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Almost there!
Mar 31, 2012 by sarah dale

I am proud to annouce that I am almost to my goal amount. However, we all know that last $100 or $150 is hard as heck to reach. But, I'm almost there!

These past 10 weeks have been something else for me. What started as a bucket list item turned into so much more. It's meeting those affected by what you are fighting against. It's hearing those stories of little kids losing their lives just moments before they ring their victory bell. It's meeting new friends who are as passionate as you are. It's raising $1455.02 in less than 9 weeks! It's knowing that by running, I am saving lives, and not just my own.

Almost four weeks after having my gallbladder removed I am finally ready to get back out there with my team. Running is empowering. Setting a pace goal for yourself, a time goal to reach the finish line. Even if fundraising isn't your fortee, I encourage you all to get out there and at least run a 5k! You and your body will thank me when you do!

Help me get to $1650. Share your fundraising ideas in the comments below so I can get to work on getting that last $150. Then donate $1 to the cause!

Thanks a million to those who have already donated!


Really Disappointed in myself.
Mar 17, 2012 by sarah dale

Hey everyone!

Well that time of season is approaching us again. Recommitment day. My personal goal was to have my minnimum of $1650.00 in when I turned in my Recommitment form. Sadly, I'm $209.98 short. I'm disappointed in myself, as well as a few others to be honest.

Let me back up. This whole thing started as a bucket list item. I wanted to cross off "Run a 1/2 marathon" off my bucket list. I'm almost 30 so my list is pretty important. I teamed up with Team in Training and LLS because their program is astounding, especially to non-runners like myself.

Those who really know me, know that before I started with TNT, I couldn't run down to the mailbox without giving up. I never knew how much this whole program would change my life. What started out as a "before I die" item, turned into a life changing eye-opener.

Cancer. I always thought growing up that if your hair fell out in clumps or more than just a few strands it meant that you had cancer. I didn't now until a few years ago even that your hair falls out because of the medication (Chemotherapy), that helps shoot cancer into remission. I also recently learned that donations like I have been asking for are what made Chemotherapy possible.

I've met a number of people, talked with people who have stories about their connection to blood cancers. I've listened to songs such as Rascal Flatts' 'Sarabeth (skin)' song...talking about cancer and the loss of hair (heard this song years ago but the impact didn't hit me as hard until recently). I've read stories of survival and the effects of death by cancer that strangers I don't even know have had to endure.

Getting involved in something like this is more empowering than you think. I am so disappointed that I didn't reach my goal, dealing with some personal grievances of my own when it comes to the support and the lack thereof in some cases, I have with this mission. But, in 2 months, I've raised nearly $1500 for the cure. That's big! So while I'm kicking my own butt that I didn't get the full amount by recommitment, I am super proud of myself because I have gained so much more as well as raised nearly $1500 for the cause.

There's still time to donate....let someone with cancer touch your heart...then turn around and donate and touch theirs.

Chelsea's Run 5k
Mar 12, 2012 by sarah dale

On Saturday March 3rd I set out bright and early for Balboa Park. 'Finish Chelsea's Run', is an annual 5k that is held in Balboa Park each year. Chelsea King was a high school student that enjoyed running. However on her last run, she was snatched, raped, and killed. She never got to finish her last run.

That's why her family created an annual event to raise money to send runners like Chelsea to college. This event, is the 5k.

I have no connection to Chelsea except that I despise any person who allows sex offenders out of prison after their first offense.

I ran the 3.1 miles, while suffering gallbladder pain (had my gallbladder removed 3 days later) and crossed the finish line at around 47 minutes. Go me!

New Challenge! Challenge #3
Feb 15, 2012 by sarah dale

I'm getting better with my running. Completed about 2.5 miles in under 30mins. Def improvement! Here's a new Challenge for you. Challenge #3....If I can get $1500 before March 3rd (when I run the 5K for the Finish Chelsea's Run), I will tattoo three blood drops on my arm (from my shoulder area to about 2 inches above my elbow). This will signify my commitment to helping the fight to end blood cancer deaths! Whose with me? Donate today and share this with your friends!

Because I LOVE sharing photos! I decided to share this one with you! This is where I run during the week. It's the road that leads to my home and the beauty that comes from it is amazing! Hills, flat lands, curves, you name it!

Donate today!

Training Session #3
Feb 13, 2012 by sarah dale

This Training session was a great one for me in many ways. Let me start with a photo to remind you of what I look like...

Team in Training has given me my life back. I am not personally affected by someone close to me having Leukemia or other blood cancers. However, I have been touched by this journey and I'm only half way to the finish line. Team in Training and the LLS has given me the cofindence to exceed in myself and to be proud of my accomplishments.

Because I reached 50%, I was rewarded with TNT gear that I get to wear on race day. Here's a snap shot of what I got! Donations that were made by those on the right side of my screen helped me get these special goodies and will make me look like a real team member on race day. I owe much of my thanks to those amazing people!

I also had made specially by a special member of the LLS team (Laurie), a couple of buttons with photos of those I am running for! (See those stories in previous posts).

Last week I ran with the 3/2 group during our training session. This week I decided to test myself and ran with the 5/2 group led by Stephanie. Here's a snap shot of us both after our run.

While I chose to run with Stephanie and the other incrediable members of the 5/2 group, I fell behind a bit. I'll admit though it's mainly because I haven't kept up to par with the weekly training schedule. I'm a bit ashamed, but know that the only thing I can do now, is to start doing the weekly training workouts. I did run a little over 4 miles, and did it in under an hour. Not to shabby right?

I'd like to take a moment to remember the two very special close to my heart that I am running for. Neither have Cancer (Thank God!), but they both are at risk (everyone is at risk), and these two are my chosen ones. Please feel free to read their stories in the previous posts, as well as feel free to make a small or large donation. I'm less than $800 away from my main goal!

Camden (my nephew) and Keira (My daughter)

DONATE TODAY! A small donation will help ease a life of pain. A large donation can mean the difference between life and death.

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    "You are doing awesome girl!! Keep up the great work. Almost there!!!"

    Stacy Sims

    Fri Feb 17 11:17:18 EST 2012

    "So proud of you Sarah!! You go girl :)"

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    Sun Feb 05 06:14:13 EST 2012

    "Keep up the great work Sarah! So proud of you! "

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    Sun Jan 29 05:01:26 EST 2012

    "I was going to send you some flowers, but I thought this would make you feel even better. Get well soon! "

    B Neighbor

    Wed Mar 07 01:15:21 EST 2012

    "Keep at it Girl!!!! You can do it!!!"

    Stacy Sims

    Thu Jan 26 01:58:59 EST 2012

    "So proud of you Sarah!!!! :)"

    Jessica Cooper

    Sat Apr 07 08:31:46 EDT 2012

    "Really wish I could do more hun!! But sure hope you reach your goal soon!! "

    Ashley Parkey

    Mon Mar 26 08:26:44 EDT 2012

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