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Quiet Corine: Oxymoron
May 23, 2014

100 miles is a long ride.  For real life.  It's really long.  It's 1 mile, 100 times. 100 miles, typically means that this girl is on her bike for 8-10 hours.  The bike is a lonely place for me.  If you have met me, you can understand why it's lonely.  It's lonely because I can't talk.  You can't ride safely side by side.  No side by side = no chit chat= quiet Corine= very bored Corine. I'm known to be chatty.  Sometimes it works.  For example, it works during the run.  The more chat, the better. I'm known as "Verbal Vomit."  On the bike, not so much. On the bike, I'm known as "last one to finish." Oh, the bike and I are not friends.  We are more like "frienemy's." But, with all the struggles of the bike ( I did fall again this weekend), I do enjoy a large chunk of the alone time.  I do a lot of thinking and praying and chatting with those that are still on this earth and those that have departed.  Catch me on a very tough hill and you might audibly hear me talking out loud.  I also think about all the things about the bike that I still haven't accomplished 100%:

1. I'm terrified of going down hill.

2. I don't really know how to change a tire under pressure (100% lied to my father recently about this- whoopsie)

3. Staying upright- I have fallen 3x.  Last fall 5/17/14- standing still, unclipped, at a traffic light.  Minimal blood.

4. Knocking out 100 miles while not completely losing my mind. I still say alot of bad words.

5. Thoroughly enjoying the taste of Gu- yup this is an actual edible product that I pay good money for and eat, willingly, to endure and finish Ironman.

Back to the bike. So while biking uphill, you have to sometimes dig DEEP into a bag of mental tricks to keep going.  On Ironman I will climb close to 7000ft for about 7 hours. That's some solid thinking time.  I think alot about some of my friends that have fought HARD, harder than my 7 hour effort of climbing. Harder than my 17 expected hours of Ironman. I think about my Mom who defied the diagnosis of breast cancer and stated that " cancer was really no big deal.  You just get it, deal with it and get it out if you are lucky and  move on." (Disclaimer: we are not suggesting that cancer is no big deal, I'm just awestruck and must share that this was her attitude all through treatment). Honey Badger. I think about one of my besties who has fought back so incredibly hard and tells me how proud she is of me and how she loves that I do this.  I think about one of my buddy's sisters who I find to be an incredible inspiration as she fights and wades through the aftermath of cancer and still manages to be Super Mom.  And...I think about some of my friends and family that have not yet heard the words "all done," "remission", "cured", and how that is so incredibly not fair and how they deserve a break and miracle as much as I dig deep and find strength to finish the next hill on this ride.  Sometimes I make a list of people that I ride for, and scarily (is that a word?), by the time I get to the top, I'm still going through the list. Sometimes I make a list of every kick butt woman I know that exemplifies strength; that list is long, too.  Either way, I get to the top and then back down again, and then eventually to the car. I make it home, bumps, bruises and ego smashed yet again, only to willingly attempt this over and over until race day. To be as relentless as this disease.  No more saying "someday."  SOMEday is TODAY.


Ironman UPDATE!! Butt Bigger, boobs smaller :(
May 12, 2014

Hey Friends and Family!!

My girls, my fellow women, my buddies… many of you are aware, I am training for my first Ironman.  Technically, this is my first triathlon in over 10 years.  I have been wanting to provide you with a meaningful update about my Ironman training.  An update that would leave you feeling inspired, wanting you to give me a virtual high five, wanting you to go run out the door and sign up for your own race and go after that goal and nail it!


I am giving you an exclusive, behind the scenes look on what is really going on in Ironman Land (not to be confused with Disney Land, because this sure ain’t it) as I approach my final stretch of fundraising and training.  A “Corine” take on things per say. So…here we go:




  • I would become one of those “morning people and do 5am workouts with a smile on my face.”
  • That I would be a green, clean, eating machine and become a lean, mean, moving machine.
  • My social life would get trashed.
  • I would become “one” with the bike.
  • I would live out my own Nike commercial fantasy each workout.
  • I would be challenged and would adapt and change for the better.
  • I would inspire others in some way, to do “something.”



Disclaimer: This is the Good, the Bad, and the very, very ugly.


  • I am still NOT a morning person. I did make it to 5am spin class 2x.  One time, I actually COMPLETED the class.


  • I prefer donuts to protein shakes. Forget the Kale smoothie. Donuts are where it’s at.


  • I sit on the couch on Friday nights and watch inspirational Ironman finishes to get pumped up and to tell myself if this 86 year old woman can do it, I can do it.  Training starts at 7:30am so I’m low key these days.  BONUS: One glass of wine gets me tanked.


  • Riding a bike is sort of hard.  As in uncomfortable-wobbly-kind-a hard.  As in, just standing over my bike on the very first day, I fell over and have a 6 inch scar on my leg to prove it.  See above photo. I audibly SCREAM on certain down-hills and say very BAD words going uphill. The bike and I are becoming friends, but it’s been a long road (pun intended). I go on 12 hour bike rides, with 9000 ft of climbing and receive texts from my coaches saying “are you okay?” My response: Yeah buddy, I’m JUST fine. My legs and ass are killing me and I’ve been on my bike for 12 hours sucking down nothing but Gatorade and GU and dirt and you want to know how I am?? Dandy.  I’m pretty sure child birth doesn’t even last this long without some kind of narcotic. Thanks for checking.  (He is actually really awesome and inspired me to get back on the donut train and leave kale smoothies in my dust.)





  • My pants don’t fit.  My legs are too big.  I wasn’t betting on muscles getting so big that I can’t wear my pants.


  • My bras don’t fit. My boobs got smaller.  I wasn’t betting on that either. Sucks.


  • My underwear- a lot if it, doesn’t fit.  Definitely DID NOT bet on this. Not really sure what’s going on with this, all I know is it’s an expensive battle and it doesn’t fit.





My NIKE Fantasy is simple.  I finish the Ironman and have one of those tearful, sweaty, joyous moments! Please see above photos.  I’m betting on that I will look just sweaty and dirty.




The Inspiration behind all of this madness is you. For every person that asks me “why are you doing this?”  I’m doing it for you. To prove that everyone and anyone can do this.  But especially to every bench warmer, to every awkward kid who hates P.E, who wants to be a stronger person and reach their goal. And I do it for women, because we are a special breed.  There’s a whole society ready to tell us that we can’t.  That we are not strong enough.  I have actually had women tell me that my body isn’t made for this.  Well, I’m sorry, but I’m going to prove you wrong.  I have countless swim, bike and run workouts for the last 9 months to prove you wrong.  I have muscles that I have never had before, to prove you wrong.  I have worn out sneakers and scars to prove you wrong.


And of course, I do it for four very fine women, all affected by cancer.  My grandma, my mom, my Aunt and my friend.  For some of you reading this, I am doing it for your grandma, your mom, your aunt and your friend. I know that there are countless others. I know.  But I don’t want there to be.  So please donate and help me find cures.  Make your “someday,” TODAY.  Like, I did. Someday is June 29th; fast approaching. Someday is TODAY.



With my whole heart,



It's IRONMAN time!!
Jan 15, 2014

Corine Rogers; YOU. ARE. AN. IRONMAN.

These are the words that I am working towards. 


These are also the words I am working towards.

Here's the deal; I have a mission-to help find cures and more effective treatments for blood cancers. To accomplish that mission, I’m participating in a sports endurance event as a member of The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Team In Training. IF you are reading this letter, we have probably met.  I have probably chatted you up (more like talked your ear off) and told you that I like running marathons. I probably told you about my Team In Training group that I love dearly.  We train indidivudals, just like you, to reach a goal of a 1/2 marathon, full marathon or a triathlon.  We raise funds to help find cures and better treatments for leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma. And YOU know that this works, because we probably both have a friend or family member in common that has benefitted from the work that we do.

Here's the second deal.  I decided to try a tri-athlon.  But....not just any tri-athlon, an IRONMAN.  This is partially insane, because an IRONMAN is:

2.4 mile swim

112 mile bike

26.2 mile run

ALL IN ONE (1) day.  It's a race. It requires training.  It is hard work.

Fighting Cancer is hard work. I want to do this in honor and in memory of my friends and family that have fought this battle hard. An IRONMAN is a funny joke compared to what they faced.

Here the third deal.  I am committed to raising $7500.00 dollars for this event. I'm terrified of rasing this much money.  I'm terrified of training (FYI I'm supposed to be in the pool with the other beasts in 15 minutes and I'm fundraising instead).

 If what I've said isn't enticing enough, if you still don't feel that I would apprecciate your support, consider the following:

If you donate:

$20000.00- I'll let you pick anywhere on my body, the site of the IRONMAN tatoo ( to be predetermined and designed) from the neck down, excluding any area that is typically seen by a baby doctor.

$10000.00- I'll be a blubbering mess, crying tears of joy, and it will be all because of you.

$1000.00- My acid reflux stays in check for at least a week and I can focus on training (right now I'm the slowest one and terrified of the bike).

$500.00- Hey Corine!  We are pumped for you and know this is going to make you drag yourself out of bed at 4:45am for training.

$100.00- Corine, pedal on, that hill is going to end sooner or later.  Get going!

$50.00- Corine, we think you look super strong, like a fitness model!

$25.00- High-5!! You are a rockstar!! We can't wait to tell all of our friends that you are going to be an IRONMAN!!


No donation too large or too small!!  Every dollar counts!  Someday is TODAY.





Supporter Comments

    "Rock it !!! And do it for those who fought hard through the uphill battle of cancer, and weren't lucky enough to see the finish line. "

    April Witcoskie

    Fri Aug 22 03:01:44 EDT 2014

    "You are an amazing person Corine Roger, a true inspiration. ♡♥♡"

    Natalie Cinson

    Sun Jun 15 08:17:33 EDT 2014

    "You, your mom and family are amazing and important to us. You have been a real inspiration. Thank you for including so many of us on your journey!"

    Jessie Steigerwald Schnall and family

    Sat Jun 14 11:58:26 EDT 2014

    "I always knew you would do great things ! Very proud to know you and was blessed to have worked with you . Thanks for doing this."

    Lyn Curtin

    Sat Jun 14 09:39:16 EDT 2014

    "Go Corrine! One of these days i hope to meet you in person!"

    Melissa Armes

    Sat Jun 14 09:14:57 EDT 2014

    "We love you!"

    Belue Circus

    Sat Jun 14 07:34:00 EDT 2014

    "Go Corinne !! Love your spirit"


    Sat Jun 14 04:33:53 EDT 2014

    "Thank you Corine for raising money for this very important cause. Good Luck!!"


    Sat Jun 14 02:52:25 EDT 2014

    "Swim like a fish, ride like the wind, run like I'm chasing you!!! xoxoxoxoxo "

    Pamela Coward

    Sat Jun 14 02:08:45 EDT 2014

    "You amaze me. Everyday, you amaze me with your determination, unrelenting dedication and contagious spirit. Thank you. Thank you for fighting this fight and for inspiring me EVERY single day! Love you so much! "

    Beth Kutansky

    Sat Jun 14 12:52:39 EDT 2014

    "Proud of you! Love you, "Claire""

    Eleanor Morris

    Sat Jun 14 11:52:43 EDT 2014

    "Good luck Corinne! Sorry I didn't get a chance to donate sooner!!!!!"

    Lisa Grasso-Hartly

    Fri Jun 13 10:53:23 EDT 2014

    "Good luck Corine!!!! You're amazing for all your efforts and inspiring!! Hope you kick some butt!!"

    Meredith chavarria

    Fri Jun 13 09:05:50 EDT 2014

    "twelve and a half"

    mike gentile

    Fri Jun 13 05:49:42 EDT 2014

    "This is a great thing you're doing, good luck and have fun out there! "

    Jimmy Smith

    Fri Jun 13 04:46:20 EDT 2014

    "I can't believe how close you are! It is going to be amazing! "

    Eileen Delaney

    Wed Jun 11 12:11:09 EDT 2014

    "Go Iron Corine!!"

    RideOn Indoor Cycling

    Wed Jun 11 12:04:53 EDT 2014

    "ROCKSTAR... that's what you are. I know VERY few people who would have the guts to even think about doing an Ironman, let alone who actually have the discipline to train for one & the determination to complete one! I know I speak for my fellow cancer Survivors when I say THANK YOU... you ARE changing world!! LOVE YOU!! :)"

    Kristen Albair

    Tue Jun 10 04:41:03 EDT 2014

    "Yay Corine! Remember never squat with your spurs on. I have never done an Ironman so I'm not sure what kind of advice to give you. This just seemed like good sense for anytime."

    Kate Kearney

    Tue Jun 10 02:36:23 EDT 2014

    "You are such an inpiration Corine. I am sure your will do great. Good luck to you!!"

    Roopa Bansal

    Tue Jun 10 12:39:20 EDT 2014

    "The bee did me in, then I read your page and pages of inspiration. You've done something good in this world. Thank you!"

    Jennifer Nardone

    Mon Jun 09 07:49:53 EDT 2014

    "Corine, you are such an inspiration and amazing woman. Thanks for all you do. I look forward to hearing about your race experience. "

    DeeDee Gorden

    Mon Jun 09 06:24:21 EDT 2014

    "Ride Sally ride! "

    Morgan Bogard

    Mon Jun 09 06:00:56 EDT 2014

    "Corine, You are an inspiration...pump them crazy legs! Your friend, Jake"

    Jacob Goldstein

    Sat Jun 07 08:10:25 EDT 2014

    "Thanks for your dedication and great that you bring to this cause. "

    Corinne Steigerwald

    Tue Jun 03 10:23:48 EDT 2014

    "Get it girl!"

    Jeannie Fratoni

    Tue Jun 03 04:32:34 EDT 2014

    "You rock Corine!!"

    John Kelly

    Mon Jun 02 11:10:22 EDT 2014

    "Go get 'em girl! I know you can do this!! You are an inspiration and I will be rooting for you the entire way through this journey your on! "

    Kasey Aceituno

    Sat May 31 02:43:06 EDT 2014

    "Cheering you on! "

    Kevin R.

    Thu May 29 11:13:04 EDT 2014

    "Can't wait to watch you cross the finish line and join the club!!! Awesome job!"

    Dan Graovac

    Thu May 29 01:03:17 EDT 2014

    "Good luck Corine"

    Bert Wyness

    Thu May 29 12:07:31 EDT 2014

    "Corine - you rock! I am so proud of you and excited for you in your journey. You are such an inspiration. Good luck!"

    The Shampines

    Mon May 26 09:19:24 EDT 2014

    "I did 10 whole miles on my bike today (first ride of the season, easing my way in)--I have no intention of EVER doing 100 miles, let alone riding that in conjunction with a marathon (another thing I wouldn't do on its own), and swimming a gazillion meters. But I think you're amazing for doing it. Good Luck!"

    Michele Olsen

    Sun May 25 05:57:53 EDT 2014


    Kevin Wetzel

    Fri May 23 02:01:53 EDT 2014

    "From one Pirate to another...Good Luck!"

    Chris Kennedy

    Mon May 19 04:47:43 EDT 2014

    "Dear Corine, as the day draws near, we are sending you our best wishes. We hope you have a great day and the drive is a wonderful success. Love, Sheila and Alan "

    Sheila Olsen

    Sun May 04 05:24:16 EDT 2014

    "You go, Corine! You've got this, woman! Rock on! "

    Suzette & Eric Stier

    Fri May 02 08:13:12 EDT 2014

    "I agree with Monica and Chad! You're nuts, but we love and support you! Very proud iron woman!!!"

    Kim, Jared, BIG B and little b. Biniecki

    Sat Apr 19 03:07:14 EDT 2014

    "Corine, you are nuts but we support you 100%."

    Monica and Chad Feagler

    Fri Apr 04 12:42:32 EDT 2014

    "GO CORINE!!!!"

    Stephanie Wissler

    Wed Mar 19 07:01:23 EDT 2014

    "Corine you are our "Ironwoman"! We see you are committed to doing this Ironman - Wow, what a task! We know you will give it your all because you "Can" and want to see an end to Lukemia & Lymphoma. Aunt Lynn & Grandma had lymphoma and each fought valiantly. We are proud of you to want to be apart of raising funds for a cure.I pray, let this be the last time they need funds for the cure and you are needed to run the race. We sport you in your efforts to help cure Cancer. "We can give" and you can " Swim, Bike & Run " like hell! We'll be there to cheer you on! Love u lots, mom & dad "

    Mom & Dad

    Thu Mar 06 07:56:08 EST 2014

    "You are a superhero!"

    Alicia Evangelista

    Tue Feb 04 05:34:55 EST 2014

    "Go, Corine, go! You are truly an inspiration! "

    Karen Grunstra

    Tue Jan 28 04:46:36 EST 2014

    "You are awesome Corine! "

    Eileen Delaney

    Mon Jan 27 09:51:36 EST 2014

    "You rock my face off. Can I be on your fundraising team?"

    Ruth Carlson

    Mon Jan 27 09:14:39 EST 2014

    "Corine you kick but girl we know you can do it!"

    Vera & Greg Figurido

    Sat Jan 25 06:05:05 EST 2014

    "for the 154 days until THE DAY. :)"

    fellow sh*t kicker

    Sat Jan 25 04:06:46 EST 2014

    "You're amazing!"

    james thompson

    Sat Jan 25 01:51:53 EST 2014

    "Go Corine! YOU ARE AN IRONMAN. Love, The Trombetta's"

    Trombetta Family

    Fri Jan 24 12:53:49 EST 2014

    "Go Coriney Go! XO"


    Thu Jan 23 01:05:27 EST 2014

    "Corinne: I am Kasey's mom. She has shared with me your journey to Ironman. It is an experience you will never forget and will cherish always. I will be thinking of you on June 29th and sending you the strength to finish. My motto was: Courage to Start Strength to Endure Faith to Finish You go girl! "

    Carol Ace

    Thu Jun 12 06:27:43 EDT 2014

    "Go Corine"

    Carol Schoepl

    Thu Jun 12 12:05:46 EDT 2014

    "Keep it in your sneaker."

    Ken Nelson

    Mon May 19 02:40:59 EDT 2014

    "you're awesome!"


    Mon May 19 11:48:19 EDT 2014

    "Best wishes! "

    Amy Hoehn-Powell

    Sun May 18 03:34:07 EDT 2014

    "What you're doing is amazing! Keep up the good work and kick some ass!"

    Corey Light

    Sun May 18 02:11:27 EDT 2014

    "Proud of you"

    Daniel Rogers

    Sun May 18 12:37:18 EDT 2014

    "Go Corine Go!"

    Jim Porter

    Thu May 08 12:00:14 EDT 2014

    "You Are an Iron(Wo)man! Go Corine! We are in awe of what you are doing for LLS and for what you will accomplish in June! Best wishes!"

    Kim & Eric Viernes

    Wed May 07 10:29:38 EDT 2014

    "Good luck Corinne!!!!! "

    kerry moakley

    Wed Jan 15 09:54:57 EST 2014

    "Corine, I am so so proud of you for all you do! You are quite the inspiration for me with all your passion about life, about helping others and about empowering yourself. This is such a wonderful goal you are about to accomplish, and I am so excited for you! Best of luck tomorrow, can't wait to hear how it goes!! Love you!!!! "

    Sarah Kellerhals

    Sat Jun 28 10:56:53 EDT 2014

    "You're an awesome example for people to follow! Thank you for being awesome! "

    Cailin, Zeke, and Bella

    Sat Jun 28 02:28:55 EDT 2014

    "Sorry to wait until the last minute, but I wanted to wait until I was back from my trip to donate. What you are doing is amazing, and I'm so proud of you! You are a rock star and an inspiration. Good luck with the race, I'm sure you'll kill it! Cant wait to have a celebratory beer with yin when you get back! "

    Rachel Baum

    Sat Jun 28 03:32:41 EDT 2014

    "Although Ms. Blinn is not a cancer survivor, she is our Amazing Music Director at DPMS! I would have never heard about this Foundation or Team in Training if It hadnt been for her! What an Amazing Foundation!!"

    Melissa Armes

    Mon May 19 09:14:44 EDT 2014

    "Good luck got this girl! Love all of your updates! You are a true inspiration! Laurie Boni"

    Laura Boni

    Sun May 18 07:47:48 EDT 2014

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