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Ice bath!!
Aug 28, 2011 by Sandi Yam

This past saturday I ran 10 miles in 2 hours, my personal record for distance. I had a great time running along the ocean and taking in the views of Half Moon Bay. It was nice to focus on all the campers and horseback riders rather than the burning and cramping in my leg muscles.

There were a lot of people running for Team in Training out that morning, The fall team just started their training and its incredible to think that all these people are running for the same reason: to help people fight cancer and fund research to prevent cancer. That thought gave me the extra push I needed to finsh my run.

Afterwards, me and my running mates jumped into the ocean to ice our muscles. We sat in the ocean for 15 minutes, and I dont even want to think about how sore I would have been ater that. Here are some photos of the "sweaty bettys" and ice bathing!!

Week 13!!
Aug 19, 2011 by Sandi Yam

Sorry for the lack of updates lately! But its been getting busy over here!!

I am really excited for the run this saturday. Its at pillar point in Half Moon Bay and it will be my longest run yet! 10 miles, only 3.1 miles away from my actual half marathon event. Its always nice to run alongside the ocean and its nice and flat!

I've been making friends and having a ot of fun training! I cant believe its only 2 more months until the race! Its gone by really fast but i can tell I'm getting stronger! Heres a picture of me and my friend heather after running 8 miles in pacifica! More photos to come!!

Dessert Party!!
Jun 28, 2011 by Sandi Yam

My fundraiser was a success!!! I raised over $400 with the help of my lovely friends and family! There was soooo much food and wine to go around. I had a great time planning it and had an even better time hanging out with my guests! Thank you to everyone who came out, it meant so much to me to have everyones support!!

6 Miles!!!!
Jun 28, 2011 by Sandi Yam

This past Saturday, I ran a new personal record of 6 miles in about an hour and 20 min. Not too shabby, I think the track workouts are really helping me out. I ran with a great group of gals, who kept me so entertained that I didn't pay attention to how exhausted I was!! At the end of the run, I could see the finish line and started to walk, but our team captain Ellen, grabbed me by my arm and said "Oh no girl, were finishing this thing!! You can do it!" Our little group pushed on and we all made it across the finish line, exhasted but we did it!! I can tell i'm improving beacuse this run didnt leave me as sore as my first run, I couldn't believe how good I felt afterwards...I'm in the middle of this pic!!!!

First Run!!
Jun 01, 2011 by Sandi Yam

Yesterday, I ran my first miles as an "endurance athlete," I did alot better than I thought I would! I was going to run 2 miles at first, but thought if I drove all the way here I better push myself a little. I ran 4 miles in about 50 minutes but it was getting really hard towards the end. I was running with my awesome mentor Krissy, and she's done a bunch of these. She kept us in conversation which at some points I thought "oh my god, i can't even breathe let alone keep up this conversation" but I know it will be worth it in the end. I planned my first fundrasing event (a dessert party in the middle of june!) so I'll be facebooking you all about that really soon. Heres a pic of me running....I need to get some more serious looking gear....

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    "Yayyy Sandi!!"

    Katie Adamiak

    Fri May 13 09:15:16 EDT 2011

    "Keep it up little sis! Were rooting for you!"

    William Yam

    Tue May 31 04:07:08 EDT 2011

    "Good Luck and we love you, yi-yi!"

    Michael and Matthew Fisher

    Sun Jul 24 03:10:42 EDT 2011

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