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Almost 8 Weeks Complete!
Dec 31, 2015 by Libby Reilly

Well, last week was Christmas and Shane and I drove down to Lakeland, Florida to spend the holiday with my family. 85 degrees all week certainly didn't feel very Chrsitmasy but it was still a nice time. 

Shane decided to be a good Christmas sport and go for a 2-mile run with me early Christmas morning. Starting the day with a sweat made it much easier to justify all the yummy food we came across throughout the rest of the day! 

On Sunday morning before we drove back home, I ran 6.35 miles around Lake Hollingsworth in Lakeland (pictured). The lake is 3-miles and where many Lakelanders go to exercise. Being surrounded by the beauty of my hometown, wildlife, and smiling faces made my post-Christmas run bearable. 

I started this week sick so I haven't been able to run. Prayers are appreciated that I heal quickly and get back to training without losing any progress or momentum.

On the fundraising front, we are SO close to goal! I am inspired by the spirit of giving that has been shown this season and am confident that I will reach that $1800 goal in no time. 

Thank you Keith and Shari LaPorte and my grandmother for their generous donations last week! 

As we welcome the new year, I know that many of you are making resolutions to be more organized or lose a few pounds. Will you consider making one of your resolutions to help find a cure for cancer? That is a resolution you can not only feel great about, but you can accomplish in no time by donating to LLS and supporting my training efforts. 

Happy New Year, friends! Thank you so much for your continued support and encouragement. Eight weeks until the big day! 

Sixth Week Complete!
Dec 21, 2015 by Libby Reilly




Ho! Ho! Ho! It's the most wonderful time of the year and I am just full of Christmas cheer and Christmas tunes (my poor husband who puts up with my constant caroling!)! 

Last week's training (week 5) felt sub-par. I only got in three runs and my long run (6.5 miles) was SLOW. I was feeling a little discouraged about my ability and progress. 

Week 6, however, was ON POINT! I don't mean to brag but it was just such an uplifting week for my training and I felt on top of the world. I worked a lot on my pace by doing two sprinting days and my long run (pictured) was early, cold, and felt great. I decided to run through downtown Pensacola and it was so quiet and calm at 6am on a chilly Saturday morning. I treated myself after the 7 miles to that delicious latte and spent the day wrapping gifts and resting my legs ;) 

The past few weeks I have come in contact with so many inspiring people who have let me know how close this cause is to their hearts and how glad they are that I am playing a part in the great things LLS is doing. Sometimes I feel like I'm just running, but I know it is so much more. 

I met a woman in my Weight Watchers group whose father died of multiple myeloma. A woman at work who did a fundraising yoga class with me told me about her friend who recently died of leukemia. I spoke to a good family friend, Gene, who told me about his first wife, Rosemary, who was diagnosed with leukemia in the first year of marriage (1966) and dies 18 months later, just as doctors predicted. 

"We didn't have all the cancer-fighting medicine and treatments then like we do now. She was a real catch; you think you have life figured out and then cancer happens. What you're doing with LLS is making a difference. Finish strong." 

In memory of Rosemary and so many others, I promise to do just that. 

I am now 78% of the way to my fundraising goal thanks to so many wonderful donors! This week, a shout-out goes to the best parents-in-love a girl could hope for (Mark and Taryn), Gene Turchan, Terry and John Hrenko, Diane Hrenko, Aunt Lynette, and my yogi donators: Victoria, Theresa, Vanessa, Mary, Jay, Christy, and Sonya!

I am so close to that $1800 mark! I know that at Christmas, everyone has so many other things on their mind, but being charitable is one of the best ways to celebrate the season. Will you join me? 

Exciting News!
Dec 10, 2015 by Libby Reilly

I am so excited to announce that this lady of the dance is joining me in the New Orleans Rock n' Roll half-marathon on February 28! 

Jill was my very first friend (and Simon the Papilion's first love) when I moved to Pensacola almost five years ago. Since then, we have seen many life events and she's moved to Omaha, Nebraska but we still keep in touch with our frequent morning phone calls and FaceTime sessions. After some mild persuasion tactics (heehee), she has signed up to run with me and help me spread the word about the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society! 

I cannot wait to spend time in New Orleans with one of my best friends and share all of our training stories (and some friendly competition) in the weeks ahead. I didn't think it could get any better than knowing all of you were behind me with your support, donations, and "you go, girl!" sentiments. While those things are unmatched, knowing I'm not running alone and getting to share this with such a great friend is the icing on the cake. 


Fourth Week Complete!
Dec 06, 2015 by Libby Reilly


(Yes, it is December and I am running in shorts and a tank top. Welcome to the Deep South!)


Wow... Is it possible that I have been pursuing this mission for a month already!? It truly doesn't seem possible. Bright side- 4 weeks down, 12 to go! February 28 will be here before I know it. 

I finished this week with a total of 14.42 miles. In retrospect, I wish I had clocked just a bit more but I was traveling for work most of the week, forgot my running shoes (!), bought new ones, worked long days, and then was just not feeling up to par on Saturday for my long run (pictured above!). Excuses excuses, but I did try to make the most of my situation by buying myself an early Christmas presents (Thanks for the Asics, Santa Clause!) and doing one of my runs on the hotel treadmill. 

Each week, I have been truly touched by the generosity shown by my friends and family. Each and every donation has put a huge smile on my face and knowing you all are behind me gets me through each run! I hope you know that while your donation is personally affecting me and this journey, your donation is 100% going towards the amazing work that LLS is doing in the fight against cancer. You are changing lives! 

This week's shout-out goes to Mary LaPorte, Lisa Quieto, Gale Civale, Dana and Aunt Harriet, and Jupi Reilly! I am now 53% of the way to my goal of raising $1800. That's $955 raised so far! WOW! I wish I could hug each and every one of you but since most of you are so far away, just know that I am sending a big hug through this post. I hope you caught it! xoxo. 


Third Week Complete!
Dec 01, 2015 by Libby Reilly

(My family-in-love, husband, and I ran our very own Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot 5k and had a blast!)


Thanksgiving/Christmas in Massachusetts and my third week of half-marathon training is complete! What a great week spent with those we love! 

I was ecstatic to have my father-in-love run with me three days while we were there. I don't think he realizes how much it meant to me to have that time together and I definitely got spoiled by having a running partner! Now that I am back home and running solo, it just isn't the same! 

I finished week 3 with a total of 13.46 miles and it felt great! Having a partner definitely improved my pace, too... my long run on Saturday was 5.33 miles at an 11.25 pace. I am pretty proud of that! 

On the fundraising front, you all definitely stepped it up last week! THANK YOU! I have been blown away by the generosity and support I have seen shown by my friends and family. 

A big shout-out this week goes to Uncle Sam, Jim & Ellen, Aunt Dorcas, and Mallory & Stefan! Because of your gifts, I am 35% to my goal of raising $1800 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Please continue to spread the word so that I can make this goal in the next month before January. I believe we can have a world free from blood cancers and this is the way we get there! 

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Supporter Comments

    "We love you Sis and love that you're committing yourself to this great cause. We'll be there at the finish line cheering for you! "

    Joshua & Lindsey Morris

    Sat Nov 21 02:40:40 EST 2015

    "Go, girl, go!"

    Elva Cottle

    Sat Nov 21 03:39:38 EST 2015

    "I'm so proud of all your hard work and decoration!! Id be happy to support you and such a great cause!!! Loren "


    Sun Jan 31 02:14:58 EST 2016

    "Run, Sissy, run!!! You make us very proud! Always our Irreplaceable Treasure... Love, Dad and Marme ❤👟👑"

    Greg and Sandy Morris

    Sat Jan 30 09:41:11 EST 2016

    "Wish I was in the position to donate more...:("

    Jay Diliberto

    Tue Dec 15 11:24:32 EST 2015

    "Libs, I'm so proud of you for taking on this challenge. As you know, cancer has impacted me in a very personal way with the death of my dad, still a young man at only 60 years of age when he died. Also, my only sister, Michele, lives with cancer. This is something that I reflect on daily, as we must be grateful for every moment that we have on this earth. While I am not yet ready to join you in this monster run, I am happy to contribute a small monetary gift to help you get there. . . and I'll be cheering for you along the way. You got this!!! Love, Sonya"

    Sonya Lavett

    Mon Dec 07 06:03:18 EST 2015

    "Love you! Xo "

    Julianne Reilly

    Tue Dec 01 07:52:44 EST 2015

    "Way to go on working toward this goal and one bigger than all of us - curing blood cancer! Thank you for supporting this mission!"

    Mallory & Stefan

    Mon Nov 30 10:01:55 EST 2015

    "Good Luck Libby! Thank you for your efforts on behalf of those suffering from blood cancers."

    Jim & Ellen Harte

    Wed Nov 25 09:13:30 EST 2015

    "You go girl! Great job... Keep up the good work!"

    Susan Yinger

    Mon Nov 23 12:15:56 EST 2015

    "Thank you for everything you are doing to help the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! Being a survivor myself, it's humbling to know there are people like you that are giving back to help those that have been affected by this horrible thing called cancer! Thank you!!!!!!!!"

    Misti Roussell Vidrine

    Fri Nov 20 05:07:59 EST 2015

    "Just a little to start - so proud of you!"

    Mallory Underwood

    Fri Nov 20 10:53:12 EST 2015

    "Way to go Libby! (Btw you have big feet, so the running is probably easier...) :p"

    Andrea Grossman

    Wed Nov 18 04:02:44 EST 2015

    "Just keep running!!! "

    Emily Plank

    Tue Nov 10 01:33:23 EST 2015

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