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Skyline 50k Finished!
Aug 15, 2012 by May Ladrillono

A LOT can really be accomplished when you have your family, friends, and teammates to support you. I felt so much loved and cared for as I did 10 plus hours climb and descent of 4,750 elevation. I felt I have done something so that patients can have hope for a better future. THANK YOU to all my donors, friends, family, and teammates. GO TEAM!!!

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My most gruelling 10 miles EVER!
Aug 06, 2012 by May Ladrillono

August 4th: 28-mile training run for the Headlands 50k runners, and 10-mile taper run for the Skyline 50k runners. This is my most gruelling 10 miles!!! Lots and lots of climb, stairs, and descent! Elevation profile of 6,317 ft. Oh my, my.... Here's Brian's shot of our teammates as he was running down Tennessee Valley and the people down below were headed towards Wolf Ridge at 10x zoom.

One month More Till Skyline 50K!!!!
Jul 19, 2012 by May Ladrillono

July 14th @6:30am- First wave of runners out for a 28-mile training run starting from Huddart park with turnaround point at Wunderlich Park. Total elevation profile of 4,200 ft climb and descend. Tested my hamstring injury on the climb and descent for the first time after one month of no running and survived with no pain. Second wave of runners started at 8am and trekked same course at 22 miles. One month till Skyline 50k. Whoohooo!!!!!

Fight Back!
May 31, 2012 by May Ladrillono

A couple of days after we got back from a 3-day Ultra training camp at Western States 100, the grandfather of Ultra running, one of our teammates' mom passed away at 1:00 am today because of cancer. I cried when I heard the news, and I'm still crying as I write this. Just like Brian, I feel helpless when someone we know lose a loved one to cancer, and in Brian's case his own brother was lost to cancer. The only way to respond is to fight back, and the only way we know how to do it is to continue our fight - running the distance, putting our bodies to the test, and hope that there will be those who will join us and run the distance, or support us and join our fight.

Mission Peak and Sunol Wilderness = 4200 ft total Climb!
Jul 06, 2012 by May Ladrillono

Saturday, April 28 was 4,200 ft of climb for the team. I did 15 miles on that day while most did 22 miles and a couple did 30 miles. We had amazing views! My heart was torn between the heat of over 80 degrees, the amazing views, and why are we doing this again??? When I got to the finish and saw the rest of the team, the exhiliration of the climb awashed me all over again.

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    "Thanks to you May and Brian for all the money you raise for such a great cause!!!"

    Lisa Jakub

    Fri Feb 03 01:57:04 EST 2012

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    Katherine Panepinto

    Wed Feb 29 06:14:22 EST 2012

    "Go get 'em May!"

    Margarita Duran

    Fri Mar 09 11:47:36 EST 2012

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