My last crazy thing, The 508!

My last crazy thing, The 508!
Sep 26, 2008 by Nicholas Rice-Mcdonald

508 Miles for a cure!

Most of my friends now refer to me as crazy Nick. Back in 2006 I started on path of endurance events to raise money for research and patients services for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). Each year I've come back with a bigger goal, first it was Half-Ironman, next a full Ironman, what is beyond Ironman? It turns out beyond the craziness of swimming 2.4 miles, cycling 112 miles and running 26.2 miles in a day there are a few Ultra-Races which are little known.

The Furnace Creek 508 is such as race, billed as the 48 toughest hours in sport! 508 miles of cycling, through some of the harshest desert climate and terrain California has to offer. With 508 miles of cycling comes 35,000 feet of climbing, with some sustained climbs last up to 20 miles.

In preparation for the event this year, I have cycled approximately 4,000 miles, in variety of challenging conditions through fog, hail, rain, thunderstorms, lightening, high-elevation and of course in the heat.

During the event I will push my body to it's physical limits, an estimated 36 hours of constant movement, 28,000 calories burned...

People always ask me: "Why would do you put yourself through this?"

"I do it for a cause, I do it because I'm healthy and able to, I do it because I have the choice to, I do it to see what is possible!"

After 3 years of seemingly endless training this my last event. Please make a donation of any size, today.

To give you an idea of what the event will here is a video of a racer from last year, who completed the event:

Here are some facts:

1) An estimated 785,829 Americans are living with a blood cancer.

2) Survival rates for children with leukemia have improved 61% over the past three decades.

3) Every 5 minutes someone is diagnosed with a blood cancer, approximately 118,310 new cases are expected this year.

4) Leukemia is the leading disease killer of people under the age of 20.

5) Every 10 minutes, someone dies from a blood cancer – an estimated 53,920 deaths in 2006.

See Louie Bonpua's story, he an inspiration for what can be done in the toughest of circumstances.

Please make a donation (100% Tax Deductible) to support my participation in Team In Training and help advance the Society's mission. The money that I’ll be raising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society will be donated to cancer research, patient services and education. The Society's mission: Cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families. I want to do my part to help. If you know someone with cancer, please give me the honor of racing for them or their memory. Help me to fund research to find a cure so that no other families will have to suffer.

Thanks for your Support!


Supporter Comments

    "In loving memory of my young niece (21) Hannah Marie Wessling who lost her 2 year battle to Leukemia on 12/18/2011, I proudly represent and support Enita Nduku in her cause. ~ Kim Crowder"

    Matt Lavoie

    Wed Jul 11 10:49:31 EDT 2012

    "You go girl!"

    Matt Lavoie

    Thu Sep 13 02:25:13 EDT 2012

    "Run like the proud of you!"

    Matt Lavoie

    Tue Nov 27 07:37:31 EST 2012

    "Enita, just know I will be with you in spririt as you walk and I hope my donation helps in some way."

    Matt Lavoie

    Wed Dec 26 09:18:25 EST 2012

    "Keep up the good work Enita. I will be praying for you. Ellie"

    Matt Lavoie

    Fri Dec 28 03:58:34 EST 2012

    "Go Dr. Nduku!"

    Matt Lavoie

    Wed Jan 02 12:46:29 EST 2013

    "Way to go mom... We are so proud of you. You are an inspiration to us."

    Matt Lavoie

    Sun Jan 13 02:25:58 EST 2013

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