My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Apr 15, 2009 by Rebecca Baron-Heizer

Racing to Save Lives

Welcome to my Team In Training home page.

I'm training to participate in an endurance event, the Nike Women's Marathon on October 18, 2009, as a member of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Team In Training. All of us on Team In Training are raising funds to help stop leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma and myeloma from taking more lives.

I am completing this event with three special people in mind.

  • My Granna, Lela Maxine Davis-Gautney. She battled leukemia for four years before passing away. She was an extraordinary Grandmother! The kind of person that leaves you with life-long memories!
  • Wonderful family friend, Thomas Lunsford, DVM. Tom is such a great person. Tom worked for my Father as a Veterinarian when I was a child. He was always so nice to be around...he even sewed up my stuffed animals when they started to fall apart! Tom has spent the last several years in Africa, being a missionary spreading the Christian faith and helping the native people learn how to care for their livestock...amongst other things! He and his family have touched so many lives!
  • Cute as a button Sean Davis. Sean, now 7 years old, has been in remission for 6 years! Yay! He loves to watch movies, sing and dance, and has a current interest in magic!!! He is a lively little fellow! I feel like I need to borrow some of his energy for this run!

All individuals who are battling blood cancers are the heroes on our team, and we need your support to cross the ultimate finish line - a cure!

Please make a donation to support my participation in Team In Training and help advance LLS's mission.

I hope you will visit my web site often. Be sure to check back frequently to see my progress. Thanks for your support!



Supporter Comments

    "Dear Dave and Michelle, Keep up the good work. Sincerely, Jeff and the Best Cruises Crew "

    Paula Glover

    Tue Apr 10 10:12:40 EDT 2018


    Wed May 30 10:26:40 EDT 2018

    "Becky, I admire your passion! Keep up the good work"

    The Duke Firm, PC

    Mon Aug 03 09:57:13 EDT 2009

    "Great Job Becky! :D Almost there!"

    Brent and Marie Paugh

    Mon Aug 03 05:36:41 EDT 2009

    "Great job Oscar and Marshall!"

    Lisa Moorad

    Fri Oct 06 06:06:30 EDT 2017

    "Thank you for your courage, grit, determination, and generosity -- keep the faith and know that you are lovingly supported! "

    Roger Bower

    Sat Jun 16 08:30:23 EDT 2018

    "You go girl! Sounds like a wonderful event. Here is a little something to help you meet your goal."

    Billie and Ben Symanski

    Wed May 20 11:55:35 EDT 2009

    "good luck beck!"

    Mark and Cathy

    Thu May 21 11:23:32 EDT 2009

    "Thank you for everything you are doing! "

    Lisa Moorad

    Thu Oct 05 11:30:31 EDT 2017

    "Michele, Mike, Lisa, and I wish the best of luck in what you are doing."

    Michele and Phil Moorad

    Mon Jun 22 04:22:39 EDT 2009

    "Keaton, I am so happy to be able to help you get to your goal to help others with cancer. I am very proud of you! Way to go!!"

    Elaine Berkovsky

    Wed Nov 29 06:47:45 EST 2017

    "Yeah Becky. You run. Run like the wind."

    Donnie Clapp

    Tue Aug 04 01:54:04 EDT 2009

    "You said you needed the last 8.00 well here it is!! Congratulations!!"

    Billie Symanski

    Tue Sep 29 09:13:28 EDT 2009

    "Great cause, Dave. Good luck!"

    Paula Glover

    Wed Apr 11 03:26:15 EDT 2018

    "Rip Paul. Miss you everyday friend. "

    Paula Glover

    Fri Apr 06 12:59:53 EDT 2018

    "Love, Team TravelSmiths"

    Paula Glover

    Wed Apr 04 03:52:37 EDT 2018

    "Good Luck Dave, such a great cause!"

    Paula Glover

    Wed Apr 04 12:59:27 EDT 2018

    "Congratulations to Michelle for her efforts and recognition as Woman of the Year. Your friends at Direct Line Cruises. "

    Paula Glover

    Wed Apr 04 11:20:52 EDT 2018

    "Happy to help!"

    Paula Glover

    Wed Apr 04 10:03:23 EDT 2018

My Fundraising Total

Raised: $4,300.00 | Goal: $4,200.00
102 %

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My Thanks To

William Gautney $500.00
Tom Lunsford $300.00
audrey huntley $300.00
Fred & Toni Baron $125.00
Teresa Huebner $100.00
Jacob Olsen $100.00
Bea & LT Baron $100.00
Terry Brandl Welding, Inc $100.00
Jimmy Roppolo $100.00
Jon Burmeister $100.00
Elaine Berkovsky $100.00
LT Baron $100.00
Mr Lehrer $100.00
John Richards $100.00
Anthony Kresta $100.00
Lisa Moorad $100.00
Billie and Ben Symanski $100.00
Toni Baron $100.00
Paul Brandl $75.00
Alan Sickel $75.00
Anthony Villa $50.00
Jeff Elwell $50.00
Catherine Baron $50.00
Brent and Marie Paugh $50.00
Cindy Garrett $50.00
Angelita Rojoi $50.00
Stephen Maples $50.00
Roger Bower $50.00
Sandra Hyett $50.00
Mark and Cathy $50.00
Brian Swenson $30.00
Debbie Hamman $30.00
Rebecca Baron-Heizer $27.00
C. L. Dobbs $25.00
Scot Powell $25.00
Myra Brhlik $25.00
Blayne Vackar $25.00
Marissa Gutierrez $25.00
Cathi Pena $25.00
The Moses Family (Houston... $25.00
The Duke Firm, PC $25.00
AJ Hofmann $25.00
Paula Glover $25.00
Charles Corwin $25.00
Dettling Oilfield Constru... $25.00
Robert Truex $25.00
Mr Kelley $25.00
John Schott $25.00
Evelyn Gautney $25.00
Erik Smith $25.00
Percy English $20.00
Robert Gillis $20.00
Mr Vacek $10.00
Alfred Priesmeyer $10.00
G Michael Thigpen $10.00
Billie Symanski $8.00
Walter Schneider $5.00
Donnie Clapp  
Michele and Phil Moorad