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First Buddy Run
Feb 02, 2011 by Poorna Rajaraman

Saturday - 29-Jan-2011:

I went to the Running Revolution in a hurry thinking I am going to be late, but when went there by 8:10 am, the gear workshop had just started. I got a plenty of information about the various dresses, shoes, and all other kind of things I have never known why they are there in the sports goods shops!

We then came together with Aaron and then started running into the Campbell Park. We did a 2 mile run on the trail, and it was very refreshing as the day was slowly beginning to get warm. Initially i felt very cold, but it was better off slowly. Ron, also one of Aaron's Mentees, was keeping pace with me and we both did the full 2 mile talking to each other and keeping the encouragement going.. It was definetly a good run and I was back to sign out!

Monday 31-Jan-2011:

I did send out a few fund raising emails to friends, great response! Thank you guys!

Tuesday 1-Feb-2011:

6:30 PM was the time for a buddy run and plan was to meet up in the Rivermark plaza. My husband suddenly said he would be there with me for the run and we both reached the place by 6:15. It was too cold and we dint want to go out and wait. Around 6:25, when we went to the spot that we had agreed upon, there was literally no one waiting for us.. Aaron joined us at 6:30 sharp and we waited for a couple of minutes and then started to run as just the three of us! The plan was a 3 mile on the trail.. Initially, I was able to keep the momentum when we just started and went till a few miles, and slowly when it was 1.5 miles, I had started to walk! I did most of the return as a walk + run while Aaron was trying to jog to keep pace with me..

I thought the buddy runs are going to eat up my day and I am not going to have any time, but when were done with the dinner, it was just 8:00 and I felt like I had plenty of time in hand and so much energy due to all that running, it was a great feeling!

I think I am going to do the 13.6 miles easily! Let me see how it goes!

Racing to Save Lives
Jan 30, 2011 by Poorna Rajaraman

Welcome to my Team In Training home page.

From my childhood days, I have been fascinated by the people who can run very long distances! When I was in Jersey City, I slowly discovered the runner in me. From then on, I have always been looking for options to run my first half-marathon.

When I was looking for a group, and a commitment, I came across a brochure from Team in Training. I just checked their website and signed up for the information meeting.

It was at this meeting that I was moved! These guys are helping doctors to find a medicine for cancer! I have had relatives who died of Cancer. On those days there was no cure for cancer. These days, not many people can afford to the therapies. Here there is someone who is trying to help the Cancer patients to live a normal and longer life!

I generally take a back seat when it comes to collecting fund for something. But this cause was very motivational that I had decided to join this group and run for saving lives from cancer. Ofcourse, they can easily ask the participant to cover this amount as a training fee, but they want it to be a fund raiser so that more people like me also get to know about this organization and its noble cause.

People in TNT are the real heroes, and we need your support to cross the ultimate finish line - a cure! Please make a donation to support my participation in Team In Training and help advance their mission.

I am going to keep blogging the events of my training every time I can. I am sure you would be following my progress and donate for this cause on this page as much as you can!

And Please do spread the word so that anyone in your acquaintance can get the much needed help as and when needed!



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