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Training Buddies and TNT Update
Jul 29, 2010 by Allison Simpson

Training Buddies

Training partners come in all forms! This training group was the highlight of my month! On July 4th we ran with Anne (my sister) and Brother-in-law Keith. We enjoyed a great beach 5k and started a new family tradition. Abigail and I are both lucky to have great support during our training runs. While we talk often and commiserate about the heat and the runs, we aren't able to run together. However, we have both found great help in this area. Matt has been a great training partner and runs with me as often as possible.

I also look forward to weekly to my Team in Training runs. They are my longest runs but perhaps the most inspiring. It is great to hear our mission moment each week. This keeps you focused on the purpose of running at all.....and then it is great to hit the pavement with other runners, mentors and coaches. There are smiles, words of encouragement and high fives along the way. There are also water stops waiting for you ( A MUST). This week will be another 6 before we make the jump to 8 and an upcoming hilly run through Percy Warner Park.

I received our weekly e-mail from Team in Training and thought I'd share a few facts. Currently there are more than 5,000 active Team in Training participants that have raised more than $4.2 Million dollars to date......WOW!! That statistic right there keeps me focused.

I have added 2 new runs in during the week. I have become part of a group (thanks to my mentor Heidi) called the Pancake Pantry girls. We meet at 5:30 on Friday mornings at a popular Nashville stop to run 3 miles and then Yes! you guessed pancakes. Also upon Heidi's recommendation, we went to run last night with the East Nashville Running Club last night called the East Nastys. I had NO idea what we were in for. East Nashville is an ever changing and evolving neighborhood in Nashville. There were 167 people that met last night to Their vision, is to help make East Nashville the best neighborhood in Nashville. They run 12 courses over a a 12 week period and then walk to the local hot spot for a drink and some food. Last night was 4.31 over the river and down along Broadway! Nashville is a GREAT city! It was HOT, HOT, HOT!

At the end of the day, I am amazed of all of the rewards associated with this journey. Meeting great people, for a great cause and all with a clear and direct vision. Thank you to everyone that has supported us in this amazing journey! Thanks to my favorite training partners of the month.....the journey continues.....


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