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We aRE-Committed for the Cause!
Aug 01, 2012 by Keeley Puncochar

Wow, what a journey these past two months have been! It's amazing to see what a change only two months can have on a person, or in our case, a group of people. Since our last blog update, we have acquired a 6th teammate to the TgTNT team (Welcome Carrie Supica)! Half of our team has "re-commited" to the cause, and all of us have acheived things we never thought we would acheive.

Below are some excerpts from our blogs.

Amy Wells: "I even caught myself saying "I only have a mile left." When did I start classifying a mile as an "only"? I really am becoming an athlete:-) That feels pretty incredible."

Heather Haynes:"Whoa! Today on the group run we ran the hills at Percy Warner and I loved it. I finally reached the point at a little over 5 miles where I think I could've just kept on going. I was so amazed and proud of myself."

Lynn Cumming:"I was about to leave when my phone alerted me to a new email. It was a donation notification!!!! I haven't had too many this month and was kind of bummed that I seemingly wouldn't be making my July goal of raising $2000 for LLS. I opened the notification to find that a friend from college made a very generous donation, putting me over my July goal! It definitely made me shed a tear or two! I'm amazed and humbled by the support everyone has shown!"

Keeley Puncochar: "I can't verbalize how THANKFUL I am to everyone who has shown support via donation. I thought the best part of this whole experience would be the training; I was wrong. I'm not easily brought to tears, but I'm finding myself in tears often throughout this process because of the donations, not the miles."

Check out the rest of the Team's blogs (to the RIGHT) to learn more about their experiences and show some support! The Team Green team has already exceeded our halfway goal and to-date have raised over $9000 for Leukeima & Lymphoma Society. What an amazing acheivement!


If you're interested in joining Team In Training in the future, it comes highly recommended! The next big training season starts in November. There are also two races during the Winter Season (Click HERE) if you want to get started sooner: The Hero-Athon (San Antonio, TX) and Disney World Marathon (Orlando, FL). Register with coupon code L100 for half off your registration fee!

Below are a few things we've learned about Team In Training along the way. This season, everyone on the TgTNT team is registered for a half marathon, so unfortunately we don't have much info about the Triathlon or Centur Bike Ride experience. Hopefully that will change in future seasons!

Training Schedule: We each receive a training schedule based on our experience level and race distance. The training schedule only covers the first half of your training. After "re-commitement day" (see below), you'll receive the rest of your schedule.

Group Training Sessions: The Team In Training Tennessee Chapter has nearly 80 participants training for half/full marathons, century bike rides, and triathlons. We have a "Nashville" group and a "Knoxville" group for our "Group Training Sessions," also known as GTS. Every other Saturday TNT hosts a GTS for our long distance runs (we train on our own during the weekdays). GTS runs are always "out-and-back" so you can choose your own distance and speed. Everyone hands out high-fives on their way back. The best part about the Group Runs are the ICE TOWELS and socializing after the run as we wait for the rest of the team to finish.

Group runs are always at a "secret" location, so you don't know where you'll be running until the week of GTS. You can always expect them to start around 6 or 7am, and (for the Nashville Group) for them to meet somewhere in the greater Davidson/Williamson County area.

Workshops: Every other Thursday evening is our 2 mile GTS day, often with a workshop topic involved. Past topics have included running posture, running in the heat, nutrition for distance running, proper stretching techniques,and a gear workshop. Some of the workshops are person-to-person, and some of them come in the form of "training tips" in the emails from our coach.

As the training season continues, the workshops will become more comprehensive and valuable to our training (injury prevention, fueling mid-run, etc).

Facebook Group: Team In Training has a facebook group for each training season so that we can keep in touch with our fellow TNTers online. This is where teammates can organize weekday training sessions togethers (runs, or cross training), set up group fundraising activities, offer inspriational quotes or fun training stories, and the like.

Blogs: Each Team In Training participant has their own fundraising page (just like this one!), which also serves and a training blog. You can share your stories, offer advice to your readers, and share photos. It may seem like you're talking to yourself most of the time, but you'll be amazed how many of your friends and family become "hooked" and start pestering you for new updates!

Minimum Fundraising Goal: Each race has a different minimum fundraising goal. Team In Training takes the hard cost of getting you to your race (training, airfare, hotel stay, meals, etc), then multiplies that number by 4. So, when you're fundraising, you know that one quarter of each donation goes to your training and three-quarters go toward Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's mission. Once you reach your minimum goal, 100% of each additional donation goes to Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. As an example, below are some of the minimum goals from this season:

Nike Women's Half/Full Marathon (San Francisco) with Airfare: $3200

Nike Women's Half/Full Marathon (San Francisco) with out Airfare: $2900

Hard Rock Half (Nashville): $1000

Nation's Triathlon (Washington CD) with Airfare: $________

Nation's Triathlon (Washington DC) without Airfare: $_________

Viva Bike Vegas (Las Vegas) with Airfare: $________

Viva Bike Vegas (Las Vegas) without Airfare: $__________

Fundraising Resources: Team In Training has a very thorogh handbook that guides you step by step through your fundraising process. Follow the handbook word for word, and you're guaranteed to meet your fundraising goal (Keeley Puncochar can attest to it!). The handbook covers everything from getting started (making your list of potential donors), to writing your first letters and follow up emails, to social networking, challenges for your donors, and even fundraising event ideas and asking corporations to sponsor you.

Many TNT participants will organize group fundraising activities and split the donations amongst themselves to help boost their fundraising, also known as "stranger money."

There is also a series of webinars hosted by the TNT national office, which TNT particpiants around the nation can dial into for fundraising advice. If you can't dial into the call "live," a link is usually available for a recording of the discussion. Topics include "getting started" and "how to make any occasion a fundraising opportunity" and "organizing your own fundraising events."

The fundraising is the most important, and the most rewarding part of the Team In Training experience. You might feel great and be proud of yourself for completing your "long run," but nothing REALLY IMPACTS YOU like an unanticipated donation, or a friend's story about a loved one who battled blood cancer. It really truly grounds you and gives purpose to your training. THAT is when you become a TNTer for life.

Incentives: Throughout the season you'll see incentives pop up to give you a little boost in your excitement to fundraise. Once such incentive this season was a $100 credit for recruiting a new person to join TNT mid season. Another incentive was entry into a giveaway package for every $50 you raised during a given week. You can also earn TNT "Bling" for reaching fundraising milestones (like hats, car magnets, sweaters, special recognition, etc). There are also national race day incentives, like your own private hotel room or top fundraiser banquet for exceeding your goal.

Re-Commitment Day: This is the day when you can decide "Do I want to keep going, or should I quit now?" There is no penalty for walking away. If you feel like the training is tougher than you expected, you just don't have as much time as you thought you would, or you aren't confident in your ability to fundraise, you can just walk away. All of the money you raise from that point forward will go 100% to the Luekemia & Lymphoma Society (including your registration fee). If, however, you're feeling confident that you CAN finish the race and you CAN reach your fundraising goal, you have the opportunity to "Re-Commit" to the cause.

Re-Commitment is your pledge that you will raise your minimum donation by race day, or pay the balance yourself. Team In Training takes your credit card number and holds onto it until two weeks before your race. If at that point you have not reached your minimum goal, your card is charged, and you have 4 more weeks to raise the money and be reimbursed.

QUESTIONS? If you have questions about the Team In Training experience, feel free to email or call the Team In Training Tennessee Chapter directly at 615-331-2980.

Jul 13, 2012 by Keeley Puncochar

This blog has nothing to do with Friday, the 13th, except that it just so happens to be Friday the 13th today!

The Team (Green) In Training team (TgTNT) has been doing a GREAT JOB with fundraising, creating awareness about Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and pushing through our difficult training days together! We've even had some non-TNT Team Green supporters attend our Saturday Morning Group Sessions in Franklin, like Marie Rodriguez! Thanks Marie, for your support and donations!

Last Saturday was a hot, but very adventurous morning! We had four Team Greeners attend: Amy Wells & Marie walking, Keeley P. running, and Jon P. sweeping the route via bicycle. Jon didn't make it into the photo, but here's the the other three:

The three of us had QUITE an adventure! Our four mile route turned into 6.5 for Keeley and 4.5 for the other two (Amy and Marie were having such a fun time walking and talking, they missed their turn, and Keeley ran around Franklin to catch up with them). It's all good though! We had fun and we all had our phones on us to be safe. Afterwards, we enjoyed cooling down with some nice refreshing ice water towels before heading home.

Our TgTNT also had a fun time at Lightning 100's Independence Rocks concert doing face (and arm) painting at the Lightning 100 booth. We collected nearly $100 that night for the Team, and we'll be at it again on Saturday, July 25th at Lightning 100's Team Green Birthday Adventure Social at Swankys Taco Shop in Franklin. You can get your face/arm/wrist/forehead/whatever painted for $1 suggested donations and also participate in a SILENT AUCTION for Ocoee Adventure Center white water rafting vouchers (to use anytime between now and June 2013)! All money raised goes directly to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Here's a few photos from our last face painting adventure:

Show your support by making a donation to the entire TEAM (the donation will be split evenly among our fundraising goals) or make a donation to an individual teammate. It doesn't matter to us; it all goes towards the same fight against blood cancers!

How COOL are you?
Jul 03, 2012 by Keeley Puncochar

Don't forget that tonight is Lightning 100's Independence ROCKS! Concert at Tin Roof Nashville from 5-11pm! The Team Green In Training TEAM will be hanging out in the Lightning 100 booth offering Face Painting for $1 suggested donations to benefit Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Below is our Face Painting Menu (we can of course "attempt" some custom designs as well!)

By the way, the one in the bottom Right corner is a "Ban Chromosome #5" picture, per the request of Amy Wells, who spends her entire work day analyzing chromosomes. Apparently Chromosome #5 is affiliated with Leukemia. Thanks Amy for enlightening us.

Also as a fundraiser for the cause, the Team Green in Training TEAM will have hand paddle fans available at the Lightning 100 Tent for suggested $3 donations. Of course, the more you donate, the COOLER you'll be! The fans will look a little something like this (with the LLS/TNT Logo on the other side):

Sweet Events, for a Sweet Cause!
Jun 27, 2012 by Keeley Puncochar

Team Green Adventures has so many great things coming up in July. For starters, it's Team Green's 16th Birthday month. Can you believe we've been around for 16 years already! July is also our nations month to celebrate Independence. What a coincidence that Team Green Adventures is a department of Nashville's Independent Radio Station, Lightning 100 (WRLT 100.1 FM)! To kick off the month, Lightning 100 is hosting an INDEPENDENCE ROCKS CONCERT on July 3rd (Independence Eve.. so you don't have to miss the fireworks!) at Tin Roof Nashville. Team Green In Training's TEAM will be hanging out in the Lightning 100 Booth painting faces for donations. All donations benefit Leukemia & Lymphoma Society! Below are some rough sketches (yes, we will have a "Painting Practice" before the show!). More ideas are in the works. Bring cash if you plan on coming to the show!

Also in July, to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Team Green in Training is hosting 2 Saturday Run/Walks in Franklin. The first is on July 7th with a great 4 mile route bringing us past the Factory at Franklin, through Franklin Square, past the Franklin Courthouse, into Pinkerton Park and back to our starting location. Walkers and runners welcome. Walkers, be sure to print off a copy of the route. We encourage that all non-TNT Participants who want to join us make a donation to the TEAM page, or bring money to donate to the TEAM. Even $1 counts! It's our way of sharing the experience with you!

The route for July 21st is coming soon. We are scheduled to complete 5 miles that day, and we may map out a route into Cool Springs!

Finally, for the month of JULY ONLY Team Green Adventures One-Year Memberships are only $16. BUT if you choose to purchase a membership at our regular $35 price, the difference (rounded up to $20) will be donated to Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!

We love giving back on our Birthday Month! Help us make a difference while also celebrating a SWEET16 years of Adventure!

And We Keep Growing!
Jun 19, 2012 by Keeley Puncochar

Great news! Team Green member, Amy Wells, just joined our Team Green In Training Team. She too will be training for the Women's Nike Half Marathon in San Francisco, but she'll get a chance to really enjoy the view, with Team In Training's Walking Team. Show Amy your support, and check out her blog!

Other Great News! Team Green's Team in Training Team has planned our first TEAM fundraising event with Lightning 100! As many of you know, Lightning 100 (WRLT 100.1 FM) is Nashville's Independent Radio, so we're throwing a party to celebrate independence EVERYWHERE! On Wednesday, July 3rd, join us at Tin Roof Nashville for a phenominal line up of local bands! Doors will open at 5pm with the first band performance at 7pm. Visit the Lightning 100 tent to get your face painted by the Team Green In Training Team! All tips received will go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, on behalf of the Team Green In Training fundraising team.

We'll have some face painting examples posted soon! Any suggestions for artwork we should practice? Lightning Boltz and Lightning Logos are a definite! Between the 5 of us on the Team Green In Training Team, we hope to raise at least $14,000 for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Show your support with a donation to our TEAM, and get your face painted by us on July 3rd!

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