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What a Jump!
Feb 10, 2012 by sarah dale

Just a quick post to share my progress with the fundraising! I have such wonderful family and friends. They not only told me early on that they want to donate, but they followed through. I'm nearly speechless at how much I have raised in one week.

I have officially reached estatic!!!!

A few other things going on:

February 18th, 2012- I'll be hosting a garage sale/bake sale with my best friend! Details will be given in a private email if interested in stopping by! 100% proceeds will go towards my fundraising goal to help fight blood cancers!

February 25th, 2012- @ 6pm here at my Casa- I'll be hosting an "Eat up" event to also raise money for the fight against Leukemia and Lymphoma as well as other blood cancers...This dinner will feature menu items from your favorite places to eat, as well as a special take home gift. Cost: $10 flat rate to eat what you want. Enjoy company of others, and be entered into a community donation for a great prize! Email me for details!

I also want specially thank the person who donated the last $30 and didn't want to be named. You, along with everyone else whose donated, have gotten me to 50% as well as given me the confidence to finish this and not to give up! So Thank you mystery donor!

Cancer kills, and changes lives forever, donate today...I'm still not at 100%.

$20 from the Mini Goal!
Feb 06, 2012 by sarah dale

Happy Monday Everyone!

Today after my "chores for today", I decided to push myself and go on a run. I started out by walking .6 miles down the hill I live on. Once I got to the bottom I took off, and ran for about 3minutes, or however long the instrumental for 'Turning Pages' is from the Breaking Dawn Part 1 Soundtrack.

I ran all the way down to the trolly crossing, which is about a mile. All in all by the time I got back, I had ran/walked 2.1 miles in 30mins. Which is great!

The run itself was interesting. I live near the trolly and what I love about it is the interesting people you meet. There was this one straggler along the road and to be honest, I used caution. Running is great for your mind, body and spirit. However, you MUST be careful when running! Be aware of your surrounding, and be alert.

I'm proud of how far I'm coming. Seriously, ask anyone...I am not a runner. However, when I felt like giving up today, and just walk...I kept telling myself...

"a little bit further for Camden, a little bit further for Keira, a little bit further for Courtney, .....and everyone else who is struggling or is at risk for blood cancers (which everyone is at risk)

This is the photo of me after my run today...and the caption I used on my Facebook!

After my run! 2.1 miles of mostly running. I'm burning up and sweaty! I've donated $78.00 myself to the fight against blood cancers! I run, donate and support...just asking you to donate!

Have a Happy Monday Everyone!

Training Session #2
Feb 05, 2012 by sarah dale

Greetings Everyone!

Yesterday was Training Session #2 for the Rock N Roll Marathon, (remember I'm doing the 1/2). We met at Roadrunner Sports where they sale everything a runner needs. I was so excited because I recently bought my first pair of shoes. I was also able to finally attach my shoetag to my shoes. Check them out!

The morning was an early one for me. I'm used to sleeping in until at least 7am on a Saturday, but 5:30am was my wake up time. As I was heading out, I found the most beautiful inspiration to go running with...

I found the place pretty easy and once I got there, said hello to some of my amazing teammates and signed in, I got to pick up my training shirt. In order to get that you had to have at least ONE donation! I'd like to thank Emily Pierce(hope I spelled the last name right) for being the first one to donate :) I want to thank everyone else who has donated as well. You all have helped me reach a little further towards my goal...GO TEAM!

We split up into groups and I decided to join the 3/2 group. What that means is, you run with the group for 3 mins, and then you all walk for 2. Rotating your time like that is called running in intraverals. For a non-runner like myself, it's called heaven.

However, a funny thing happened when I started running...I went faster than my team. I learned something on that run. That I should be in the 5/2 group. (Same concept just longer run time). So next week that's where I may be. That means I get to "graduate" up a step. Woot!

During the run I thought I wouldn't make it. However, I did! I paced myself, listening to the advice of my husband (don't tighten your fists as you run, and focus on your breathing). I would see a stop light up ahead and tell myself, "you can make it, you can make it" and I did! I used this method all the way until I finished at what my little meter said, "3.31miles". Go me!

If you are a non-runner, I suggest this method. Keep in mind you'll probably hurt later, (I can barely make it up the stairs, but I'm doing it! )

My friend Brandi told me that if I ran with a cape like a "real" superhero, she'd donate $10. Here's what I sent her...

told her it was the best I had :) She's giving me $10 when she gets it!

Finally after some bread, water, and the training clinic from the guy at Road Runner Sports, we got to go shopping. Sadly, on an unemployment salary, I couldn't afford anything there. However I did see some things I wanted.

That's my training for this week! Next week, I believe it's 4 miles! I also realized that I ran a 5k yesterday! That'll help when I go run a real one with the Finish Chelsea's Run/Walk 5k on March 3rd!

Keep passing along my link, and keep donating! Save your change and send it! Novel is still up for grabs and a Garage Sale/Bake Sale on Saturday Feb 18th for those here in San Diego! Don't miss a thing!

Cancer kills, and harms the body! Donate today to help ease the pain of someone suffering! It could be you!

Raffle for a Cancer Free World!!!
Jan 30, 2012 by sarah dale

I am having my first raffle of the season! Anyone who knows me, know's I've recently written my first novel. I've had a few people read the first 15 pages and they have told me they are very interested! I haven't got it published simply because it was my first novel. That's where you come in...

I am raffling off tickets for a drawing for my first novel ever! You'll not only win your VERY own copy, but you'll also win the ONLY copy (other than my own personal one). I will have it edited, bound, and even create a special cover with my own photography for it. ONLY YOU, and I, will know the ending to this novel (unless you share it with someone else).

Tickets for the raffle will be sold starting Feb 1st at 12am...and I'll be selling them until February 29th (yup you get one extra day to get your tickets bought, HAPPY LEAP YEAR!!!). Tickets are simply a $3 donation to the cause, EACH!

What's the cause? I am running a half marathon with Team in Training to help raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and their fight against blood cancers! We want to find a cure this year! Not only does this money help fund the research for a cure, but also helps patients already fighting for their lives.

Imagine yourself with a young child, sitting in a hospital all alone, not being told anything. Your kid has something called Hodgkin's or some big word like that, and you have no clue how to help your child. As you rub her back while she vomits from the Chemo,or watch your teenage daughter cry because it's 2 days before prom and she has no hair. The LLS and the funds raised help parents like these with educational materials, moral support, and etc. Don't forget, it could be you.

My book is called, "Her Mother's Escape"

Here's a blurb from it...

Set in a rustic small town that is known for is sparkling lake, Samantha finds herself in search of the purpose of her mother's suicide. In a span of two years, Samantha faces everything from heartache, triumph, love, a near death experience by someone from her mother's past, and finally an answer.

What Raising Money for Cancer does to you...
Jan 29, 2012 by sarah dale

On my journey towards raising money to help fight blood cancers, a new world has been opened to me. Not only am I meeting new and wonderful people, but some of my past is coming at me, that I had no idea existed.

I'd like you to meet, Virginia Marie Nicholas-Carter. The woman in the blue dress in the picture below.

When Ms. Nichols was 17 years old, she had a scare with Cancer. She hid this from everyone but her mother. To this day, not many people actually know about this. Ms. Nichols is the type of lady who doesn't like people to worry about her, so she didn't feel the need to spread the news.

Thankfully, the cancer wasn't there, though the fear and stress that the testing took out of her really shook her up.

Today Ms. Nichols is a wife, mother of 3 biological children and 5 adopted children. She is also the proud grandmother of 4, with one more on the way.

Virginia Nichols-Carter is my mother. The risk of cancer running in my family is not rare, but almost expected.

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society not only raises money for research to find a cure, but they also raise money to help educate, support, and offer assistance where needed to patients already suffering from this terrible illness. Team in Training is a support team that assist the LLS, in raising the funds. I am a member of TNT (Team in Training). Let's not wait another moment, be a hero and donate today. You never know when cancer can be a darkness in your life, let us help! We can't help others, without your contribution.

As our Honor Team Mate for the Purple team(Courtney) said at our first triaining session,

"Cancer Sucks!".

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    "Keep at it Girl!!!! You can do it!!!"

    Stacy Sims

    Thu Jan 26 01:58:59 EST 2012

    "Keep up the great work Sarah! So proud of you! "

    Ashley Parkey

    Sun Jan 29 05:01:26 EST 2012

    "So proud of you Sarah!! You go girl :)"

    Jessica Cooper

    Sun Feb 05 06:14:13 EST 2012

    "You are doing awesome girl!! Keep up the great work. Almost there!!!"

    Stacy Sims

    Fri Feb 17 11:17:18 EST 2012

    "I was going to send you some flowers, but I thought this would make you feel even better. Get well soon! "

    B Neighbor

    Wed Mar 07 01:15:21 EST 2012

    "Really wish I could do more hun!! But sure hope you reach your goal soon!! "

    Ashley Parkey

    Mon Mar 26 08:26:44 EDT 2012

    "So proud of you Sarah!!!! :)"

    Jessica Cooper

    Sat Apr 07 08:31:46 EDT 2012

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