Welcome to JOY team's Fundraising Page

Welcome to JOY team's Fundraising Page
Feb 22, 2015




Team Captains:  Ann Chavez & Anne Hess


Across the US TNT participants are training together as teams to prepare for a sports event that will support cures and access to treatments for blood cancer patients!


Ann & Anne met in September at a fitness retreat  weekend with 1fwtraining: fitness training for those seeking to live a full and fit life after loss.  They are now combining forces to run and fundraise in memory of their beloved and so that no other family has to face blood cancer.  

Join us in honoring JAY KAISER & JARED HESS and help put an end to blood cancers.  Jay and Jared loved being active and seeing people engage in things that they were passionate about.   This race and the ability to raise money for LLS gives us the opportunity to honor their passions and to live a Joyful and Fit life.  Please consider supporting our TNT Team with a  $5.00 donation.



Want to run or walk the Rock N Roll San Diego Half Marathon on the JOY4JAY & JARED Team?  Join us on May 31, 2015.  All are welcome.  Please contact us at annchavez1@gmail.com to join the team.   It is a great way to have fun, get in shape, and honor two amazing lives.



We are raising funds to continue The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's funding of the breakthrough development of therapies that have already saved and continues to save thousands of lives. As a team, we are that much stronger, but still need the might of your support.


Please donate now to this TNT team and help us all get closer to a world without blood cancers!

Please donate to the TEAM Link - it helps both of us reach our fundraising goals!

Thank you!

Ann & Anne




Supporter Comments

    "Good Luck girls. Your both amazing and the guys are shining up in Heaven down on both of you. XOXO"

    Robin Lux

    Tue Feb 17 04:26:29 EST 2015

    "Hope for a cure ! Much love to you both ! Christy Nickels"

    Christy Nickels

    Tue Feb 17 05:05:45 EST 2015

    "Love you Ann and Jay !!1"

    Cari Callaway-Nelson

    Tue Feb 17 06:42:18 EST 2015

    "You ladies are inspiring & since I can't run at the moment run some for me!!! Did a Half marathon last year & hurt myself running a few months later!! Rock on"

    Rrhonda Cutter

    Wed Feb 18 12:35:47 EST 2015

    "Love you, Ann!"

    Kathryn Morrell

    Fri Feb 20 10:01:17 EST 2015

    "There are no words....just prayers for peace and strength and resolve to do everything in your and our power to eradicate blood cancer. GO TEAM!"

    The Ledfords

    Tue Feb 24 09:33:54 EST 2015

    "You're an inspiration ladies! Proud to support Joy for Jay and Jared! "

    Shawn Smith

    Tue Mar 10 10:25:56 EDT 2015

    "So proud of you two beautiful ladies! I admire your strength and courage! Rock on Questie sisters!!"

    Leanne Arens

    Sun Mar 15 12:59:06 EDT 2015

    "Best of luck!! ❤️"

    Cathy Smith

    Wed Mar 18 05:00:38 EDT 2015

    "Dear Anne and Ann Marie, Wow, a half marathon! And what a great place to run it. Love San Diego. Manav and I were there last year. Best wishes for a fabulous run! Fondly remembering Jared, Blake"

    Blake Marshall

    Wed Mar 18 11:20:11 EDT 2015

    "Thankful for you, Anne. We're looking forward to meeting Jared one day in heaven."

    Lora Fahnestock

    Wed May 06 03:45:12 EDT 2015

    "Dear Ann, I am very proud of you...peace and love to you and the children."


    Mon May 11 12:10:59 EDT 2015

    "You are both so inspiring and I love that you are doing this race! A wonderful way to honor the ones you love and continue their legacy. Best of luck and I will be thinking about you both and cheering you on. Long live love!"

    Debbie Geisenburg

    Mon May 11 08:53:33 EDT 2015

    "In honor and memory of two strong and vibrant men who were taken from us too soon. "

    A Hess

    Thu May 14 09:16:40 EDT 2015

    "Yay Anne! (and Ann--who I don't know). Enjoy the run!"

    Steven Hartman-Keiser

    Thu May 14 09:31:11 EDT 2015

    "Go get em!"

    Damien Haygood

    Thu May 14 09:36:36 EDT 2015

    "every penny counts!! "

    manuel benabe jr

    Fri May 15 12:37:23 EDT 2015

    "Rock it out, Ladies!"

    Jane Dennery

    Fri May 15 03:09:06 EDT 2015

    "Have a great run! We admire you. Love, Lucy Bell and Sophy"

    Lucy Bell Jarka-Sellers

    Fri May 15 07:03:53 EDT 2015

    "Go Ann and Anne! I love your spirit!"

    caroline davidson

    Fri May 15 08:42:50 EDT 2015

    "Rock on Ann and Anne! I truly admire your strength and grace! xoxo, Alice"

    Alice Birch

    Fri May 15 11:00:34 EDT 2015

    "As always Ann your courage and strength amazes me. XOXO Dawn"

    Dawn Cortese

    Fri May 15 05:16:48 EDT 2015

    "Good luck! Love you!"

    Armelle Hunt

    Fri May 15 07:12:40 EDT 2015

    "Very happy to help such a worthy cause. Thanks for the opportunity! Jenni Biggins"

    Jenni Biggins

    Fri May 15 08:40:32 EDT 2015

    "Two amazing women honoring two hero�s! I am honored to support your team!"

    Alberta Heagle-LaVoy

    Sat May 16 12:11:43 EDT 2015

    "Enjoy your run and know your guys are with you!"

    Sarah Folzenlogen

    Sat May 16 10:02:46 EDT 2015

    "Sending Love!"

    Kathryn Morrell

    Sat May 16 08:18:09 EDT 2015

    "Go Anne and Team!"


    Sat May 16 11:39:23 EDT 2015

    "Anne... good luck from Matt, Ellen, and Mason! Jay will be watching over all of us. :)"

    Matt & Ellen Kingery

    Sun May 17 12:11:49 EDT 2015

    "Go Joy Team!"


    Mon May 25 03:46:39 EDT 2015

Team Fundraising Total

Goal: $5,800.00
109 %
Donations: $6,325.10

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Thanks To

Shawn Smith $1000.00
A Hess $250.00
Matt & Ellen Kingery $100.00
Armelle Hunt $100.00
Alice Birch $100.00
Damien Haygood $100.00
Rebecca & Matthew Keiser $50.00
Steven Hartman-Keiser $50.00
Debbie Geisenburg $50.00
Blake Marshall $50.00
The Ledfords $50.00
Cari Callaway-Nelson $50.00
Robin Lux $50.00
Anonymous $25.00
Kathryn Morrell $25.00
Ann Hocking $25.00
Alberta Heagle-LaVoy $25.00
Jean Costello $25.00
Jenni Biggins $25.00
Lucy Bell Jarka-Sellers $25.00
Lisa Dillman $25.00
Patti Barrett $25.00
Cathy Smith $25.00
Leanne Arens $25.00
Kathryn Morrell $25.00
Rrhonda Cutter $25.00
Judy Helgerson $25.00
Christy Nickels $25.00
manuel benabe jr $10.00
Sarah Folzenlogen  
Babilonia Prunes family  
Dawn Cortese  
caroline davidson  
Anne Gerbner  
Jane Dennery  
Amy Zaher  
Lora Fahnestock  
Isabel Ballester  
Rick Beavers