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Mar 05, 2011


SO FAR THIS SEASON WE'VE RAISED $4,163! (some donations are not reflected in the total to the right) WOOHOO!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

Welcome to my Team In Training home page.

I'm delighted to let you now that I have decided once again to train with Team In Training and participate in my 6th triathlon!

I thought about retiring from this crazy sport last year but changed my mind when a friends granddaughter was diagnosed with Leukemia.

Leukemia is such a horrible disease. The statistics are frightening.

  • Leukemia accounts for approximately 35% of all childhood cancers
  • Approximately 1 in 1000 children will be diagnosed with leukemia by the age of 19
  • It is more common in children under the age of 10
  • The five year survival rate for children diagnosed with leukemia and subsequently treated is approximately 70%
  • 2500 cases of leukemia are diagnosed per year in the US

I love children and the thought of even one having to suffer with the disease, let alone contend with the side affects of treatment, breaks my heart.

I fundraise for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society every year and every year I have met my goal with your help. This year I have made my personal goal $6,000. Any donation you can make to help me reach my goal is very much appreciated.

What your donations support:

  • more than 200 researchers
  • provides financial assistance to patients
  • sponsors scientific conferences
  • produces educational materials and videos
  • runs over 50 support groups nationwide

Thank you so much for your support!


"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence." - Helen Keller


Supporter Comments

    "Thank you so much for the haircut Mama D. I love it. Keep kicking cancer's butt. "

    Kathryn Hendrix

    Thu Mar 03 02:43:50 EST 2011

    "Good luck with the training! Great cause!"

    Andi Kinig Wieczynski

    Sat Feb 19 03:10:09 EST 2011

    "We Love You Best Godmama! You are amazing! XOXO"

    Brett & Jen Smith

    Thu Feb 17 01:06:01 EST 2011

    "Go Danette go! :)"

    Leslie Machtmes

    Thu Feb 17 12:02:19 EST 2011

    "I love you Mamma. You are my hero and my life."

    Julia Terrazas

    Fri Feb 11 12:03:22 EST 2011

    "So proud of you. Matching gift form in the mail."


    Thu Feb 10 10:59:37 EST 2011

    "So proud of you! Put in $50 so Aetna would match. :-)"

    Susan Rubio and Paul Williamson

    Mon Feb 07 07:59:47 EST 2011

    "Danette - You are AMAZING!!! Thank you for all you do!! "

    Mike and Kay Isola

    Fri Feb 04 06:46:39 EST 2011

    "Dear Dannette, It has been 3 years since you helped me in my Team in Training effort. Time for me to return the favor. March will mark me as an 11 year survivor in my battle against Lymphoma. Chemo again on Friday. Thanks for all you do for all of us. Sincerely, Peter Niccum"

    Peter Niccum

    Wed Feb 02 01:04:21 EST 2011

    "Best of luck... You will do great!"

    The Downes Family

    Wed Feb 02 01:01:09 EST 2011

    "Go Danette! I admire you and am happy to help."

    Sue Somers

    Tue Feb 01 10:12:17 EST 2011

    "Good Luck Danette! You are a rockstar!"

    Patricia Hainley

    Tue Feb 01 05:47:50 EST 2011

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The Downes Family $500.00
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Mary Furnivall $250.00
Capital Group $200.00
Scott and Lulu Braunstei... $200.00
Aetna Foundation $175.00
Aetna $150.00
Sports Basement $108.14
Geoff Wieczynski $100.00
Desiraa Smith $100.00
Wei-Tai Kwok Hsu $100.00
Jamie Cronk $100.00
enas and bianca pubentz $100.00
M.L. Smith $100.00
Olson $100.00
Mike and Kay Isola $100.00
R2 $100.00
Laura Tuller $100.00
Laura Tuller $100.00
Geoff Wieczynski $75.00
Stephanie Tompkins $60.00
Kevin Sofield $60.00
Cherida Smith $50.00
Brad Herman & Jamie Louis $50.00
Kathryn Hendrix $50.00
Brenda Hanschen $50.00
Trudy & David Rodriguez $50.00
Joan Wedell $50.00
Daryl McCosker $50.00
Rory McClung $50.00
Brett & Jen Smith $50.00
Leslie Machtmes $50.00
Julia Terrazas $50.00
Susan Rubio and Paul Will... $50.00
Peter Niccum $50.00
Sue Somers $50.00
Virginia & Tom Steuber $50.00
Louise Pecher $50.00
Laura Lashinsky $40.00
Stephanie Tompkins $30.00
Leslie Hagel $30.00
Katie McSherry $25.00
Andi Kinig Wieczynski $25.00
Steven Patterson $25.00
Neil Small $25.00
Emma Coffey $25.00
Cynthia Curcuro $25.00
Patricia Hainley $25.00
Rebecca Thompson $25.00
paulette fry $25.00
frank/frances andrews, sr $25.00
Joan Richards $20.00
Alex Frosio $20.00