My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Oct 27, 2009 by Jim Asker

Hi Friends!

Thank you for coming by my fundraising page! You don't know how much I appreciate you considering a donation for Team In Training and the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.

The photo on this page is of Tanya, who passed away last year after a courageous battle with Lymphoma. She was 21. I became aware of Tanya's story through her cousin Erin Sparks, a very good friend of mine. What happened to Tanya was more than tragic- her young life taken due to this horrible desease. So in honor of Tanya, we run. I hope you will make a small donation to help honor her and to hopefully find a cure once and for all.

I feel almost guilty saying this after talking about Tanya. I am a survivor of the same desease. In 2005 I was diagnosed with stage-4 'non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.' I have been in remission for 4-years now. Being able to run again is no short of a major miracle. I don't take it for granted.

So here's the deal...I am training for the Country Music 'Half' Marathon which is Saturday, April 24th, and I have a daunting goal. I am trying to make it to $15,000. It feels almost impossible right now, but guess what...there was a time that I thought beating my cancer seemed impossible too. With that said, even if it's just a few bucks that you can give. I would really really appreciate you--every dollar counts... I am dead set on making this goal!

Not just me, but all of these wonderful people involved with Team in Training are doing this together with the hope that someone laying in bed right now...will be out here pounding the pavement with us next year! Someday we will have a cure for this rotten desease of lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma and myeloma and stop it once and for all from taking more lives.

Oh, and if you do donate today would you also please make a 'comment' for my page. I really enjoy those! And please...whatever you can give helps. There is no amount that is too low.

Thank you for reading this. And once again I leave you with rock n' roll scripture from Bruce Springsteen-..."No Retreat, No Surrender!"

God bless you.



Supporter Comments

    "Great Job Cuz!!"

    Kristin Huss

    Fri Jan 08 01:11:34 EST 2010

    "Good luck Jim! You're awesome!"

    Chris DeCarlo

    Tue Jan 12 11:46:02 EST 2010

    "You go, Jim! I'm so proud to know you."

    Claire Ratliff

    Tue Jan 12 12:01:59 EST 2010

    "Blessings Jim! You are inspiration to me. Faith Hope Love"

    David Shaw

    Tue Jan 12 12:39:25 EST 2010

    "I'd tell you to "Rock On!," but since you've "Gone Country," I'll just send you good wishes to "Keep on, Keepin' On!" Peace, Jim."

    Michael Grayeb

    Sun Jan 17 10:29:29 EST 2010

    "You're an inspiration my friend!! Keep up the great work. "

    Jay Thomas

    Tue Jan 26 09:00:11 EST 2010

    "Way to go Jim. Good luck!!!"

    Diane Yianilos

    Mon Feb 22 05:42:50 EST 2010

    "I'm glad to be on your team, Jim!"

    Billy G

    Thu Jan 21 09:08:34 EST 2010

    "Can't let Purcell beat me!"

    jon loba

    Wed Jan 20 04:31:37 EST 2010

    "You Go Jim . . . we are so proud of you and KNOW you will reach whatever goal you set for yourself! Much Love, Martha and Mike Borchetta"

    Martha and Mike Borchetta

    Wed Jan 20 01:20:49 EST 2010

    "Go Jim! Keep up the good work! "

    Mark Strickland

    Wed Jan 13 08:07:40 EST 2010

    "Go Jim GO!!!"

    April Stanley

    Wed Jan 13 10:22:33 EST 2010

    "We love you Jimmy A!"

    The Loss Family

    Wed Jan 06 11:23:23 EST 2010

    "You go Jim! You are an inspiration to us all! xo"

    Long Lost Leslie Ferrara

    Tue Dec 29 10:28:23 EST 2009

    "Good luck Jim! You are our hero! Love Joel & Ria"

    Joel & Ria Denver

    Wed Dec 16 11:11:35 EST 2009

    "Run Jim Run! You're a Great inspiration my friend!"

    Rob Dalton

    Tue Apr 27 11:47:44 EDT 2010

    "I'm happy to help. Keep getting the word out and fighting the fight."

    Don Roberts

    Mon Apr 19 05:50:25 EDT 2010



    Mon Apr 19 02:02:47 EDT 2010

    "Jim, you are amazing! "

    Kathy Caudill

    Mon Apr 19 01:47:03 EDT 2010

    "Best of luck to you, Jim! Have fun at the run."

    Bryan Rubenau

    Mon Apr 19 01:14:21 EDT 2010

    "There's no shame in walking the Half, especially post-knee surgery - good luck!"

    Judy McDonough

    Tue Apr 06 10:27:34 EDT 2010

    "Congrats on a great goal Jim - Cancer sucks - glad you're doing this for those that can't..."

    Chad Schultz

    Mon Mar 29 12:57:21 EDT 2010

    "You Rock Jim. Keep on Truckin""

    Adrian Michaels

    Mon Mar 22 10:38:22 EDT 2010

    "You are almost there! Keep up the great work Jim. "

    Steve Azar Ride Records

    Thu Mar 11 12:24:26 EST 2010

    "Hello.....? Hello.....? Is this thing on? Good Luck Dude!"

    Clint Marsh

    Sat Mar 06 09:18:26 EST 2010

    "Cheering you on, Jim- great work you're doing!!!!"

    Jenny Shields

    Fri Feb 19 06:33:46 EST 2010

    "Thanks for bringing Jay Thomas to country radio!"

    Tom Frank

    Fri Feb 19 03:50:44 EST 2010

    "Air Guitar - The Reunion Tour...Oswego, NY this fall, Big Guy....and bring all those women you run with!!! Good Luck!"


    Tue Feb 09 12:28:25 EST 2010

    "Love, Frumpy."

    Jess Wright

    Thu Feb 04 12:26:48 EST 2010

    "Good Luck Jim! You inspire so many!"

    Dave McCord

    Tue Feb 02 11:32:58 EST 2010

    "I'm honored to know you. You are fighting the good fight."

    Wendy Cobrda

    Tue Feb 02 07:05:48 EST 2010

    "Good luck in your race, wonderful cause. Will connect with Sheila for results. "

    Heather and Ed Stafford

    Wed Jan 27 08:14:44 EST 2010

    "No retreat no surrender my man."

    Michael Smith

    Wed Apr 21 02:01:30 EDT 2010

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Long Lost Leslie Ferrara $100.00
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Mark Capuano $100.00
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Judy McDonough $50.00
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Jim Havey $50.00
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Joseph Putnam $50.00
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Annie Sandor $50.00
Cliff Blake $50.00
David Friedman $50.00
Ronald Sparks $50.00
Heather and Ed Stafford $50.00
Jay Thomas $50.00
Mary Asker $50.00
John Paul $50.00
Michael Grayeb $50.00
Rebeca Allred $50.00
Rob Frankel $50.00
Bruce Stebbins $50.00
William Frasher $50.00
Nathan Meidl $50.00
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Jackie Newbanks $50.00
Todd Wines $50.00
Ebie McFarland $50.00
Pamela Newman $45.00
Jennifer Asker $42.00
Matthew Parvis $40.00
Rachel Wills $40.00
Steven Bucklin $35.00
Mary O'Neal $30.00
Hoss Michaels $30.00
Lauren Whitney $30.00
Jeri Cooper $25.00
Kathy Caudill $25.00
Bryan Rubenau $25.00
Robert Daniel $25.00
Becky Paulsen $25.00
Ann Drillien $25.00
Sherrie Giles $25.00
virginia germer $25.00
Susanne Aylesworth $25.00
Dennis Dale Turner $25.00
Sheldon Bartnick $25.00
Rubin Media $25.00
Teresa Morelle Rogers $25.00
Jill HAMLIN $25.00
Diane Yianilos $25.00
Mike Simmerman $25.00
Jenny Shields $25.00
Courtney Asker $25.00
Lyn Rumler $25.00
Jess Wright $25.00
Dave McCord $25.00
Tana Shellhart $25.00
kristin hall $25.00
Lauren LaFrantz $25.00
Karen Tallier $25.00
Jackie Chapman $25.00
John Schoenberger $25.00
Harriet Sessler $25.00
Phyllis Stark $25.00
Craig Campbell $25.00
Heather Woodroof $25.00
Wes Poe $25.00
Michael Otis $25.00
Mark Strickland $25.00
Chris Palmer $25.00
Anthony Benken $25.00
Kristin Huss $25.00
Mary Lynne O'Neal $25.00
Michael Grayeb $25.00
Ellen Kanervo $25.00
Edward Brown $25.00
Sandra Knoblock $20.00
Maria Zegarelli $20.00
Claire Cook $20.00
Wendy Cobrda $15.00
William Hubbard $10.00
Jeff Veis $10.00
Mike Vincent $10.00
Sue Newbanks $10.00
Kelly Cantrell $10.00
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