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Jul 30, 2013

Not long ago I found myself at the Inspiration Dinner for the Vineman Team, the night before my AWESOME husband finished his second Half Ironman. I heard so many stories of how people's lives have been changed by The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Some people had found comfort in the community when cancer struck their family. Others had directly benefited from medical breakthroughs made possible by research funded by LLS.

As I listened to their stories, I realized two things:

  • These people kept coming back to give what they could to they cause, and
  • I needed to join them again.

I'm raising money and running another half marathon (the Tinkerbell Half Marathon with the Carlsbad/Tinkerbell Winter Team) because I can -- because it's a small, small thing I can do to join the fight against cancer. I lost my friend Rebecca last year, and my mother continues to battle. Two other friends had breast cancer surgery in the last six months. Today I am healthy and thankful to be in a place where I can give both time and fundraising energy to this worthy cause.

Please join me... even if it's just a buck or five. Or five hundred. Or whatever. I've been known to write a nice thank-you note in my time, and I'd love to send you one.


Supporter Comments

    "Thanks Beth for all you do! You are a rockstar in our book! Mark and Sherrie Rosenberger"

    Mark and Sherrie Rosenberger

    Fri Sep 06 12:24:08 EDT 2013

    "A little step toward being a RockStat again!"

    Katy Vicckery

    Tue Jul 30 11:26:49 EDT 2013

    "GO BETH!!"

    Paul Anderson, CPA

    Tue Jul 30 11:09:13 EDT 2013

    "Go Beth!!!"

    Myra Casillas

    Sat Sep 28 01:38:22 EDT 2013

    "Go, Beth! You're a rock star in my book!! "

    Helen Dalziel

    Sat Sep 28 04:33:31 EDT 2013

    "LLS is so lucky to have Beth on OUR Team!"

    Kathlene Seymour

    Wed Sep 11 04:23:44 EDT 2013

    "Congrats on the new book. Go TEAM!!"

    Melissa Hull

    Fri Sep 06 01:53:39 EDT 2013


    Ashley Kowal

    Thu Sep 05 10:19:39 EDT 2013

    "Congrats on your book! You are my fav Nerd!!!"

    Pearl Amos

    Thu Sep 05 10:14:55 EDT 2013

    "Beth you are the real meaning of Relentless! Thank you for being that way and thank you for always making me smile and laugh! Laurie"

    Laurie Houston

    Thu Sep 05 06:56:54 EDT 2013

    "Because you keep on fighting the good fight!"

    Carol Campbell

    Mon Aug 26 08:50:05 EDT 2013

    "Good luck! I will miss you in NYC :("

    Jim Rider

    Fri Sep 13 03:08:10 EDT 2013

    "Go Auntie Beth - we love you! Love, Jamison and Ashton"

    Sarah Ziesenis

    Sat Sep 28 08:48:49 EDT 2013

    "Go Beth Go!"

    Clarissa Cardes

    Mon Aug 26 11:28:06 EDT 2013

    "Thanks for everything this season! Your fundraising tips, your energy and your DJ! Sons are loving your new book."

    Kuan Collins

    Thu Aug 22 09:49:47 EDT 2013

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