My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Jul 25, 2010 by Melissa Groos

Own a piece of my IRONMAN race!

All proceeds will go directly to the fight against cancer!

Buy a mile or two (one for yourself and a friend!) of the 140.6 available, and you can live life knowing you personally helped built a path that will bridge me to the finish line and MORE importantly - helped improve the lives of cancer patients!

A donation of:

$25 for any Bike Mile

$50 for 2 Bike Miles

$100 for any Run Mile

$250 for any Swim Mile

2 Available Transition Slots: T2; T3

1 Avaiable Post Race Slot: T4 (celebration with drink in hand!)

How it Works

1. Make a donation using my sponsor link:

2. I will send you a big THANK YOU and ask which specific mile you'd like (i.e. Bike 100 or Run 13) or if no preference, I'll place in sequential numerical order.

3. Your name (or "anonymous" if you prefer) will go next to that mile and you then can choose to "plug" anything you like (that is PG rated) such as a website, business, or dedicate that mile in honor or memory of a special someone.


If your company matches email me (, let me know and we'll either add another mile to your name or upgrade it accordingly!

Remember all donations are 100% tax deductible and will benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to help find a cure for blood cancers and improve the quality of life of cancer patients and their families! Because WE CAN make a difference!

The proud owners:

Lisa Max and Gary Tobin own every mile of my Vineman race (thanks guys!)

Gaspare and Daniel Indelicato and Gaspare Golf CharityTeam; Barb, Brad,Terry, Julietta and Robin all own every mile of my race. A special thanks to the tee sponsors and prize donors. Thank you again for helping charities one stroke at a time.

SWIM: 2.4 miles

1.2 miles John Glass

2.4. miles Gary and Christa Annes - Abels & Annes, P.C.;

T2 (SWIM TO BIKE): Sandy Shepard

BIKE: 112 miles

1. Karen and Bob Groos in honor of Aunt Kris

2. Vincent Donadio; Lee Roberts

3. Kristin Zollo; Melanie Stich

4. Steve Ciarico

5. Melissa McGee in honor of Loren Leavitt

6. Barbara Santi

7. Dan Granahan

8. Alexandra Delatorre

9. Lily Rose Johnson

10. Mr. and Mrs. Don Ehrensperger

11. Mr. and Mrs. Don Ehrensperger

12. Lori Ravnsbeck

13. Lori Ravnsbeck

14.Kim Wiston

15. Kim Wiston

16. Margaret Mackey

17. Bill Kopanda

18. Margaret Mackey

19. Gary and Christa Annes - Abels & Annes, P.C.;

20. Gary and Christa Annes - Abels & Annes, P.C.;

21. Tom Joyce

22. Tom Joyce

23. Traci and Ray Stevens

24. Nancy Fox and Woody; Nancy Fox - Piano Patter

25. Mike Kyle

26. Sedonia Yoshida

27. Steve, Jennifer, Andrew, Sarah and Phoebe Rankins

28. Steve, Jennifer, Andrew, Sarah, and Phoebe Rankins

29. Phil Hynes

30. Phil Hynes

31. Steve Zimmerman

32. Anne Payne; Kathryn Hendrix aka 'Roving Iron Jukebox'

33. Anne Payne

34. Kristie Richardson

35. Les Giang

36. Jennifer McCormick

37. Sheila McMullen

38. Megan Sexsmith

39. Annie Harshbarger

40. Laura & Jesse Arzola in honor of Kris Lineberger

41. Laura & Jesse Arzola in honor of Kris Lineberger

42. Liz and Jim Dombrowski

43. Liz and Jim Dombrowski

44. Braden Woods

45. Braden Woods

46. Braden Woods

47. Braden Woods

48. Liz and Jim Dombrowski

49. Liz and Jim Dombrowski

50. John Shurtz

51. Sherry Heck;

52. Sherry Heck;

53. Sherry Heck;

54. Sherry Heck;

55. Kathy Page

56. Kathy Page

57. Kathy Page

58. Amanda Pawl Schuetzle

59. Amanda Pawl Schuetzle

60. Kim Schaffer

61. Shawna Gray

62. Penny and Mike Mihaly

63. Kristin Zollo

64. Kristin Zollo

65. Chris Vieweg

66. Holly and Ed Velando

67. Holly and Ed Velando

68. Michelle, Steve, Luca and Alina Franchetti

69. Michelle, Steve, Luca and Alina Franchetti

70. Dana Kopping

71. Dana Kopping

72. Dana Kopping

73. Dana Kopping

74. Cherie Taylor

75. Heather Lane

76. Loraine Baldocchi

77. Loraine Baldocchi

78. Loraine Baldocchi

79. Loraine Baldocchi

80. Kristin Zollo

81. Anonymous donor - thank you!

82. Anonymous donor - I heart you!

83. Anonymous donor - thank you!

84. Anonymous donor - I heart you!

85. Anonymous donor - thank you!

86. Anonymous donor - I heart you!

87. Anonymous donor - thank you!

88. Anonymous donor - I heart you!

89. Anonymous donor - thank you!

90. Anonymous donor - I heart you!

91. Eric Bezar

92. Eric Bezar

93. Eric Bezar

94. Eric Bezar

95. Lori Ravnsbeck

96. Andy and Eileen Clisham in honor and memory of Deb Shred

97. Lori Ravnsbeck

98. Linda Tobias and Steve Clemens in honor and memory of Eddie Tobias, Steve Clemens

99. Linda Tobias and Steve Clemens in honor and memory of Eddie Tobias, Steve Clemens

100. Robert 'Bob' Stanley; Timothy Slattery in memory of Mary McArdle, "Mickey" McArdle, Elouise McArdle and in honor of Rayleen Flatherty Mil and Dawn Coyle; Rick and Sharon McKelvey; Angela Ciresi Caliri

101. Johnnie Jean Daniel in honor of Shelley

102. Susan Krzciuk

103. Lisanne Aguilar in honor and memory of Sebastian Aguilar

104. Carrie Friedberg

105. Carrie Friedberg

106. Tom and Vicki Myers

107. Carrie Friedberg

108. John Glass; Carrie Friedberg

109. John Glass

110. Steve Ciarico; Kindu Kaur; Jennifer Carrico

111. Virginia Nowak; Kindu Kaur; Jennifer Carrico; Iron Wu

112. Karen and Bob Groos in honor of Aunt Kris; Heidi Leek; Iron Wu in honor and memory of Brenda Donato and Raji Watawala

T3 (BIKE TO RUN): Maria Afan aka Mdot Afan

RUN: 26.2 miles

1. Rennie Guinasso; Eric Bezar

2. Victor Guinasso; Marcia Gleeson

3. Carmen Bottiglieri of Stanley Steamers of Marin

4. Ali Al-Himyary

5. Dr. and Mrs. Leo Reyes

6. Gary and Christa Annes - Abels & Annes, P.C.;

7. Elsa & Glen Heinemann in honor of Carl Roeschlein

8. Elsa & Glen Heinemann in honor of Carl Roeschlein

9. Elsa & Glen Heinemann in honor of Carl Roeschlein

10. Dr. Melissa E. Rinck, D.D.S.

11. Lisa Paningsoro & Brian Wong

12. Dan Solarz in honor and memory of Kay Solarz

13. Katie Regan; Annonymous donor whom I love dearly (thank you!)

14. Eric Bezar

15. Christina Waldeck

16. Bob Selden

17. John Glass

18. John Glass

19. John Glass

20. John Glass; Mick and Jane Cummins

21. Terry Stoner in honor of Kevin Baptist; Ruhra Reiss

22. Johnnie Jean Daniel in honor of Shelley

23. Karen and Bob Groos in honor of Aunt Kris, Uncle Ked, and Luke Kaspari

24. Karen and Bob Groos in honor of Aunt Kris, Uncle Ked, and Luke Kaspari

25. Eric Bezar; Todd Blomquist and Hooper; Timothy Slattery in memory of Mary McArdle, "Mickey" McArdle, Elouise McArdle and in honor of Rayleen Flatherty Mil and Dawn Coyle

26.2. Judy Bell; Carmen Bottiglieri of Stanley Steamers of Marin; Todd Blomquist and Hooper

T4: (raise a glass of vino with me - I DID IT!) The Rinaldo Guinasso Family

Thank you everyone from the bottom of my 'Iron heart' for being a part of my Ironman journey to save lives and crush cancer forever!

Much Love,


Join Team Iron Mel and follow along on OUR journey towards a cancer free world


Supporter Comments

    "You are truly amazing! GO TEAM!"

    Heather Lane

    Thu Mar 18 11:10:02 EDT 2010

    "Way to go IronWoman! We are proud of what you are doing for all of those who are suffering with leukemia/lymphoma!"

    Traci & Ray Stevens

    Mon Dec 28 07:06:28 EST 2009

    "Melissa - I came across this on FB and had to help. I ran the Chicago Marathon with TNT and couldn't even imagine an Ironman. GOOD LUCK and thanks for doing this with TNT!!"

    Dan Solarz

    Sat Jan 23 02:11:01 EST 2010

    "Keep up the good work and train smart Iron Mel!"

    Brian Wong & Lisa Paningsoro

    Wed Jan 13 10:19:37 EST 2010

    "Go Aunt Melissa - you ROCK!!! We will pray for good health and strength on your amazing journey. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!"

    Rankins family

    Tue Jan 12 12:58:11 EST 2010

    "go Iron Mel! If the puppy chow is a hit with H, who knows, I might be buyin' a Run Mile over time :-)"

    Sandra Shepard

    Tue Dec 15 01:35:29 EST 2009

    "Go IronMel! So excited and proud to have you as a teammate! Keep up the awesome work!"

    Maria C. Afan

    Mon Dec 14 12:26:11 EST 2009

    "Melissa, Thank you for doing this. You are one awesome women and I admire you. More power to you. Best of luck in your journey and race. :) "

    Alexandra Delatorre

    Fri Nov 20 12:18:53 EST 2009

    "Melissa---You are my hero! IRONMAN will be the experience of life time! Can't wait to hear about your training and race day. GO TEAM!"

    Katie Regan

    Wed Oct 07 02:41:28 EDT 2009

    "I hope that I am the first to help get you to your goal! I really think that it is wonderful that you have a passion such as this! Good luck!"

    Steve Ciarico

    Wed Oct 07 10:25:56 EDT 2009

    "Good luck Melissa!"


    Thu Apr 08 05:36:26 EDT 2010

    "you had me at picard..."


    Thu Apr 08 08:27:16 EDT 2010

    "Thank you Melissa for all you did for Rinaldo over the past two years. "

    The Guinasso Family

    Wed May 26 04:09:16 EDT 2010

    "Get it, Hot Pants!"

    Jennifer Carrico

    Thu Jun 10 05:24:04 EDT 2010

    "Good luck, Melissa!"

    Sue and Marge Perry

    Fri Jul 09 09:15:47 EDT 2010

    "Good luck girl! It's been an amazing season training with you. Glad I can be a part of the highest fundraising team for 2010. This is for bike mile 32/89... all the lovely bumps you, Marina and I loved so much in training."

    Kathryn Hendrix

    Sun Jul 18 06:26:48 EDT 2010

    "IronMel, you are awesome! Thanks for being a wonderful teammate!! IronWu"

    Carol Wu

    Tue Jul 20 12:37:44 EDT 2010

    "What an incredible journey for such a great cause! Congrats on your committment!"

    Todd & Kathy Page

    Tue Mar 09 12:59:44 EST 2010

    "Go Melissa Go!"


    Thu Feb 04 11:32:32 EST 2010

My Fundraising Total

Raised: $12,274.25 | Goal: $13,000.00
94 %

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Daniel Indelicato $4014.00
The Guinasso Family $1000.00
John Glass $500.00
Gary Annes $400.00
Elsa Heinemann $300.00
John Glass $250.00
Robert Groos $200.00
Lisa Max & Gary Tobin $141.00
Sue and Marge Perry $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Eric Bezar $100.00
Eric Bezar $100.00
Loraine Baldocchi $100.00
Dana Kopping $100.00
Elizabeth Scott-Dombrowsk... $100.00
Robert Selden $100.00
Christina Waldeck $100.00
Sherry Heck $100.00
Melissa Rinck $100.00
Dan Solarz $100.00
Brian Wong & Lisa Panings... $100.00
Leo Reyes $100.00
Braden Woods $100.00
Ali Alhimyary $100.00
Stanley Steemer-Carmen Bo... $100.00
Judy Bell & Carmen Bottig... $100.00
Johnnie Jean Daniel $100.00
Robert Groos $100.00
Victor Guinasso $100.00
Eric Bezar $100.00
Rennie Guinasso $100.00
Katie Regan $100.00
Todd & Kathy Page $75.00
Dine!! $70.00
Harold Bud Lachel $50.00
Timothy Slattery $50.00
Mark Nitsche $50.00
Steven Coll $50.00
Jennifer Carrico $50.00
kulwinder kaur $50.00
Salesforce $50.00
Timothy Slattery $50.00
Todd Blomquist $50.00
Carrie $50.00
Steven Clemens $50.00
Lori Ravnsbeck $50.00
Michelle Franchetti $50.00
holly & ed velando $50.00
Kristin Zollo $50.00
Amanda Schuetzle $50.00
Laura Arzola $50.00
M. J. Dahl $50.00
Terry $50.00
Elizabeth Payne $50.00
Les Giang $50.00
Philip Hynes $50.00
Rankins family $50.00
Tom Joyce $50.00
Kimberly Wiston $50.00
Mr Ehrensperger $50.00
Lori Ravnsbeck $50.00
Kristin Zollo $50.00
Steve Ciarico $50.00
Lee Roberts $30.00
Eileen Clisham $30.00
William Kopanda $30.00
Bayer $25.00
Gwen Gorman $25.00
Haydn Reiss $25.00
Marcia Gleeson $25.00
Kathryn Hendrix $25.00
Angela Ciresi $25.00
Sharon McKelvey $25.00
Heidi Leek $25.00
Jane Cummins $25.00
susan krzciuk $25.00
Lisanne Aguilar $25.00
Johnnie Jean Daniel $25.00
Heather Lane $25.00
Shawna Gray $25.00
Chris Vieweg $25.00
kimberley schaffer $25.00
John Shurtz $25.00
Sheila McMullen $25.00
Margaret Harshbarger $25.00
Megan Sexsmith $25.00
Kristie Richardson Wheele... $25.00
Steve Zimmerman $25.00
robert stanley $25.00
Sedonia Yoshida $25.00
Michael Kyle $25.00
Nancy Fox & Woody Weingar... $25.00
Traci & Ray Stevens $25.00
margaret mackey $25.00
Margaret Mackey $25.00
Lily Rose Johnson $25.00
Alexandra Delatorre $25.00
Dan Granahan $25.00
Barbara Santi $25.00
Melissa McGee $25.00
Tom & Vicki Myers $25.00
Penny & Mike Mihaly $25.00
Virginia Nowak $25.00
Vincent Donadio $25.00
Laura Warren $24.25
Melanie Stich $20.00
Michael Meyer $20.00
Kristen Lineberger $20.00
Carol Wu  
Sandra Shepard  
Maria C. Afan