My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
May 10, 2010 by Christine Chai

Hello family and friends,

I hope all is well with you and everyone in your lives. I hope everyone has exciting summer plans! Trips abroad, cruises, weddings, birthdays, big projects...

Well, here's what's going with me so far and my big projects...

*I have spent the last year long-term subbing at an awesome elementary school and have had some of the best experiences of my life! Thank you Gordon J. Lau!

*I got engaged this past Valentine's Day (whoop!).

*I will be running the San Francisco Half Marathon on July 25th (the second half and my FIRST half marathon!).

*I will be running the Nike Women's Marathon on October 17th (the whole thing and my FIRST full marathon!).

Yup, that's what I'll be doing this summer everyday after work - training for a marathon.

I have to admit, I joined Team in Training with a selfish purpose - I wanted to get in shape for my wedding. I also wanted to see if I could actually do this - 26 miles! That's a lot of ground to cover! But after I signed up with the team and realized the impact that runners and fundraisers make (and was given lots of positive reinforcement by my coaches and teammates), I was convinced and committed to helping the cause.

This is going to be hard. I was not born a runner nor do I like to run. I'd rather do zumba, bikram yoga, laundry, dishes... anything but run!

This will be a challenge. But not as challenging as what people with blood cancers have to go through. I don't personally know anyone with blood cancer but I know that through fundraising and running, I will be helping many people that I don't even know and making a huge difference in their lives and the lives of their families.

With your donation, you will be helping fund research, treatment and recovery processes for many patients who are going through one of the toughest moments of their lives.

Any amount is a great amount - any amount will help.

Thank you with all my heart for your donations.



Supporter Comments

    "Good luck Christine!!!"

    Bonnie Tang

    Sun Aug 29 01:55:43 EDT 2010

    "Thanks everyone who bought some baked goodies! You all have made a huge difference in so many lives! "

    Sports Basement Bake Sale!

    Tue Jul 13 08:12:18 EDT 2010

    "Good job, Christine!"

    Chau Le

    Wed Jul 07 01:58:29 EDT 2010


    Nissana Akranavaseri

    Sat Jul 03 12:03:46 EDT 2010

    "good luck :)"

    katie and wil

    Sun Jun 06 07:39:35 EDT 2010

    "Wow, Christine, I am really impressed. This is something I have thought about doing, but never actually taken the time or gotten the courage to do. Good luck to you! "

    Katrina Guinan

    Thu Jun 03 09:24:24 EDT 2010

    "Hi Hon, I'm so proud of you for signing up for this! I know you can do it -- you're a superstar! I love you berry much! <3<3<3 Ryry <3<3<3"

    Ryan Tancredi

    Sun May 23 12:31:07 EDT 2010

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Seth Rosenberg $100.00
katie and wil $100.00
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Clark Kent $4.05
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