2nd Prize: David & Mallory Adams

3rd Prize: Randy & Noris Edington

Congratulations to the winners! Thanks again for your donations!

If anyone is in the South central Missouri area I am going to be fundraising at the Phelps County Fair in Rolla from July 31st to August 3rd. I am selling some of my homemade crafts so come out and support me if you can!

Summer Update!
Jul 21, 2013 by Katie Haimann

Hello Everyone! I'm having a great time training and exploring some new roads in my neighborhood. This weekend I completed a long ride of 45 miles, not even half of what I'll cover on race day! I'm building my miles every week and am enjoying the experience.

I'm extending my Early Bird Drawing for one week, the new date is 27 July. This will be your last chance to make a donation for a chance to win one of three giftbaskets, that's right, there will be a first, second and third price!

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    "30 yrs since you have been gone; never forgotten especially in this our birthday month... your loving twin CHRISTINE"

    Christine Haimann

    Tue Jun 04 08:14:29 EDT 2013

    "Luv the pencil bags!"


    Sat Aug 03 09:33:53 EDT 2013

    "Donation from Jackie and Nelson Adams!"

    David Adams

    Sat Jul 13 01:51:31 EDT 2013


    patricia swaddle

    Sat Jun 29 01:04:05 EDT 2013


    patricia swaddle

    Sat Jun 29 01:00:09 EDT 2013

    "FROM THE 'OTHER SWADDLES' & MY POSTMMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sx"

    patricia swaddle

    Sat Jun 29 12:55:17 EDT 2013


    Patricia Swaddle

    Sat Jun 29 12:49:43 EDT 2013

    "GO KATIE GO!!!!!!!!!!!! FROM ALL HERE IN THE BAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aunty Susan X"

    Patricia SWADDLE

    Tue Jun 11 02:15:26 EDT 2013

    "Hi Katie! I have TNT 3x and it is so much fun! Keep up the good work! Go Team!"

    Amy Marks

    Wed Jun 26 12:26:18 EDT 2013

    "Good Luck! From David and Mallory"

    David Adams

    Fri Jul 12 10:48:32 EDT 2013

    "Cordie is so proud of her Aunt Katie! We love so much and your dedication to such great causes. "

    Rob & Julie Hatch

    Wed Jul 24 10:49:41 EDT 2013

    "I'm so excited to have sold my first quilt as part of my fundraising! Thanks to my sister Julie for the quilting inspiration and to Amy Gibson for a great beginners class!"


    Mon Sep 23 05:58:39 EDT 2013

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