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Mar 01, 2017

Team JAMIE Kicked Cancer's Ass!

It is with gratitude that we are running 13.1 miles and raising funds to help find cures and ensure access to treatments for blood cancer patients. Your donation will help fund treatments that save lives every day; like immunotherapies that use a person’s own immune system to kill cancer. 


Please consider donating; we genuinely appreciate it and are excited to help all the people who greatly benefit from the money we raise!!


Thank you so much!!

Jamie, Lindsay, & Sarah



Supporter Comments

    "Kick-butt and take names ladies! Good luck and so glad to hear all is well Jamie! <3 - Lauren Zache"

    William Engelhardt

    Tue Mar 28 07:47:24 EDT 2017

Team Fundraising Total

Goal: $4,800.00
128 %
Donations: $6,125.00

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 Titanium $1,000.00
 Platinum $500.00
 Gold $250.00
 Silver $100.00
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Thanks To

Rexnord Foundation Inc. (... $2490.00
Suzanne Winkler $50.00
Pat Tuma $50.00
Jim Zache $50.00
Trista Mallow $25.00
Lauren Aurelius $20.00
William Engelhardt  
Karr and Chrisi Tait $100.00
Carolyn Henze $50.00
Stephanie Garza $50.00
Pam Keller $25.00
Jen Groettum $25.00
Anonymous $500.00
Peter Browne $250.00
Anonymous $250.00
Katie Long $250.00
Mike Underwood $131.00
Emilie and Michael Aschen... $100.00
Sandra Fredenburgh $100.00
The Cooper family $50.00
Anonymous $25.00
Mary DeFranc $20.00
Kristen & Andrew Kivela $250.00
The Unger Family $100.00
Jan Hoaglan $100.00
Linda Quartaro $100.00
Karen LeRoy $100.00
Pamela Stanek $100.00
Beth Nelson $100.00
Sandy Kelm $50.00
Grandma Nelson $50.00
Brian Mallow $50.00
Deanna Nguyen $50.00
Damaris Pitre $50.00
Sandy and Dick Nelson $50.00
Kathy Schommer  
Chase and Sandy Kelm  
Stefanie Nelson