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There May Not Be Many Mountains On The Ironman New Zealand Cycle Course...
Feb 01, 2012 by Happy Keller

...but there sure have been during out recent IronTEAM Saturday rides!

Updated Training Distance Report (Two Weeks - 1/2/12 - 1/15/12):

Swim - 8 Miles (Total = 102.93 Miles)

Bike - 223.71 Miles (Total = 1,843.86 Miles)

Run - 40.76 Miles (Total = 295.65 Miles)

Grand Total = 2,242.44 Miles

According to the maps I've seen of the Ironman New Zealand Cycle Course, the total amount of climbing we will need to do is just around 3,000 feet. During our past two intense IronTEAM Saturday rides, we've cycled 160+ miles, and climbed over 15,000 feet! I still don't really like climbing, but I am getting used to it. These past months I have made my body do things that, in the past, I thought would make it "break"...it continues to respond really well (knocking on wood as I type this).

During the intense ramp-up during the past couple of weeks, I fell ill for a couple of days. Not only did I feel poor physically, but mentally I was going crazy worrying about the workouts I was missing. I put a couple of red "X"s through my training schedule for the first time in months, and just hoped I wouldn't be hurting my chances to complete Ironman New Zealand...only time will tell...(at least I am feeling better now)...

There still is the unknown of "Will I be able to finish Ironman New Zealand?" that roams around from time-to-time inside of my head.

I have tremendous respect for the Ironman event, respect for the distances involved in each discipline, and I'm in awe of those before me who have taken up the challenge of completing an Ironman and have beaten it. I do know that the only way that I will stop during my Ironman is if I literally pass-out or have to be taken off on a stretcher. Other than that, there is no way that I would ever just "give up"! --> I trained for, and completed, my 2nd marathon on a knee which needed surgery (couldn't let my TEAM Mentees down)...I also finished the Boston Marathon three weeks after crashing on my bike and having arm surgery (the origin of "The Klaw"). Distance, fatigue, soreness, and pain will not halt me because I have the responsibility of having the choice available to me to be able to quit, but choosing not to. Those who are battling Leukemia, Lymphoma, and other Blood-related Cancers don't have that kind of choice!

I still have a lot of Ironman New Zealand course "property" for sale! Take a look at the list below, pick your mile(s), make a donation to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and join me on this 140.6 mile journey on March 3, 2012! Thanks, as always, for reading my Ironman "Adventures", as well as for your generous donations & encouragement!

Go IronTEAM!

Mile / Segment Prices are as follows:

Swim - 2x 1.2-mile segments @ $100 per segment

Bike - 112x 1-mile segments @ $20 per mile (or 3 miles for $50)

Run - 25x 1-mile segments @ $50 per mile (or 4 miles for $150)

I will be posting updated statistics at the end of each week's update noting what miles/segments have been "bought", and which miles/segments are still available for "purchase" via a donation to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. In addition to the list,

I am already building a map with all donations noted upon it which will be traveling to New Zealand with me.

Here's your chance to "own" part of the Ironman New Zealand course, and this "athlete" who will be trying to complete the entire 140.6 miles on March 3, 2012! Donate now and join the fun!..


SWIM (2x 1.2-mile segments @ $100 per segment)

Mile 0 - 1.2 - Marlene Riley

Mile 1.3 - 2.4


BIKE (112x 1-mile segments @ $20 per mile (or 3 miles for $50)

Mile 1

Mile 2

Mile 3

Mile 4

Mile 5 - Sanford and Brendan Jackson

Mile 6

Mile 7

Mile 8 - Sanford and Brendan Jackson

Mile 9

Mile 10

Mile 11

Mile 12

Mile 13

Mile 14

Mile 15

Mile 16

Mile 17

Mile 18

Mile 19 - Sanford and Brendan Jackson

Mile 20

Mile 21

Mile 22

Mile 23

Mile 24

Mile 25

Mile 26

Mile 27

Mile 28

Mile 29

Mile 30

Mile 31

Mile 32

Mile 33

Mile 34

Mile 35

Mile 36

Mile 37

Mile 38

Mile 39

Mile 40 - Mile 45 - Deb Essel

Mile 46

Mile 47

Mile 48

Mile 49

Mile 50

Mile 51

Mile 52

Mile 53

Mile 54

Mile 55

Mile 56

Mile 57 - Liza Klein

Mile 58

Mile 59

Mile 60

Mile 61

Mile 62

Mile 63

Mile 64

Mile 65

Mile 66

Mile 67

Mile 68

Mile 69

Mile 70

Mile 71

Mile 72

Mile 73

Mile 74

Mile 75

Mile 76

Mile 77

Mile 78

Mile 79

Mile 80

Mile 81

Mile 82

Mile 83

Mile 84

Mile 85

Mile 86

Mile 87

Mile 88

Mile 89

Mile 90

Mile 91

Mile 92

Mile 93

Mile 94

Mile 95

Mile 96

Mile 97

Mile 98

Mile 99

Mile 100

Mile 101

Mile 102

Mile 103

Mile 104

Mile 105

Mile 106

Mile 107

Mile 108

Mile 109

Mile 110 - Mile 112 - Edward, Catherine, Caitlin, & Zoe Keller


RUN (25x 1-mile segments @ $50 per mile (or 4 miles for $150))

Mile 1 & Mile 2 - John, Shannon, Jack, & Emi Wallner

Mile 3

Mile 4

Mile 5

Mile 6

Mile 7

Mile 8

Mile 9

Mile 10

Mile 11

Mile 12

Mile 13

Mile 14

Mile 15

Mile 16

Mile 17

Mile 18

Mile 19 - Mile 22 - Chris, Anne, Katy, & Matt Wallner

Mile 23 - Kyoko Yamamura

Mile 24 & Mile 25 - Gary Dexter

Mile 25.01 - Mile 26.2 - In Memory of Dave Watterson

Want To Buy Some Property In New Zealand???...(sort of)...
Jan 19, 2012 by Happy Keller

Updated Training Distance Report (12/19 - 12/25):

Swim - 4.3 Miles (Total = 90.63 Miles)

Bike - 94.17 Miles (Total = 1,569.02 Miles)

Run - 19.79 Miles (Total = 241.85 Miles)

Grand Total = 1,901.50 Miles

"Happy" New Year everyone!!!

As we head into 2012, and as our Ironman training heads towards its "toughest phase", I am still uninjured (knock on wood). My participation at Ironman New Zealand 2012 is becoming less of a "dream" and more of a "reality" (find me more wood to knock on, please!).

While this blog is my attempt to share this experience with you, I want to offer YOU ownership of my event (sort of). Starting with this post, donations made on my website will "buy" my effort to complete mileage on the Ironman New Zealand course.

Mile / Segment Prices are as follows:

  • • • • • • • Swim - 2x 1.2-mile segments @ $100 per segment
  • • • • • • • Bike - 112x 1-mile segments @ $20 per mile (or 3 miles for $50)
  • • • • • • • Run - 25x 1-mile segments @ $50 per mile (or 4 miles for $150) (The last 1.2 miles of my Run are already dedicated to the memory of Dave Watterson)

I will be posting updated statistics at the end of each week's update noting what miles/segments have been "bought", and which miles/segments are still available for "purchase" via a donation to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. In addition to the list,

I am already building a map with all donations noted upon it which will be traveling to New Zealand with me.

To those of you who have already generously donated --> I will be contacting you to ask what miles/segments you want to attach your name to. Thank you, again, for your help in the fight against Leukemia, Lymphoma, and other Blood-Related Cancers!

Here's your chance to "own" part of the Ironman New Zealand course, and this "athlete" who will be trying to complete the entire 140.6 miles on March 3, 2012! Donate now and join the fun!..

Does Anyone Know How To Sleep & Train At The Same Time???
Dec 21, 2011 by Happy Keller

Updated Training Distance Report (Three Weeks - 11/28 - 12/18):

Swim - 15.03 Miles (Total = 86.33 Miles)

Bike - 244.36 Miles (Total = 1,474.85 Miles)

Run - 48.45 Miles (Total = 222.06 Miles)

Grand Total = 1,783.24 Miles

While Kona puts the finishing touches on his message, I figured I would jump in and update my blog with more recent thoughts, feelings, and observations about my Ironman training experience.

First, at this point in our training schedule (and for the next six weeks presumably), training for an Ironman is sort of like having a part-time job on top of your regular job. The weekly hours we are spending training are somewhere between 12 - 20 now, and will become more intense as we "peak" in late January / early February before we taper. I am a much better swimmer, cyclist, and runner than I was before our IronTEAM started down this path...only time (and effort) will determine whether or not this improvement continues!

Second, I love naps / sleep. I never realized how much I enjoyed sleep until I got to this point of our Ironman training. Work, train, drive, train, take care of dogs, train, shop, train, kiss Pattie, train, repeat...Things almost blur into one long day! What I want this Holiday Season (other than your generous donation) is 18 hours with no work, no doggies, no chores to just sleep... My eyelids become heavy just thinking about it...

Third, I love my donors for helping me with the goals of my Ironman training (and this blog) --> to help find a cure for Leukemia, Lymphoma, and other Blood-Related Cancers. There aren't many of you right now, but I sure do appreciate you! Thank You!

Several of my IronTEAMmates (and me!) all in our NEW IronTEAM New Zealand gear!

This journey toward (hopefully) becoming an Ironman finisher has been wonderful. The incredible inspiration I receive from training with my IronTEAMmates is immeasurable, and what I've learned about myself while training some reasonably long hours has been profound. As always, those who I know that have been touched by Blood Cancer leap to the front of my mind if / when I start to get "whiny" with myself during a training session.

As I type this, there are only around 70 days until Ironman New Zealand. I respect the event distances more now than I did when we started. I only have (a tiny bit) more confidence that I will have a chance to be able to complete the Swim, Bike, and Run segments in the allotted time (with a smile on my face, of course). Okay...enough typing! --> I have to go train! :-)

Of Climbing & KonaPuppy...
Dec 02, 2011 by Happy Keller

Updated Training Distance Report (11/21 - 11/27):

Swim - 3.6 Miles (Total = 70.5 Miles)

Bike - 99.75 Miles (Total = 1230.49 Miles)

Run - 16.15 Miles (Total = 173.61 Miles)

Grand Total = 1474.6 Miles

This past Saturday, our intrepid IronTEAM burned a lot of their Thanksgiving calories during a 4 1/2 hour ride featuring a lot of climbing. The morning started out cool, but after the first climb everyone was warmed up. Our route took us up Scripps Poway Parkway (aka "Purple Monster") twice, and up through Ramona. By the end of the ride, and during our transition run, it was REALLY warm (for late November)...temps were in the low 80s!

This was followed-up on a (also warm) Sunday by a 1 hour 40 minute run. I survived but, for the first time since my Ironman training started, I am pretty physically tired all of the time. I find myself wanting to doze and take a nap at any opportunity. That being said, I feel like this is the best training season(s) I have ever had for any endurance event...(good thing too --> Ironman is pretty medieval, as far as endurance events go)...

After many blog entries here, it seems clear that just sharing my IronTEAM training stories isn't compelling anyone to make a donation to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Stories about those who have been cured and, sadly, those who we have lost their battle with Cancer haven't moved the needle either. Even stories from Walt Disney World failed to make an impact...<Sigh!>

I'm not about to give up on my Ironman, my IronTEAMmates, or on swaying you to donate to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, so I am unleashing the "Big Dogs" now! --> our Golden Retriever Puppy, Kona, has been working on a message for you. If he'd stop playing, eating (everything), and being cute he would be done by now, but it is difficult to get him to focus....YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

Kona is getting ready for YOU!

(of course, between now and Kona focusing long enough to complete his message, you could make a donation by clicking on the "Donate Now" button...it won't hurt...really!)

Weight Loss Update - Even with all of the Thanksgiving eating, I managed to lose a bit of weight, and my total loss is nearing 25 pounds during my training for Ironman New Zealand 2012. Another $50.00 to the cause this week!

Just Because I Went On Vacation (to Walt Disney World) Didn't Mean My Ironman Training Stopped!
Nov 22, 2011 by Happy Keller

Updated Training Distance Report (Past Four Weeks --> 10/24 - 11/20):

Swim - 11.8 Miles (Total = 66.9 Miles)

Bike - 252.18 Miles (Total = 1130.74 Miles)

Run - 35.5 Miles (Total = 157.46 Miles)

Grand Total = 1355.1 Miles

Happy Thanksgiving Week everyone! Thanksgiving Day for me will mean one major thing...

ONLY 100 DAYS UNTIL IRONMAN NEW ZEALAND!?!?!?...(oh dear!)...

It has been multiple weeks since I have updated my IronTEAM Training & Fundraising Blog...sorry about that! My vacation with my Brother & Family at Walt Disney World took up a lot of my time (as did the training before, and during, the vacation). We had an absolute BLAST at Walt Disney World where the following occurred:

  • Caitlin (my Brother's oldest daughter; my Niece) & I auditioned for, and were selected to perform at, "The American Idol Experience" at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Caitlin won our preliminary show (she was awesome!); I...eh..."performed"...

  • Zoe (my Brother's youngest daughter; also my Niece) turned herself into a Ninja at the Japan pavillion in Epcot (Believe It!), and would spend the remainder of our vacation performing various Ninja tricks (including spiriting us to Big Thunder Mountain on numerous occassions).

  • We all went on the "Wild Africa Trek" walking tour at Disney's Animal Kingdom...It was AWESOME! The photo above is from the tour...if you have Friended me on Facebook, the entire album of 200 photos can be seen there.

  • I ate more desserts during the week than I had during the past year...(damn you Disney Dining Plan!)...

When I wasn't at a Theme Park, I was training. When I wasn't training, I was collapsing into my bed to dream about the next day at a Theme Park...It was wonderful! It was difficult to get in all of the swimming I needed to while weaving in-and-out between kids in the pool (even late at night), but I got it done. Spinning for 3 1/2 hours on an excercise bike, even a really nice one like what they had at my Resort, sucked rocks...that being said, I still needed to get my training done! I didn't "fall behind"; I just had more fun than the rest of the IronTEAM when I wasn't training!

Since returning home, I have been a little sick (as was Pattie), but we both did our best to keep our training day "misses" to a minimum. The sniffles & coughing are less now, and we can attack this week with vigor (and stuffing, cranberry sauce, etc.!)...

Checking out the mileage log, it is hard to imagine that I won't be well over 2,000 miles before 2012 arrives...(that's a lot)...I never imagined that I would ever train this much for an event, and I know the "worst" is yet to come, but I am enjoying the process and the journey. I will keep Swimming & Cycling even after our Ironman is over...it is now part of my "regular" training regimine (just not at our current, or future, volume though).

I did gain some weight at Walt Disney World, so a $50.00 penalty donation is in order. Please join me, whether you gain weight or not during this week of feasting, to help find a Cure for Leukemia, Lymphoma, and other Blood-Related Cancers...the life you save may be your own! Thanks for Giving during this festive season!

My training blog did lose a fan since I last posted - Dave Watterson lost his battle with Cancer. Pattie & I send our deepest condonlences to his family. Our training, and event, have been dedicated to Dave long before now...we will take Dave's spirit with us for the entire 140.6 Miles at Taupo, New Zealand!

1,000 Miles Trained!...(I Wish It Was $1,000 For A Cure)...
Oct 27, 2011 by Happy Keller

Updated Training Distance Report (10/17 - 10/23):

Swim - 3.5 Miles (Total = 55.1 Miles)

Bike - 65.4 Miles (Total = 878.6 Miles)

Run - 13.22 Miles (Total = 121.96 Miles)

Grand Total = 1055.62 (!) Miles

This past Saturday's training session had us climbing Mt. Soledad multiple times (as many times as one could within 3 hours allotted training time). It was challenging (featuring some cursing by me during the first ascent), but two encouraging things occurred during these hill repeats:

1) My total mileage trained for Ironman New Zealand passed 1,000 miles total

2) In spite of all the climbing, I managed to keep my Heart Rate near "Zone 2" as desired/prescribed by our Coaches

Sunday morning saw Coach Bill's inaugural "Yellow Hat Run" 5K at Kit Carson Park in Escondido. It was a GREAT (foggy) morning for a run - followed by a pancake breakfast - with all proceeds going to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. It was also a wonderful chance to reconnect with many former TEAMmates from events Pattie & I have participated in since we joined the TEAM. I wish we could take all of them with us to New Zealand in March, but I'm afraid there isn't enough room on the plane for all of them (and I can't afford the air fare...sorry!). Photos, stories, and videos will have to do...

After helping out a Coach Bill's event, I had to go for a scheduled 1 hour, 40 minute run in the afternoon near home (long after all the fog burned-off). It was rather toasty, but I was able to get in 7.5 miles of running while not having my heart rate spike out of "Zone 2".

My run was followed by the consumption of mass quantities of BBQ at Famous Dave's with two fellow "Cancer Warriors" Gary & Kyoko...a good time was had by all!

All things being equal, I wish all of my "miles trained" were "dollars donated"...

The challenge of training for and (hopefully) completing an Ironman triathlon is greatly eclipsed by the ongoing challenges facing patients & researchers in their battles against Leukemia, Lymphoma, and other Blood-Related Cancers. I hope that, if you are enjoying these stories, you will help the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society fund their vital research and patient support programs by making a tax deductible donation on my website today. Thank you in advance for your continued support!


Weight Loss Challenge Update - Down 2.5 pounds this week...not too bad...actually, I think my nutritionist Kim @ Fuel-Factor.com would think this is a little more than a "safe" amount to lose during a week at this point (I might have to eat a bit more)...In any case, I am donating another $50.00 to the cause of curing Blood Cancers!

What Does An Ironman "Wannabe" Do When They Can't Train?
Oct 20, 2011 by Happy Keller

Updated Training Distance Report (10/3 - 10/16; Includes time on DL):

Swim - 5.5 Miles (Total = 51.6 Miles)

Bike - 52 Miles (Total = 813.1 Miles)

Run - 10.5 Miles (Total = 108.74 Miles)

Grand Total = 973.44 Miles

I didn't sent out an update last week due to the fact that I had two teeth removed last Tuesday and was prohibited from training at all for five days (the dentist wanted to keep the swelling / blood flow in the area to a minimum). So...what does an Ironman "wannabe" do when they can't train at all???

I don't drink, so that's out...I'm trying to lose weight, so binging is out too...I need all my vacation time from work for the trip to New Zealand (and Disney World), so playing hookie and catching up on my sleep at home is a non-starter...

So, what did I do???

  • I took the doggies to the park an additional time to let them run around. They like that bunches!
  • I went to the website for our upcoming IronTEAM event - "Goin' Kiwi For A Cure" - (which takes place on October 25, starting at 5:30p at Anthology) to buy tickets for Pattie & I...(tickets are going fast --> you can still buy them HERE)
  • I started producing a couple of TEAM videos, and shot some video of my IronTEAMmates riding on Saturday (since I couldn't train)...the output will be posted here soon!
  • I watched all four of the Ironman World Championship videos I have saved to our DVR...(Pattie gets increasingly annoyed that I watch these all the time)...These videos inspire (and scare the heck out of) me!

In other words, I went a bit "stir crazy"...

Now that I can train again, I know how addicted I am to working out...or is it fear that, if I don't get in EVERY SINGLE SCHEDULED WORKOUT between now and Ironman New Zealand, I won't finish???

Sadly, I have to admit it is the latter! Ironman is unlike anything I have ever tried to do before, and I have such an awed respect for the distances involved, it is more than just a little daunting...

As my (younger, smarter, and better-looking) brother is apt to say, "Ever Forward!"

Funny...I don't look that scared!

Unlike Ironman, I do have a great deal of experience in trying to raise monies to help cure Leukemia, Lymphoma, and other Blood-Related Cancers. The challenges patients & researchers go through daily in their fight against these diseases dwarf my training and attempted completion of an Ironman by an exponential amount. Please help the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society reach their "Finish Line" of curing Blood-Related Cancers by making a tax deductible donation today! Thank you in advance for your generous support!


Weight Loss Challenge Update - Since my last training blog update, I have lost another 1.9 pounds. Reasonable, controlled, not excessive...but that's over two weeks, and I also missed 5 days of training, so....PENALTY DONATION! Yes, $50 to the cause this week for not quite meeting expectations.

Time For A "Panic Check"
Oct 07, 2011 by Happy Keller

Weekly Training Distance Report (9/26 - 10/2):

Swim - 2.4 Miles (Total = 46.1 Miles)

Bike - 55.9 Miles (Total = 761.1 Miles)

Run - 15.64 Miles (Total = 98.24 Miles)

Grand Total = 905.44 Miles

As I type this, we are only 150 days away from Ironman New Zealand 2012!

::: faint :::

Okay...I'm back...

In one sense, I cannot believe how well "the plan", as far as training goes, is coming along. That being said, I am also scared to death regarding how close our event feels, and how much training there still is to come.

During this week of training, I did prove to myself that I will make the time cutoff for the swim...(If the swim were to take place in our community pool!)...I swam 100 laps for a total distance of 2.85 miles in 2:00:30 (this distance will be reported in next week's summary). The time cutoff for the Ironman swim is 2:20:00, with a distance of 2.4 miles. Unlike my "pool swim", the Ironman New Zealand swim will be in a lake (no stopping & turning around) which should actually make me a little faster (at least, that is what my open water training swims have shown so far). I just need to keep refining my form, and increasing my training load between now and March 3 next year.

Our Bike & Run training has been more focused on performing at a low, sub-lactate, heart rate than ramping up our training distances greatly (although it is increasing). I understand the methodology --> the easier you ask your heart to pump at while exercising, the longer / farther your body will be able to go. Having been a Jeff Galloway Run/Walk/Run marathoner for several years, this methodology for running is already pretty familiar to me...for biking...eh...not so much (although I am learning).

The training, and Ironman event, are done while shining a light on the great research and patient support performed by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Please join me in helping them reach their goal of finding a cure for Leukemia, Lymphoma, and other Blood-Related Cancers by making a tax deductible donation today! Thank you so much for your continued support and generous donations!


Weight Loss Challenge Update --> This week, I lost 1.8 pounds, and donated $25.00 to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to commemmorate it. As long as I continue to eat well, and keep up with my training schedule, the weight will continue to come off. Thank you Kim at Fuel-Factor for my nutrition plan!

JavaPuppy Memory Day
Sep 30, 2011 by Happy Keller

Weekly Training Distance Report:

Swim - 4.7 Miles (Total = 43.7 Miles)

Bike - 36 Miles (Total = 705.2 Miles)

Run - 8.1 Miles (Total = 82.6 Miles)

Grand Total = 831.5 Miles

Well, this week contains a day I dubbed "JavaPuppy Memory Day" in honor of my dear-departed first doggie, Java.

He was a Golden Retriever who loved people more than other dogs (or toys), enjoyed his work as a Therapy Dog, and as an (unofficial) TEAM In Training Coach. The photo below is from the Carlsbad 5000 a few years back. In-between age group races, where he enjoyed "cheering" for his TEAM's participants, he found a nice cool place to lie down and did so.

Java always seemed to have a "Good Day"

I still miss him terribly, and think of him often while I'm training for Ironman New Zealand 2012...there is a lot of time / miles to let your mind wander while training for Ironman!

One of Java's best doggie-friends actually perished from a blood cancer, but not before becoming a test subject for a Leukemia drug which will, hopefully & eventually, be effective for treating humans. The drugs extended her life significantly beyond the originally-diagnosed timeframe for her.

I continue to do these silly events so that no one - whether they have 2 legs or 4 - will ever lose their life from a blood cancer again! A cure is around the corner...with your generous help, of course!

Please donate today to help me reach my personal fundraising goal, help our IronTEAM reach our $500,000 goal, and help fund research to put an end to Leukemia, Lymphoma, and other Blood-Related Cancers. Thank you so much for reading my stories!


Weight Loss Challenge Results - Down another 2.6 this week...but rather than donating $26.00, I will be doubling it to $52.00 in honor of "JavaPuppy Memory Day"!

Stories From My First Triathlon
Sep 22, 2011 by Happy Keller

This past Saturday, several of us on the IronTEAM (along with many Fall Season Triathlon TEAM San Diego Members) participated in the San Diego Triathlon Classic at Liberty Station. The segment distances for this "Olympic Distance Event" --> 1.5K Swim (0.9+ Miles), 40K Bike (24.2 Miles), and a 10K Run (6.2 Miles). Having never completed a Triathlon of any distance, Saturday for me was all about learning....not about racing.

Just near the Finish of the 2011 San Diego Triathlon Classic

(I hope I am smiling like this at the end of Ironman New Zealand!)

For the Swim segment, I followed Coach Ginger's advise and actually waited about 30 seconds prior to beginning my swim just to make sure I didn't get mauled by the swimmers trying to race. While I have done a few open water swims of this distance, this was the first one where there were so many other swimmers, or an actual course to be followed, that it was a little intimidating at the beginning. After a few strokes, I settled into my pulling rhythm, and just set to the business of completing the distance without burning myself out. Others around me, for who this was a "race" and not a "training session", were kicking and trying to make time during the swim. I stayed out of these folks' way (for the most part), and finished the swim in 33:04...(faster than I thought I would finish).

The Bike segment, which had one significantly steep (but brief) climb and a very enjoyable, lengthy descent, was two laps around the Point Loma area. Having not ridden through much of this area before, I spent most of lap 1 just spinning my way through the course trying not to overly-exert myself. During lap 2, I was a bit more aggressive and spent more time in my Aero Bars than the first lap. My overall average speed for the Bike was just under 15 mph, which was more than acceptable to me --> I didn't burn my quads out at all, and learned what it was like to be in a "race" rather than just a "ride".

The Run went on mostly trails & grass weaving it's way around Liberty Station for it's 6.2 miles. During my Run/Walk, and due to the way the course weaved back-and-forth across itself, I got to see a lot of other San Diego TEAM athletes & IronTEAMmates. Overall, I would say we "Purple (TEAM) People" were having much more fun out there than the average triathlete on the course Saturday (lots of smiles & cheering). My pacing was "within myself" (around 12:45/mi. pace for my Run/Walk), attempting to feel as if I still had "gas in the tank" after the Finish Line...I did!

Afterward, I received my first Triathlon medal, and then shared some experiences with the Purple People celebrating here, there, and everywhere (at least it seemed like that to me). A couple of my IronTEAMmates performed so well that they earned trophies for their efforts! Just an awesome day for one-and-all who took part.

Personally, my goals were met --> I treated this as "Ironman Practice"; not a "Race"....my pacing was not so aggressive during any of the disciplines to have burned myself out, and I could have gone much longer had I needed to (and had enough fuel on the Bike & Run to have done so). There are still many months of training to go, and so much more I need to learn before taking to the water for the Swim segment in New Zealand next March, but Saturday certainly fulfilled it's promise as a key "stepping stone" on the way to (hopefully) Ironman success.

Oh!...In case I hadn't mentioned it, I still need to raise a ton of money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to find a cure for Blood-Related Cancers and help those suffering from them prior to getting to New Zealand. Please help my fundraising, receive a tax deduction, and help our IronTEAM reach it's goal of raising $500,000 for a CURE!!! Thank you for your continued support.


My personal "Weight Loss Challenge" result for this week...down another 1.8 pounds. :-)

Another donation to LLS made in the amount of $18.00 to commemorate this...

Practice Makes Perfect (?)
Sep 15, 2011 by Happy Keller

Well, this Saturday morning I will (hopefully) complete my first Triathlon. It isn't an Ironman (that will come later); it is an "Olympic Distance" Triathlon. I am participating, along with several of my IronTEAMmates, in the San Diego Triathlon Classic (http://momentcyclesport.com/articles/san-diego-triathlon-classic-pg317.htm) which has it's Start / Finish near Liberty Station.

I use the word "participate", rather than "compete", intentionally as I intend to do (almost) everything exactly the way I intend to do come Ironman New Zealand time next March. This means that I will not swim "hard", but merely try to get a feel for the water and complete the 1.5K in a timely fashion without burning myself out. I will not go "all out" when I cycle, but I will try to get into a rhythm and ride the 40K in Aero position as much as possible. I will not try for a "personal record" during the 10K run, but instead just follow my run-walk-run segmenting as planned. As far as transitions go, I may have the slowest transitions of anyone at this event...I don't care...Saturday is a learning experience, a "training day workout", and not a "race" for me.

The real "race", as always, is to raise enough money to find a cure for Leukemia, Lymphoma, and other Blood-Related Cancers. This "race" anyone can join in on by donating. No training necessary...no entry needed...just the means & desire to make sure that everyone currently suffering with these horrible diseases reaches their desired "Finish Line" of being cured, and that no one else will ever reach the "Start Line" again!

As far as my personal "Weight Loss Challenge" goes, this week I lost another 2.2 pounds which means a donation to LLs in the amount of $22.00.

I'm planning to shoot a video sometime in the next week with my IronTEAMmates...I hope it turns out well...

Go TEAM!!!

Overall Goals Meet Training Goals Meet Personal Goals
Sep 08, 2011 by Happy Keller

As always, there is only one real Goal, and that is to raise money for research to find a cure for Leukemia, Lymphoma, and other Blood-Related Cancers. With the many strides which have been made in the past few years, this Overall Goal is getting closer all the time...(but at the same time, it seems to be "teasing" us and those who suffer from these dreadful diseases)....

The Training Goal, currently, seems to be a "tease" these days too --> we still aren't in our "real" Ironman Training Season yet and, since I have never even completed a Triathlon yet (let alone an Ironman Triathlon), I have absolutely no idea what to expect. Our Coaches give us "hints & clues", but are intentionally keeping the details from us (either to keep from scaring us or to stop us from training too hard too soon). So, for the time being, I keep my base of training up --> I am still learning to Swim, I do some Running, and I ride my Bike. There are tough days ahead for us...(but not as tough as going through Chemo)...

My Personal Goal has turned back to my weight --> I got lazy with the plan Kim Mueller at Fuel Factor gave me, and my weight has "stalled out". So I decided a week ago to stop being lazy with my eating, and get rid of the "stall" (and the rest of the weight I wanted to lose).

So, I am going to challenge myself via fundraising to keep me on track for this Personal Goal --> for every pound during a week that I lose, I will donate $10 to my own fundraising website. If I lose nothing during a week, I will donate $25; If I gain weight...$50...I already know that, even with the horrible eating I did following the Disneyland Half-Marathon on Sunday, September 5 that I have still lost weight this week...

Enjoying a meal after the Disneyland Half-Marathon with other IronTEAM

Members (Erin, Michael, Pattie, & Jacob)

I will be posting weekly with updates & donation amounts...stay tuned!

I hope that some of you reading this might also donate in-line with this Personal Goal so that we will more quickly reach the Overall Goal!


As far as turning 50 goes, I am just 'happy' to still be alive, and to be able to help reach for the Overall, Training, and Personal Goals!


Week #1 Weight Loss Update --> 2.3 Pounds lost this week; 2.3 Pounds total...$23.00 donated to LLS for a Cure!!!

Happy's (50th) Birthday Wish
Jul 08, 2011 by Happy Keller

Yes, I am turning myself into a QuadAthlete --> a Triathlete who is also raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's TEAM In Training program. Over the next several months, I will be swimming, biking, running, and fundraising with the goal being completion of Ironman New Zealand 2012.

It has always been on my "Bucket List" to complete an Ironman Triathlon. For those of you who don't know what an Ironman is comprised of, it is:

  • 2.4 Miles Swimming
  • 112 Miles Cycling
  • 26.2 Miles Running
  • • • • • • Total = 140.6 Miles

Just getting this goal out of my 'bucket' isn't enough, I am also raising money to help fund research for a cure for Leukemia, Lymphoma, and other Blood-Related Cancers, as well as funding support for patients currently undergoing treatment for these horrible diseases.

Since my 50th Birthday is in July, I am searching for 50 generous friends or family members to donate $50.00 while I train to complete an event which is almost 3x 50 miles!...(that, or 100 friends or family to donate $25...or 250 friends & family to donate $10)...Any amount will be gleefully accepted!

Please help make my 50th Birthday Wish come true...you'll receive a tax deduction for your donation (plus you won't feel guilty if you forget to send me a Birthday Card or wish me a "Happy" Birthday on Facebook ;-) )!

Thank You so much for visiting my webpage, as well as for your generous donation!

Check this space regularly as I will be posting updates during my IronTEAM training!!! Go TEAM!!!


Supporter Comments

    "Go Happy and Pattie! We are proud of you wowed by your strength and dedication!"

    John and Shannon Wallner

    Tue Jan 24 06:13:43 EST 2012

    "Go Happy Go!!!"

    Kyoko Yamamura

    Tue Oct 25 05:05:01 EDT 2011

    "Go Hap! Go Team!"

    Bill Earley

    Mon Sep 19 12:41:29 EDT 2011

    "Lost 2.3 pounds this week (in spite of all the eating during Disneyland Half Weekend)."

    Happy - Weight Loss Challenge - Week #1

    Thu Sep 08 11:14:44 EDT 2011

    "Go Happy Go!!!!"

    Liza Klein

    Tue Jan 10 10:45:01 EST 2012

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