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Dec 01, 2016



It takes more than one person to make up a team and that’s why I’m asking you to donate to my fundraising page for TNT!

I want to remind everyone of the reason(s) I am participating in this effort to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.


This guy.

And other people in my church and school who have struggled/are currently struggling with a blood cancer.

I am driven to raise money for a cure to these diseases that effect both young and old. Every time I swim a lap, run a mile, turn the pedal, I'm reminded of what Dad had to endure in his battle against AML. A battle that lasted 11 months and consumed his and Mom's daily life.

For those of you that knew Dad, you recognize that this picture doesn't capture who he was before he was diagnosed. Every time I look at this picture, I am overcome with grief at how hard he worked to beat leukemia and what a beating he took in the process.

Your donation will help fund treatments that save lives every day; like immunotherapies that use a person’s own immune system to kill cancer. You may not know it, but every single donation helps save a life with breakthrough therapies such as these.

If you donate, feel free to do so in memory/honor of someone special.  

I appreciate your generosity.

Love, Ember





Supporter Comments

    "Run for Daylight Em!"

    Valerie Chiarenzelli

    Mon Jan 16 11:36:02 EST 2017

    "For my Grandpa!"

    Ella Hilkert

    Wed Feb 01 02:30:15 EST 2017

    "So proud of you, Em! We have lost too many good people to too many types of cancer! Your Dad was one of the best, and he will be with you every step, stroke, and pedal of your journey! You got this!"

    Nancy Petrosino

    Fri Feb 10 03:35:35 EST 2017

    "Always loved the mustache! And we remember him as a wonderful person. (WFC). Betsy Foss & Chuck Mangos"

    Betsy Foss

    Fri Feb 17 10:40:58 EST 2017

    "Your family is cheering for you!"

    family members

    Wed Mar 15 09:02:47 EDT 2017

    "In memory of all those who fought this illness so bravely. And support for those fighting and winning this battle."


    Thu Jun 08 09:34:02 EDT 2017

    "I'm so excited you're doing this! I'm praying for all the participants, as well as those who are living with leukemia & lymphoma; and those who are working to find new treatments and a cure."

    Pastor Dan

    Sat Jun 10 12:21:38 EDT 2017

    "Friends of Marv"

    Georgianna and George Bartholomew

    Fri Jun 23 09:43:33 EDT 2017

    "Good luck Ember. Jon sprout"

    Jon Sprout

    Fri Jun 09 04:10:32 EDT 2017

    "It is through research and awareness that will beat this terrible disease that is destroying too many lives. Love to you for raising funds. Will be cheer you on! "

    Nancy A Smith

    Thu Jun 08 10:38:52 EDT 2017

    "Congrats on meeting your goal and good luck. "

    Dan Graham

    Thu Jun 08 07:38:25 EDT 2017

    "Great people do great things. Congratulations on all you've done. Can't wait to see the rest. "

    Jennifer Graham

    Thu Jun 08 07:04:52 EDT 2017

    "Thank you so much to all who participated!"

    Williamson Fly In Breakfast Benefit

    Thu Jun 08 05:12:43 EDT 2017

    "Doing something like this is already wining - all the rest is gravy. Best to all who compete in this endeavor. "


    Thu Jun 08 02:02:53 EDT 2017

    "What an accomplishment and a wonderful honor to your dad. Good luck Ember!"

    Leah Stuck

    Thu Jun 08 01:56:17 EDT 2017

    "Go Ember! Your dad was such a kind and friendly man!"

    Charlie & Linda

    Wed May 24 10:09:19 EDT 2017

    "From the Williamson Flying Club, in honor of Marv."

    Williamson Flying Club

    Tue May 23 08:33:31 EDT 2017

    "Cheering you on!!!! You go girl!!!! <3 Beth and Bruce"

    Beth and Bruce Clingerman

    Sun Apr 30 02:22:27 EDT 2017

    "Marv was a dear, supportive friend at the WFC. I miss him deeply. I know he will be with you all the way through this endeavor."


    Wed Apr 05 08:50:09 EDT 2017

    "Love you, Ember.. :)"

    Beth Macvicz

    Wed Jan 18 11:56:34 EST 2017

    "Do what you do. Thanks."

    OmniDon of Dons

    Sat Feb 18 04:57:37 EST 2017

    "Congregant of North Rose United Methodist Church"

    Bob Reed

    Sun Feb 12 10:56:26 EST 2017

    "From a member of North Rose United Methodist Church..."


    Sun Feb 12 10:53:32 EST 2017

    "The Williamson Flying Club will never be the same."

    Rick McCutchan

    Fri Feb 10 11:00:25 EST 2017

    "Proud of you Ember!"

    Rita Griffin

    Fri Jan 13 01:14:55 EST 2017

    "More than "I was sick and you visited me," this is "We were sick and you did something about it ... and inspired others to do something, too." Best wishes, Ember, for your effort in this cause."

    Rich Neal

    Sat Dec 17 03:48:25 EST 2016

    "Rock this triathlon Ember!! A ton of hugs, love and prayers to all of you! Teresa"

    Teresa Treasure-Moore

    Thu Dec 01 07:46:27 EST 2016

    "Honoring your dad's presence in you, Ember."

    Pamela Murabito

    Thu Dec 01 06:23:57 EST 2016

    "We know Leukemia to well!"

    Your new neighbor

    Thu Dec 01 05:20:08 EST 2016

    "I don't have much but I wanted to help your cause."

    Dorothy from Oz

    Thu Dec 01 02:32:55 EST 2016

    "Embers work buddy!!"

    Sarah Young

    Fri Jun 23 11:41:59 EDT 2017

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