My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Apr 09, 2009 by Scott Champion

Racing to Save Lives

Welcome to my Team In Training home page.

I'm training to participate in The Nation's Triathlon, an endurance event as a member of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Team In Training. All of us on Team In Training are raising funds to help stop leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma and myeloma from taking more lives. I am completing this event in honor of an amazing young woman who has battled this blood cancer, and thankfully is now in remission. She is the real hero, and I need your support to cross the ultimate finish line - a cure!

Please make a donation to support my participation in Team In Training and help advance LLS's mission.

I hope you will visit my web site often. Be sure to check back frequently to see my progress. Thanks for your support!

Scott Champion


Supporter Comments

    "You and your mom are both amazing women!!! Go Team! Love you! Xoxo"

    Fri Apr 01 11:15:47 EDT 2016

    "Go Shira! Team Ellen!"

    Sat Apr 02 02:39:51 EDT 2016

    "Very worthy cause."

    Sat Apr 02 01:46:46 EDT 2016

    "Good luck, Shira! Thinking of you and your mom and how inspirational you both are!"

    Sat Apr 02 04:20:17 EDT 2016

    "Proud to join you in the fight to end blood cancer! Stay strong Ellen, you will beat this! "

    Fri Apr 08 01:42:31 EDT 2016

    "You go, Shira. I know how proud your Mom is of you, as are we all."

    Fri Apr 08 10:35:36 EDT 2016

    "Good luck, Shira! You and your mom are both amazing women! <3 "

    Fri Apr 08 11:20:12 EDT 2016

    "Good luck, Shira! I'll be routing for both you and your mom the whole way!"

    Fri Apr 08 03:37:17 EDT 2016

    "Go Shira!!! xoxo George "

    Sat Apr 09 08:36:11 EDT 2016

    "To the great power of prayer, hope & support!"

    Sat Apr 09 08:43:33 EDT 2016

    "Shira, We admire you. We support you. We love you! Xox, Stephanie & Andrew"

    Sun Apr 24 08:25:04 EDT 2016

    "To Ellen and her family, some really strong people,who are fighting hard. "

    Sun Jun 12 03:47:20 EDT 2016

    "Dear Shira, Congratulations for your commitment to raise funds for a worthwhile and meaningful cause. You'll do great. All off Baltimore is proud of you! Love, Ina S."

    Sun Jul 24 12:17:01 EDT 2016

    "We are so proud of you! All of our love."

    Sun Nov 06 10:23:20 EST 2016

    "Janet - sorry we cannot make it to the walk this year but we are so proud of your dedication to helping wipe out cancer! With Love, John and Emilie Walsh"

    meesha hyman

    Wed Oct 26 03:02:42 EDT 2016

    "It is so heartwarming to watch you so full of life. You are a beautiful girl. God bless you."

    Tue Aug 16 10:33:54 EDT 2016

    "Julia you are such an inspiration and have such a warm heart. Thank you for fighting for people with this terrible disease so they have a better chance of surviving. I'm making this donation to your team in my Grandmothers name, who did not win her fight, but who was also as warm and caring as you. Good luck! "

    Thu Aug 18 08:58:34 EDT 2016

    "Keep being a light in the dark! "

    Wed Aug 24 01:57:27 EDT 2016

    "You can do it!!!! I am proud of your efforts in support of the many people effected by cancer. "

    Connor Dylan McKenzie Morgan Jordyn LOVE YOU

    Sun Jul 10 03:57:56 EDT 2016

    "Run girl, run!!"

    Connor Dylan McKenzie Morgan Jordyn LOVE YOU

    Wed Aug 24 05:12:16 EDT 2016

    "Go Alvina!!! you already know the routine we got planned for cheering you on!!!"

    Connor Dylan McKenzie Morgan Jordyn LOVE YOU

    Wed Aug 24 06:55:21 EDT 2016

    "My girl! So proud of you. You are kicking so much bootay out there. Can't wait to see you cross the finish line. "

    Connor Dylan McKenzie Morgan Jordyn LOVE YOU

    Thu Sep 15 06:29:15 EDT 2016

    "I can't top $2000 but I still had to represent lol. Love you! "

    Connor Dylan McKenzie Morgan Jordyn LOVE YOU

    Thu Sep 15 11:50:03 EDT 2016

    "So Proud of you Alvina."

    Connor Dylan McKenzie Morgan Jordyn LOVE YOU

    Thu Sep 15 11:52:34 EDT 2016

    "Thanks aunt Alvina Anderson for spreading the word about what you and your friends are doing. You are a true blessing to many. "

    Connor Dylan McKenzie Morgan Jordyn LOVE YOU

    Wed Sep 21 06:49:50 EDT 2016

    "Keep going strong Aunty! "

    Connor Dylan McKenzie Morgan Jordyn LOVE YOU

    Wed Oct 05 10:04:39 EDT 2016

    "Dedicated to my brother Arnold Kirk Jackson Jr. who passed at 11 years old of leukemia. Keep up the good work Alvina, I am very proud of you."

    Connor Dylan McKenzie Morgan Jordyn LOVE YOU

    Wed Oct 05 05:54:16 EDT 2016

    "Hey girl! So proud of you for doing this! I lost both my father and grandmother to blood cancers, so I'm so glad people like you are running to make a difference."

    Connor Dylan McKenzie Morgan Jordyn LOVE YOU

    Thu Oct 06 07:54:39 EDT 2016

    "Go Stew!! Do your thing! Proud of you, girl!!"

    Connor Dylan McKenzie Morgan Jordyn LOVE YOU

    Fri Oct 07 08:34:32 EDT 2016

    "What an amazing thing to do in honor of Emily."

    Patty Champion Binkiewicz

    Thu Aug 04 11:19:50 EDT 2016

    "Good Luck!"

    Roseann & Hung

    Fri Apr 24 02:39:09 EDT 2009

    "For a hard worker and a better friend. Fight the good fight Jimmy. For Mark Fizlich...taken by leukemia way too young. A true warrior and a blessing to have known."

    Center for Family Guidance

    Mon Oct 10 09:24:55 EDT 2016

    "Great job Racky!!! Keep up the good work. "

    Center for Family Guidance

    Tue Oct 18 09:24:22 EDT 2016

    "Eagle Scaffolding walks with you in spirit to celebrate and commemorate all lives touched by cancer. As you "Light the Night," we look forward to the light of day when cancer is no longer a part of our lives."

    Center for Family Guidance

    Fri Oct 21 09:41:19 EDT 2016

    "We are honored to support you Scott in your mission and pray that you will be blessed as you prepare for the event. Know that your efforts will touch many! "

    Donna Lynn and Roger Pellegrini-Lange

    Sun May 10 09:44:06 EDT 2009

    "Go, Scott....we wish you all the best."

    Jon & Lisa Hunt

    Tue Aug 11 10:42:31 EDT 2009

    "Best of luck! Great cause."

    Laura & John

    Mon Aug 03 11:32:02 EDT 2009

    "God Bless! This is an awesome thing that you are doing. We're proud of you. "

    Lisy & Isaiah White

    Thu Jul 23 09:33:45 EDT 2009


    Smiley Frame

    Thu Jul 16 02:23:37 EDT 2009

    "You are a great man and I am honored to have you as a TEAMmate! "Tri" to remember the reason and you will always be a winner. "

    Ken & Abby O'Brien

    Tue Apr 21 12:16:15 EDT 2009

    "Go, Alvina, Go!"

    Connor Dylan McKenzie Morgan Jordyn LOVE YOU

    Sat Oct 08 05:38:42 EDT 2016

    "good luck. im so proud of you!"

    Connor Dylan McKenzie Morgan Jordyn LOVE YOU

    Thu Sep 15 04:55:41 EDT 2016

    "Go get em Alvina!!"

    Connor Dylan McKenzie Morgan Jordyn LOVE YOU

    Sun Aug 28 01:18:12 EDT 2016

    "Alvina - I am so proud of you!! You're a rock star!!"

    Connor Dylan McKenzie Morgan Jordyn LOVE YOU

    Fri Aug 19 01:08:43 EDT 2016

    "God bless you Alvina for accomplishing a great goal for a great cause! So proud of you! Love, Adrienne & Joe Taylor "

    Connor Dylan McKenzie Morgan Jordyn LOVE YOU

    Wed Jul 27 10:45:44 EDT 2016

    "So happy to see Julia so full of life and beautiful!! Want the same for others! xoxo"

    Fri Aug 12 11:24:15 EDT 2016

    "Brava, Shira! So proud of both you and your amazing mom. Naomi & Larry Amsterdam"

    Wed Nov 09 07:04:41 EST 2016

    "You inspire us all Shira! Sending so much love your way! "

    Mon Jul 18 01:00:47 EDT 2016

    " All my love, Myra "

    Sat Jun 11 05:38:44 EDT 2016

    "Go get 'em Tiger"

    Fri May 27 01:25:01 EDT 2016

    "Sending you love, support and strength! Go Bera!"

    Wed May 18 11:14:39 EDT 2016

    "Kol Hakavod Shira! Best of luck! We love you all! Nina and Eddie Paul"

    Sat May 14 11:53:33 EDT 2016

    "Sending love to you both!"

    Wed May 11 10:52:01 EDT 2016


    Fri May 06 12:07:23 EDT 2016

    "We love you Ellen, Shira, Peter and family!"

    Thu May 05 11:43:46 EDT 2016

    "Good Luck...every penny helps."

    john licata

    Wed Apr 15 05:03:44 EDT 2009



    Tue May 05 11:49:37 EDT 2009

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Raised: $3,280.00 | Goal: $3,000.00
109 %

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CLTS Inc $500.00
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Carey Elwell $250.00
Anonymous $145.00
Sabrina Rudd $100.00
Laura & John $100.00
Dr. Dorothy Van Horn $100.00
RuthAnn Hutchins $100.00
Chris Holden $100.00
Ken & Abby O'Brien $100.00
john licata $100.00
Jen & Bob Woodruff $100.00
Kim Binkiewicz $50.00
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Lisy & Isaiah White $50.00
Mary Lupton $50.00
Smiley Frame $50.00
Aaron Peters $50.00
Frank & Laurie Rohrman $50.00
Donna Lynn and Roger Pell... $50.00
Kelly Everly $50.00
Patty Champion Binkiewicz $50.00
Doris Champion Champion $50.00
George Scully $25.00
Jen Dowdell $25.00
Jon & Lisa Hunt $25.00
Bob Devan $25.00
Andrea & Gerry Krivda $25.00
Carol McGoldrick $25.00
Jennifer Johnson $25.00
Kimberly Dieterle $25.00
Tomiko Thompson $25.00
Paradise Cove Tanning $25.00
Terri NOTO $25.00
Katharine Kerrane $25.00
Jim & Maria Ellis $25.00
Connor Dylan McKenzie Mor... $25.00
Scott Champion $25.00
Norman Rodgers $20.00
damon becker $15.00
meesha hyman $15.00
Regina Minor Saunders $10.00
Jane Corso $10.00
SANDY $10.00
Jennifer O'Brien $10.00
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judy bauer $10.00
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