My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Jul 10, 2009 by Jennifer Williams

Riding a bike to burn off all the calories from those cakes! And helping to find cures at the same time

Welcome to my Team in Training fundraising page!

I've completed 7 century bike rides with Team in Training, its a wonderful cause and I've come back for some inspiration and fun. I'm training for the Solvang Century in March 2010.

I'm here again because I want to raise money to find cures for blood cancers. I'm here for Elliott Moody, for Ted, Austin and all the other wonderful honored team-mates I've met. I believe this is a wonderful cause, not only in research into new treatments, but in support for peoples lives who are touched by blood cancers.

To keep myself honest, I'll be blogging about my training at

Also, if you would like a cake/cupcakes/desserts or baked goods, send me an email at jenny92103 at gmail dot com and check out my photo page at for ideas!


Supporter Comments

    "What a wonderful cause to make delicious treats for . . . "

    Hayley Singer

    Fri Dec 04 06:07:53 EST 2009

    "Go Jenny!"

    Wendi Baker

    Fri Jan 15 02:53:08 EST 2010

    "GO TEAM GO!!! Thanks for the absolutely delicious Mickey Mouse cake. That was the BEST CAKE EVER! Good luck on the ride!"

    The Pani Family

    Sun Jan 31 09:13:14 EST 2010

    "Jenny, this is great that you are doing this! Good luck in your fundraising efforts"

    Amy Beam

    Tue Feb 02 02:15:06 EST 2010

    "Thank you so much for the delicious cake and cupcakes. Yummy!!!!"

    Judy Calegari

    Tue Feb 16 01:56:31 EST 2010

    "Thank you so much!! Best of luck at Solvang and with the rest of your fundraising!"


    Fri Feb 26 01:09:25 EST 2010

    "The Goal is DONE!"


    Fri Feb 26 09:31:57 EST 2010

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Raised: $3,150.00 | Goal: $3,000.00
105 %

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My Thanks To

Hayley Singer $200.00
jenny $120.00
Sean Voisen $110.00
Daniel Singer $100.00
Jennifer Theinert $100.00
Marie Brown $100.00
Lisa vigil $100.00
Amy Beam $100.00
Pia Giambruno $100.00
The Pani Family $75.00
Annie Wilcox $75.00
Eduardo Grunvald $75.00
Shira Keri $70.00
Shannon Meler $65.00
Shannon Thiss $60.00
Juliana Amarillas $60.00
Michele Litkenhaus $55.00
Jeannine Stuzka $55.00
Cheryl Rudy-Goodness $52.00
Judy Calegari $50.00
Philip Skinner Fidler $50.00
Lisa Voisen $50.00
Joan Smith $50.00
Lindsay Dillon $50.00
Heather Patton $50.00
Pfizer Foundation $50.00
Lawson John $50.00
Shannon Karlicek $50.00
Anonymous $46.00
Betsy $45.00
Tammy Dowd $45.00
Adrienne Gotz $40.00
Erin Zlotnik $40.00
Jennifer Covin $40.00
Shawna Hamon $40.00
Danielle Stein $40.00
Jacquelyne $40.00
Fern Kissel $32.00
Hayley Grunvald $30.00
Lori Goldman $30.00
Adrienne Griffith $30.00
Sophia Lukas $30.00
Takeda $25.00
Dinorah Lawson $25.00
susan Zlotnik $25.00
melissa mcarthur $25.00
Shannon Karlicek $25.00
Feng Rong He $20.00
Nancy Grais  
Wendi Baker