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I did it!
Oct 23, 2011 by Amanda Ihle

I did it!!! Thank you endlessly to all who supported me monetarily or emotionally! You have warmed my heart!

Oct 10, 2011 by Amanda Ihle



Oct 10, 2011 by Amanda Ihle

"Divide the marathon into thirds. Run the first part with your head, the middle part with your personality, and the last part with your heart." --Mike Fanelli, runner and coach

The Latest on Hydration...and Endurance Nutrition
Sep 20, 2011 by Amanda Ihle

I just finished a casual mid-week 14 miler to the San Francisco Zoo and found this article on my twitter feed when I got back! I thought it provided really sound advice. I definitely get very hungry while running! I've been alternating between eating Honey Stingers/Shark Bites and these chocolate, coconut power nuggets I found at my aunt's natural food co-op. The ratio seems to be working, but I'm thinking, according to this article, I need a lot more carbs. The wheels are still falling off a bit due to lack of fuel. I'm hoping I'll be able to find Matt at a couple of different points during the race to grab a banana and/or a bagel.

I'm also real curious about this beet juice phenomenon!

~4 weeks until race day! I am a ball of nerves.


Aug 08, 2011 by Amanda Ihle

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    "Run fast! Thanks for doing this for such a great cause!!"

    Jake and Summer Lewis

    Mon May 30 10:27:39 EDT 2011

    "You go girl!"

    Masha Lempel

    Mon Jun 06 06:20:29 EDT 2011

    "Thanks for doing this! We need to continue to fight and "run" this cancer out of here. You go girl!"

    Village Therapy Works

    Mon Jun 20 06:15:55 EDT 2011

    "Great cause, run hard!!!"

    Matt & Heather Bratland

    Sun Jul 10 04:13:05 EDT 2011

    "Run girlie!"

    Patrick Hannon & Meghan Hanes

    Tue Oct 11 07:22:03 EDT 2011

    "Good luck Amanda! "

    Ellie Hock

    Mon Aug 01 02:24:59 EDT 2011

    "You are doing a fabulous thing! So proud of you!"

    Holly Murphy

    Fri Jul 29 11:36:07 EDT 2011

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