KJ's Team In Training Tri: So close!

My first double-brick and $800 to raise by Thursday!
Mar 14, 2011 by Kristine Jacobs


On Sunday I participated in my first "double-brick" workout, which entailed a 90 minute bike ride, 30 minute run, 80 minute bike ride, and 20 minute run. Needless to say it was long and intense, and not my normal Sunday morning routine.

But - the team was in full spirit and at each leg of the workout we cheered each other on. After participating with TNT, I am convinced that a group of motivated and dedicated people can achieve almost anything.

The scenery was gorgeous - rolling hills and farms. I saw chickens and horses along the route - distractions are good.

Our team has raised over $250,000 this season - keep in mind that this is just the SF Bay Triathlon team. Imagine how much has been raised across the country from the many different chapters.

We only have 19 days until the race and I am really looking forward to it!

Practice tri this weekend and $1k left to raise!
Mar 02, 2011 by Kristine Jacobs

This week I have a lot to look forward to. My sister is visiting from East Coast, arriving tonight and staying for a week. We plan to do a swim workout together tomorrow before we head out to take in a little bit of SF art and food! Maybe she will give me some tips on being more efficient in the water.

This weekend we have a practice triathlon in Tiburon - I assume this includes another open water swim - yikes! They are so different from the pool workouts, but good practice for race day. Last time I definitely drank a hefty amount of bay water.

We have 4 weeks to go until race day and I have $1000 to raise in 2 weeks (or else I have to cover the balance). Thank you again to those that have already supported me on this adventure!

I will post some pics from our practice tri next week!

Second open water swim complete and $1k to raise.
Feb 12, 2011 by Kristine Jacobs

This morning we completed our second open water swim; this time it was a full 30 minutes long at Paradise Beach. The waves were big, making it very hard to breathe and I definitely drank about half a gallon of the bay water....gross.

We followed the swim with a 15 minute transition and then a 30 mile ride up to the top of White's Hill - a great climb at the end and no wipeouts!

It's awesome to spend half the day with a great group of people, completely aligned in their mission to raise money for the Leukemia Society.

I am $1000 away from my minimum and have a month left to fundraise. Please consider supporting me on this incredible journey!

Here are Katie and I in our wetsuits, ready to jump in the water.

7 Weeks to Taper
Feb 02, 2011 by Kristine Jacobs

News that we are 7 weeks from taper made me a little nervous today, but then I thought about the people that we are trying to help and the battle that they face everyday. My goal of raising funds to support them and completing my first triathlon is much easier in comparison.

The good news - the weather this weekend is looking good and I am feeling generally fit despite still needing a lot more time on the bike and in the pool. (Sorry for the screenshot to those in the North East.)

Thanks for your continued support!

For those in SF, please join Katie and I at Bin38 on Monday Feb 7 to raise some money.

A Weekend of Firsts - Swim and Bike
Jan 18, 2011 by Kristine Jacobs

It was a beautiful weekend here in San Francisco - perfect for a jump in the bay and my first major climb and descent on the bike!

First up the swim!

While not a major workout, Saturday morning was an awesome experience. Many of us put on our wetsuits for the first time and jumped into the freezing bay water. For me the hardest part was getting my face numb enough so that I could actually swim face down in the water - toward the end of the intervals it was finally numb!

Next up: Mt. Tam

Matt took me over to Marin so I could spend some time on the bike - I have no handling skills and am very nervous being clipped in all the time. First, a major descent down about 5 miles of windy roads. Shaky arms and lots of brakes - not a pretty sight. And of course, we had to get back to the top once we were down. So up we went about 2800 ft on a windy little road to the top of Mt. Tam. It was hard, but so scenic and very few cars!

Matt took this picture at the end of our ride on the Seven Sisters.

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